The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: State of the Union Edition

Featured image From the sour looks on the faces of Democrats who turned up for President Trump’s State of the Union address, I’m thinking Trump must have tricked them into thinking he was giving a “State of the Onion” address. I’ve never seen so many dyspeptic expressions. If they keep this up, I might start to think Trump knows what he’s doing. And how about that Joe Kennedy the XIVth, or whatever »

The Week in Pictures: iPod Edition

Featured image The passage of a week has done nothing to diminish the runaway mania over Tide Pods, but I’m starting to think this is a clever ploy to boost their overall sales. Procter and Gamble has been through this kind of mania before: anyone remember the fuss 25 years ago over the supposed Satanic P & G logo? The solution is obvious: P&G should rename their product and call them “iPods,” »

The Week in Pictures: Pod People Edition

Featured image It has been said that the rising millennial generation is even worse than the baby boomers for their narcissism, self-indulgence, and conformity. Analogizing them to the pod people of science fiction seems appropriate. But then you learn that it may be the correct literal description: apparently eating Tide laundry detergent pods is a “thing” among the millennials (though from what I can gather, there are only 39 confirmed cases of »

The Week in Pictures: Oprah! Edition

Featured image Just what is Oprah’s campaign slogan going to be? “Make America nice again”? Is her platform going to be, “Forget about a chicken in every pot; how about a [hybrid] car in every garage! You get a car—and you get a car—and you get a car!” There’s just one problem: what cabinet position will Harvey Weinstein get? Yeah—let’s elect another TV celebrity president: what could go wrong? Oh yeah, and »

The Week in Pictures: Bomb Cyclone Edition

Featured image I guess “polar vortex” isn’t good enough for the climatistas and other panicky people any more. This year it has to be “bomb cyclone,” which I think is actually the secret “go code” for Trump throwing his button at the Nork’s Little Rocket Man. What will it be next year I wonder? Every winter it seems people are shocked that it gets cold and snows in the northern hemisphere, and »

The Year in Pictures: Happy Covfefe Edition

Featured image I think I finally figured out the whole “covfefe” mystery from earlier this year. It’s a transliterated anagram for a Chinese new year’s designation. Yeah, I’m going to go with that, and see whether CNN actually chases it down. Anyway, it was amazing, reviewing especially the inventory of cartoons from the Week in Pictures earlier in the year looking for greatest hits, how many of them could run in the »

The Week in Pictures: Happy Tax Cut Edition

Featured image Watching the Democrats rend their garments over allowing people to keep more of their own money rather than letting politicians spend it for them recalls the late great political scientist Aaron Wildavsky, who once tallied up the victim classes of liberalism, and calculated that 375 percent of Americans are certified victims! Start with consumers, who Ralph Nader says are all victims, and you begin with 100 percent of the population. »

The Week in Pictures: The Last Woke Force Returns Edition

Featured image . . . Or something. The latest Star Wars movie opens this weekend—it this the 115th installment in the series I think? I’m guessing it will involve light sabres, sabre-tooth aliens, troops in plastic armor that doesn’t seem to stop anything—and who, by the way, can’t hit anything, etc, etc. At least George Lucas isn’t around any more to make it into a parable about how terrible our current Republican »

The Week in Pictures: “The Conversation” Edition

Featured image Al Franken’s “resignation” speech contained a familiar trope of today’s liberalism—about how we need to have “a conversation” about sexual harassment. Liberals are always going on about how we need to have a “conversation”—usually a “national conversation” (the best kind!) about especially race and racism. But in practice what liberals have in mind is not a conversation at all, but a confession and repentance: everyone is supposed to confess his »

The Week in Pictures: Gropepocalypse Edition

Featured image It’s Day 58 of the Great Pervnado Panic of 2017 (counting the Harvey Weinstein New York Times story as Day One). Is it ever going to end? Seems not. Call me when the last perv is outed, and we can get back to a normal world. It does seem like cosmic justice, though. Charlie Rose was always an overrated puffed up poser. Matt Lauer was simply a smooth teleprompter reader. »

The Week in Pictures: Pervnado Edition

Featured image The cascade of sexual harassment charges against liberal grandees has become dizzying. I fully expect that when the details of settlements by members of Congress eventually come out—and they will come out—it will include a number of Republicans as well as Democrats. But so far the problem seems disproportionately to occur among liberals in the media and Hollywood. Gee, I wonder if there’s a connection? Headlines of the week: And »

The Week in Pictures: More Cowbell Edition

Featured image We’ve definitely reached the “more cowbell” moment of the sexual harassment panic on the left. Yesterday I tweeted out how I had gone to the store, and wondered what new sexual harassment news I had missed. And before I could even unpack my French chablis and brie wheel, there came the news that Rocky himself was now caught up in the net. Where will it end? Probably with Mike Pence »

The Week in Pictures: Special Al Franken Edition

Featured image Not to worry: there will be a regular full edition of the Week in Pictures tomorrow morning around 9 am eastern time as usual, but there are so many Al Franken memes blowing up the interwebs that it calls for a special edition. Who knew that Hollywood would come up with a whole new monster genre, the Frankenweinstein. The Onion has the best take on this, and leads off our »

The Week in Pictures: Chainsaw Bayonet Edition

Featured image John has already clobbered USA Today for its greatest banana-peel slip ever—the “chainsaw bayonet” graphic for an AR-15. And USA Today wonders why people think it is a purveyor of fake news. They’d do better if they just stuck to trivializing the news. Meanwhile, tax cuts are back! How can you tell? Because liberals are complaining about the idea that people might get to keep more of their own money. »

The Week in Pictures: Omnibus Mockery Edition

Featured image There’s so much in the news this week deserving mockery, from the puny indictments from Muller, to the defenestration of Hillary by the hand of Donna Brazile, to the unending Weinstein sequels. Let’s stick with that. I hear Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski are teaming up to launch a new Hollywood studio. Their first production will be House of Cads, starring Kevin Spacey, who is suddenly available at a steep »

The Week in Pictures: Happy Halloween Edition

Featured image Has there ever been a “scandal” that has backfired as bad as Trump Russiagate? Suddenly I think the Trumpsters who think he should fire special counsel Mueller probably now want him to stay on the job until Hillary dons some pumpkin-colored apparel. Trump must be having a great weekend. Speaking of costumes, since I’m speaking next Tuesday night at Bowdoin College, I was planning to dress up as the most »

The Week in Pictures: Continuing Liberal Freakout Edition

Featured image I don’t know, but doesn’t it seem that liberals and liberalism are steadily losing ground everywhere? They’ve killed the NFL; the Hollywood box office take this year was already way down before Hurricane Harvey hit Sunset Boulevard; Frederica Wilson is doing her best to become the face of the Democratic Party: and the Trump Administration chugs along with its swamp draining project. What’s not to like this week? Headlines of »