Tom Perez

How not to appeal to the white voters Hillary lost

Featured image The Democrats lost the presidential election this year due to a shortage of votes from two main groups: African-Americans and working class Whites in the industrial Midwest. Thus, you might think that in choosing a new DNC chairman, Democrats would select someone with appeal to both groups. After all, the chairman will be the face of the Democratic party for a while. The Democrats, though, likely will select either Keith »

Across the Danziger Bridge

Featured image A reader writes: You might want to check out and comment on a ruling and statements by U.S. District Judge Kurt Engelhardt for the Eastern District of Louisiana in New Orleans. It concerns a case involving an incident in New Orleans during the hurricane Katrina flooding and is referred to down here as the Danziger Bridge case. It involved some serious misconduct and coverup by the N.O. police. What is »

Is there a silver lining to Tom Perez’s confirmation?

Featured image Probably not. But I’m an optimist, except when I’m not, so let’s look for a silver lining. As Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez will have an important role in implementing comprehensive immigration reform if such legislation is enacted. But, Perez’s background in this area demonstrates that he cannot be trusted to implement immigration reform even-handedly, or even to abide by the law. As a member of the Montgomery County Council, »

The incoherence of John McCain

Featured image The Senate has confirmed Tom Perez as Secretary of Labor on a straight party line vote. The key vote occurred earlier in the week when cloture was invoked by a vote of 60-40. This, of course, was not a straight party line vote. The Democrats needed six Republicans to vote with them. The Democrats found those votes, mostly (but not entirely) among the usual suspects. Voting for cloture were: Susan »

Tom Perez foiled, we hope

Featured image We have written about the lengths to which Tom Perez, President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Labor, went to induce the City of St. Paul into withdrawing its appeal of a fair housing lawsuit that raised the viability of claims based on disparate impact. In exchange for dropping its case, the U.S. government, spurred by Perez, agreed not to intervene in an unrelated False Claims Act case that had the »

The Washington Post’s intellectually dishonest defense of Tom Perez

Featured image The Washington Post editorial board falls well short of its usual standards in this superficial and intellectually dishonest piece of partisanship attacking Republicans for opposing Tom Perez’s nomination for Secretary of Labor. The Post characterizes Republican opposition as driven purely by policy disagreements: Democrats highly regard Mr. Perez, a former secretary of labor in Maryland, for his aggressive action on voting rights, police abuse and fair lending cases. Republicans dislike »