Trump Foreign Policy

Breaking: Trump Cancels Nork Summit

Featured image The White House has just announced that President Trump has cancelled the planned summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. This is an excellent move by Trump, I think. Just this morning my old AEI colleague Nick Eberstadt warned in the Wall Street Journal: North Korea is also threatening to scrap the Singapore parley unless denuclearization is taken off the agenda. There’s no need for Kremlinology here. These are standard »

After the deal

Featured image This morning Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered his first public address on President Trump’s termination of the absurd and humiliating nuclear deal with Iran. The speech came less than two weeks after President Trump’s May 8 announcement that the United States would withdraw from President Obama’s deal with the Iranian regime, a/k/a the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. Heritage President Kay Coles James introduced Secretary Pompeo and then »

Trump backs down on China tariffs

Featured image The U.S. and China have reached a deal on trade. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said this about the deal: Right now, we have agreed to put tariffs on hold while we try to execute the framework. We are immediately going to follow this up with . . . hard commitments in agriculture, where we expect to see a very big increase — 35-40 percent increases — in agriculture this year alone. »

European arrogance on display

Featured image The Washington Post reports that European leaders are vexed with President Trump. Sorely vexed. Our European partners feel that Trump “delight[s] in smashing transatlantic bonds.” The situation is so dire that, according to Josef Janning of the European Council on Foreign Relations, the post-World War ties that provided the basis for Western strength and peace for 70-plus years are probably gone forever. The end of the Trump presidency won’t restore »

Don’t blame Trump for the violence at the Gaza border

Featured image Steven Schmidt, the Republican strategist, says that President Trump has blood on his hands for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Former CIA director John Brennan seems to agree. It’s true that the same day the new U.S. embassy opened in Jerusalem, Israeli forces killed approximately 60 Palestinians who were part of a mob engaged in violent acts and trying to breach a border fence. But to blame the deaths »

A Great Day In Jerusalem [Updated]

Featured image Today the U.S. opened our new embassy in Jerusalem. It is about time: for quite a few years, Congress has resolved that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, but one president after another has deferred recognizing that reality, bowing, apparently, to the international consensus that every country on Earth except Israel has the right to designate its capital. I wrote here: The location of Israel’s capital is a question of fact, not »

The Art of No Deal

Featured image Every experienced negotiator knows that sometimes, the best deal is no deal at all. President Trump, a life-long deal maker, deserves great credit for recognizing, unlike a long line of predecessors, that there is no reason for the U.S. to pressure Israel into a comprehensive “peace” deal with the Palestinians. That is the background for tomorrow’s opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. The Palestinians are wailing and gnashing their »

Kerry’s Logan Act crime spree

Featured image Former Trump campaign adviser Jason Osborne has been following the continuing adventures of John Kerry with Iranian officials. The latest chapter of Kerry’s conniving is taking place in Paris. Whatever Kerry is up to, I think we can be sure it is not calculated to advance the national security of the United States. Like a troubled teenager, he’s hanging out with a bad crowd. What an unsavory character. After his »

Pompeo and circumstance

Featured image Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared for an interview by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this morning (video below, transcript here). To say the least, circumstances have allowed him to make to his first few weeks on notably consequential. I think he is an essential part of the national security dream team President Trump now has in place. His common sense, lucidity, and native good humor are in such »

Warning: Don’t show this man…

Featured image Iran’s Supreme Leader (as he styles himself) wants it to be known that he is mightily unhappy with President Trump. That is what I deduce from Josh Delk’s story reporting in the Hill that “Iran’s supreme leader trolls Trump with photo of himself reading ‘Fire and Fury.'” If Fire and Fury is the Supreme Leader’s book of the week, let us recall that “Death to America” is the Supreme Leader’s »

Sarah Sanders Responds to Iran Critics

Featured image This is an example of why I like Sarah Sanders. From yesterday’s press briefing: Q Thank you, Sarah. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and former President Barack Obama all weighed in on the President’s Iran decision. A sampling of what they said: John Kerry was, it “weakens our security, breaks America’s word, isolates us from our European allies.” President Obama — former President Obama said that — called for, “principled, »

Pompeo in context

Featured image Secretary of State Mike Pompeo returned in the early morning hours from North Korea with an understanding on arrangements for the Kim Jong-Un’s forthcoming meeting with President Trump. He also secured the release of the three American hostages held by the North Korean regime. President and Mrs. Trump welcomed them home at Andrews together with Vice President and Mrs. Pence. In Pompeo’s absence, Trump announced our withdrawal from “the worst »

Killing the worst deal ever (10)

Featured image Tucker Carlson has occasionally denied that the Iranian regime represents a threat to the United States. His vehemence on the question has exceeded his knowledge. On a related matter, Noah Rothman found Tucker peddling Russian disinformation last month. I thought Tucker embarrassed himself when he had Rothman on as his guest for a bit of ritual abuse. Yesterday evening Tucker invited former National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton on the »

Killing the worst deal ever (9)

Featured image On her FOX News show last night Laura Ingraham had a fantastic segment with National Security Advisor John Bolton following President Trump’s speech announcing our withdrawal from the Iran deal. Laura played clips of Democrats denouncing the deal in 2015, of John Kerry explaining himself on MSNBC yesterday, of John Brennan fulminating, also on MSNBC, of Samantha Power peddling the Obama line on Twitter and more. Sense meets nonsense, baloney »

Leaving North Korea

Featured image President Trump likes to make the news himself via his Twitter feed, as he has done this morning (below). Secretary Pompeo has left North Korea with the three American prisoners held by the North Korean regime. Their detention was unjustified and represented a further source of grievance with the regime. Kim, for some reason, now seeks to make a good impression on the president of the United States. I am »

Killing the worst deal ever (8)

Featured image When I visited the White House last year for one of President Trump’s 100-day events, Roger Kimball asked the question I wanted to hear: “What about Iran?” Good question! And it elicited a good response. I reported it here on Power Line. “We can never let Iran have nuclear weapons,” Trump said, and, by contrast with his predecessor, seemed to mean it. “Israel wouldn’t have a chance,” he added. “They’ve »

The ball is in Iran’s court now

Featured image President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the JCPOA leaves Iran with hard choices to make. Before discussing its options, here, via Thomas Erdbrink of the New York Times, is a brief overview of the current situation in Iran: The sense of crisis in Iran runs deep and wide. The economy is in free fall. The currency is plummeting. Rising prices are squeezing city dwellers. A five-year drought is devastating the »