Charles Krauthammer, RIP

Featured image We knew today’s news was coming, but it is still a moment that stops you fast. We all had our say here when we heard from Charles two weeks ago, but one other specific recollection came back to me subsequently that is worth mentioning—namely, how very very funny he could be. He had a wry smile that you could only seldom catch on TV. In one small gathering in San »

Five Ways to Look at the IG Report

Featured image Concerning the Inspector General’s report about the FBI’s conduct of the Hillary email investigation, let’s take a step back from the details and offer a few observations on the wider scene. 1. We may have abolished monarchy in America way back in 1776, but it seems we haven’t quite rid ourselves of royal prerogative. Then-FBI director James Comey took it upon himself to decide not to apply consistent procedure in conducting »

The Week in Pictures: Aftermath Edition

Featured image Trump has effectively declared that the recently concluded summit with mini-Kim, the Mini-Me of Communist dictators (better known as “Little Rocket Man”), delivered “peace in our time,” which is what you’d expect from someone who embraces “America First” unironically or without any sense of historical awareness. Or maybe he’s just trolling everyone on every side of the scene? Never a dull moment with the Trump Show. Well, if the Nork »

Food Justice??

Featured image One of the central affectations of the modern left is the irrepressible practice of attaching a modifier to the noun “justice.” Apparently, seeking to achieve plain old ordinary justice is not enough, even though Plato should have taught us in The Republic that simple justice is difficult enough to attain without any special adjectives. But the left is all about “social justice” (is there such a thing as “anti-social justice”?), and, »

Donald Trump as “Goldenhair”?

Featured image Okay, this is pretty funny: someone has done a really good job of mashing up Donald Trump and James Bond—totally worth your three minutes. Though I have a hard time thinking I’d believe “Trump. . .  Donald Trump.” »

Making the Trans Run on Time

Featured image Back during the good old days of the Cold War, Robin Williams had a joke that ran: “I really want to see sex made an Olympic sport, just to see what the East Germans come up with.” Back in those days, it was widely understood that East German athletes not only used performance-enhancing drugs, but in a few cases it was speculated that some of East Germany’s “women” athletes were »

The Week in Pictures: Fearful Summitry Edition

Featured image William Blake wrote of “fearful symmetry,” but right now in Washington everyone is fretting about “fearful summitry,” as the Trump-Kim Summit (Kim Jong Un, not Kim Khardashian, but you can understand the confusion) is hard upon us. Sometimes I can’t tell whether Trump is deliberately trolling everyone with comments such as he made Thursday that he didn’t need to prepare much for the summit because it was more about attitude. »

Tuckered Out

Featured image I am off very early tomorrow morning—absurdly early—to catch a flight to Denver to make a brief appearance Saturday afternoon at the Western Conservative Summit, where I know a few Power Line readers will be in attendance. And I’m worn out after a long week that included a quick road trip down to Los Angeles to tape a quick segment for Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News about my Wall »

Chaos and Demagoguery in the Oval Office?

Featured image The constant refrain of Trump’s critics on the left and right is that he is a demagogue, and that he is shredding important democratic “norms.” Also, that his White House is a scene of complete and utter chaos. As it happens, I have come into possession of a forthcoming memoir, heretofore unseen by the public, by a close insider to Trump who has left the inner circle. It is sure »

The Week in Pictures: Animals Edition

Featured image I don’t get it. Liberals worry all the time about “invasive species” that disrupt our natural ecosystems, but somehow get all warm and fuzzy about “The Animals” who disrupt our social ecosystems. If Trump had only said something about the “British invasion” instead of the MSNBC gang, he’d have been fine. It’s just such a Burdon keeping up with the latest porous border in liberal outrage. Calling Pink Floyd: we »

Richard Pipes, RIP

Featured image Sad news today of the passing of Richard Pipes, the great scholar of Soviet affairs and many other subjects. He was the author of many fine books, including especially his large book The Russian Revolution, which is one of the very best accounts of that crucial event. I only met the great professor once or twice very casually, in a large group at some Washington or New York dinner that »

How to tell whether a government is authoritarian

Featured image There are a number of ways. Here’s one: If people living in the country want to be on a government’s enemies list, the government is not authoritarian. No one within the jurisdiction of an authoritarian government wants to be on its enemies list. Being on such a list isn’t healthy. One can easily end up in jail, go missing, or even be assassinated. Under non-authoritarian governments, being on an enemies »

The Schneiderman Chronicles

Featured image Further thoughts on the downfall of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman—for another few hours anyway—that John and Paul note below. Schneiderman is unquestionably one of the most egregiously politicized and abusive state attorney generals in the country. Who knew that he was so abusive in other ways. UPDATE: Schneiderman has resigned. I am sure there are some Republican office holders or private sector grandees out there with similar grotesque »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 69: The Suicide of the University

Featured image Episode 69 of the Power Line Show is now up, and it features . . . me. I decided the time had come to post up as a podcast the keynote lecture I gave at Arizona State University’s new School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership back in late February on the subject of “The Suicide of the University.” The lecture has three distinct parts to it, but you’ll »

Admiral Cuomo prepares for war

Featured image Is truth stranger than fiction? Usually not, if the author of fiction tries to write something strange. However, the second paragraph of this report by my conservative cousin from New York is both true and stranger than fiction: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has apparently become unhinged by the primary challenge from the Left of “Sex and the City” co-star Cynthia Nixon. In an effort to get to the Left »

The smearing of Ronny Jackson

Featured image Ronny Jackson, the president’s physician, seemed like a questionable choice to head the Veterans Administration. The VA is a vast and apparently poorly run bureaucracy. And unlike other vast, poorly run bureaucracies, it’s entrusted with the vital task of delivering medical care directly to our nation’s veterans. Thus, the job of VA head cries out for an experienced administrator with a history of running, and taming, large bureaucracies. Jackson is »

The Week in Pictures: Yes, We Kanye Edition

Featured image Liberals really have become as twitchy as an over-caffeinated teenage meth head. First, Rosanne Barr revives her old sitcom with a mildly pro-Trump flavor, getting unheard of ratings for a classic format sitcom, and the cultural left goes nuts. Then this week Kanye West rapped the arthritic synapses of the left further with some Trump bromance tweets. Kanye 2024! Yes we Kanye! Maybe someone needs to do a reality TV »