“Bubbles of Our Own Liberal Sentiments”

Featured image I think that I am like most American men in, every five or ten years, directing my reading deep into the Revolution and the Founding generation. It is impossible to resist the magnetic attraction of this period. It is not that the Founding Fathers were geniuses (though some were) or gods (though one was close). Instead there seems to be something about the vacuum of the founding moment and the »

Does John know about this?

Featured image Several former Miss Universe contestants allege that Donald Trump helped pick the finalists in the days leading up to the competition and made sure to note his business holdings in the nations being represented by his favorites. So reports Jeffrey Toobin in a long New Yorker article (warning: the article is more about Russia than about beauty). According to Toobin: Adwoa Yamoah, who participated in the competition after winning Miss »

A silly indictment [UPDATED]

Featured image John, Steve, and Scott have already offered analysis of Robert Mueller’s indictment of Russians. I might as well add mine. I think the indictment is silly. Russia meddled in our presidential election by spreading disinformation in order to erode faith in our democracy and, let’s assume, in the hope of influencing the outcome. Why wouldn’t it? Russia is our adversary, despite Barack Obama’s denial of this reality during much of »

The Week in Pictures: Indictments Edition

Featured image So finally, Rocky the Flying Squirrel (aka Rod Rosenstein) and Bullwinkle (aka special prosecutor Robert Mueller) have indicted Boris and Natasha. I won’t be happy until Misha the Olympic bear is brought down, too. This nested doll of a scandal will probably go on longer than The Simpsons. Meanwhile, I won’t hold my breath for Russia to extradite any of the 13 who were indicted yesterday. More likely they’re all »

It’s Not Too Late To Be a VIP

Featured image This evening at 5:30 Pacific, 7:30 Central and 8:30 Eastern, we will do a live YouTube show for Power Line VIPs. As Joe explained, this is an “ask us anything” event. We got a lot of great questions from VIPs, and I’m guessing we will have a few more about today’s Russian indictment. The whole show will be devoted to responding to VIPs’ questions, unless Steve has a few preliminary »

Did Russia Waste Its Money on the 2016 Election?

Featured image There’s an old joke that half of all advertising spending is wasted; the problem for the marketing department is determining which half. The Madison Avenue ad agencies depend on no one ever being able to figure this puzzle out because their business model would collapse. A similar controversy has been going on in political science for some time; namely, whether political campaigns (and presidential debates, etc) actually change or affect »

Ask Us Anything, Baby

Featured image Power Line readers who are members of our exclusive circle of VIPs will be well aware that, from time to time, we conduct live video broadcasts via a private YouTube link. Broadcasting from our homes in, variously, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, and central and northern California, we dilate on the news of the day, enjoy a glass or two of scotch, and fire up dangerous fast-moving drone aircraft indoors. In a »

Paging Carter Page (4)

Featured image We have not fully illuminated the question of FISA warrant renewals in the case of Carter Page. There are not many experts in the law and practice of FISA warrants writing for the public. Hugh Hewitt is one of the few. He drew on his knowledge and experience for the Washington Post column “The Nunes memo revealed a damning omission.” He then returned to the subject at his site with »

Green Wee. . . Oh Forget It, I Give Up

Featured image Back in the 1960s, when Ronald Reagan spotted a bedraggled hippie protester with the sign saying “Make love, not war,” the Gipper quipped that from the looks of them, they weren’t capable of doing much of either. Today I think he’d say this about the climatistas. Yesterday the New York Times reported on the latest intramural controversy among the climatistas: whether they should reproduce. Now personally I can think of no »

The Week in Pictures: State of the Union Edition

Featured image From the sour looks on the faces of Democrats who turned up for President Trump’s State of the Union address, I’m thinking Trump must have tricked them into thinking he was giving a “State of the Onion” address. I’ve never seen so many dyspeptic expressions. If they keep this up, I might start to think Trump knows what he’s doing. And how about that Joe Kennedy the XIVth, or whatever »

Breaking: The Memo Is Out!

Featured image The infamous Nunes memo has been released in the last hour. The House website is intermittently clogging up as you might imagine, but you can try to download it yourself here or here. On a quick first read, there is not much in it that we didn’t already know in general terms— the flyblown Steele dossier was the sole “evidence” the FBI used to obtain a FISA warrant to monitor »

How the Swamp Regarded Trump

Featured image As the FBI-gate story continues to unfold at a languid pace, once again Yes, Prime Minister reveals the inner truth of how to understand the matter with this prescient scene where Sir Humphrey and Sir Arnold recommend that a PM candidate’s MI-5 file (Britain’s equivalent of a raw FBI file) should be reviewed for a “good laugh.” But of course the idea of Jim Hacker Donald Trump as chief executive »

Exclusive: Schiff Memo Leaks to Power Line

Featured image While everyone is watching Trump deliver the State of the Union address, Power Line’s investigate reporters have turned up a leaked copy of the Schiff Memo that rebuts the Nunes Memo on Obama Administration misconduct. Here it is: »

Liberalism Is Just Resentment and Envy Sanctified

Featured image This week’s New York Times Sunday Magazine offers up a long, sumptuous feature about high-end private jets. It’s great fun if you like to ogle the perks of the top 0.0001 percent. You almost expect to hear the theme song of that gaudy old TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous playing the background while you read along. It really is airplane porn. The story focuses on the premier »

Dems on Immigration: That Was Then, This Is Now

Featured image Here’s Chuck Schumer in 2009, saying “When we use phrases like ‘undocumented workers,’ we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration.” Don’t believe me? See: Now take in Bernie Sanders in 2007, saying guest workers are a bad idea for low wage Americans: Then there’s this wonderful clip of Sanders saying “open borders is a Koch brothers proposal.” Man those »

The Power Line Show, Episode 52: Regarding Henry

Featured image Just in time to download for your morning commute tomorrow (or your evening workout at the gym today), the Power Line Show podcast episode 52 is now up! I walk though all of the important questions with the best “psephologist” in the business—Henry Olsen, who changed his mind on election eve 2016 and predicted that Trump was likely to win. He goes through the four things that he noticed in »

Leaving the dossier world behind

Featured image I’m headed to the Dominican Republic for a week. It’s a lovely country with lovely people. Definitely not a s***hole. I don’t expect to write while I’m away, nor will I mind the break. »