Not rigged, thrown

Featured image Donald Trump’s allegations that the election is “rigged” constitute a motif in the closing days of his presidential campaign. The theme emerged last night in his refusal to acknowledge he would concede the election when he loses. I find Trump’s allegation of the rigging of the election bizarre. It advertises his understanding that he will lose the election. He disclaims responsibility for the loss in advance, but there it is, »

Trump debates well, but is unlikely to move the needle

Featured image I’m not sure what it means to “accept” the results of an election, but after tonight’s debate I’m more convinced than ever that this election is unacceptable. In this corner, wearing the nauseating grin, is Hillary Clinton. She delivered a lengthy oration about the Supreme Court without ever mentioning the Constitution (which Chris Wallace specifically asked her about). Instead, she said she wants the Supreme Court to take sides. To »

The groping game

Featured image The Democrats must be feeling good about having made groping a major issue, perhaps the major issue, in this year’s presidential election. But Republicans can play that game too, and Sen. Marco Rubio played it last night. The Daily Caller reports: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio turned the tables on Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy during their debate Monday night, calling out Murphy for posting a picture on Facebook in which he »

The Week in Pictures: Feeling Crotchety Edition

Featured image Heh—you thought something else from that headline, didn’t you? Well I’ll just let it pass. In any case, I think I’m going to start my election homestretch heavy drinking this weekend. Besides, pretty sure liver transplants are covered either by Obamacare, or the “amazing, incredible, beautiful” health care plan Trump will replace it with. What’s that? No. Get off my lawn. And finally. . . »

Media Alert

Featured image I will be a guest tomorrow on the Michael Medved radio show at 4:20 Eastern time. Why? Because Bill Bennett is guest hosting. We will talk about the most recent debate, the desertion of Trump by many Republicans, and the state of the race, or maybe something completely different if Bill changes his mind. Don’t miss Bill Bennett, making a triumphant return to radio, or me, at 4:20 Eastern. You »

Orioles go down with their worst

Featured image The Washington Senators took a 6-4 lead into the seventh inning of Game 7 of the 1925 World Series. But they lost the game, and the series, when the Pittsburgh Pirates scored five runs in the next two innings off of 36 year-old Walter Johnson, the starting pitcher. Manager Bucky Harris refused to pull Johnson, arguably the greatest pitcher ever. Ban Johnson, the president of the American League who lived »

The Obama Years in One Chart

Featured image Obama’s approval ratings are doing fairly well these days—comfortably and consistently over 50 percent. This, while the number of Americans who say the country is on the “wrong track” is at or near an all-time high. One polling guru I know says that Obama’s good numbers owe to the fact that he looks good in comparison to Hillary and Trump, which makes sense. And also that the “wrong track” number »

Thoughts on an unpleasant evening

Featured image Well, that was fun — watching two candidates I can’t stand argue for 90-plus minutes and seeing the candidate I dislike more (Hillary Clinton) get the better of it. Why do I think Clinton got the better of it? First, I thought she was more composed. Second, I thought she was on the attack for much of the debate and was able (with the help of the moderator) frequently to »

The Week in Pictures: Narrative Riot Edition

Featured image The comically named (but humor-challenged) White House spokesperson Josh Earnest beclowned himself a few days ago with the remark that we’re in a “war of narratives” with ISIS. Actually, he may be on to something. We may well be able to defeat ISIS by unleashing English lit majors on them. One whiff of postmodern narrative jargon from a poet laureate of Bennington College might well reduce the most hardened jihadist »

The 2016 Power Line Picks

Featured image However one feels about this year’s presidential election, I don’t think conservatives can dispute the importance of the congressional races. If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, a Republican House and Senate will be crucial to thwarting her left-wing designs. If Trump wins, a Republican House and Senate will be crucial to advancing the conservative part of his agenda (if any) and blocking the liberal part (if any). It’s true that »

Outgoing D.C. police chief decries under-incarceration

Featured image Cathy Lanier is leaving her job as police chief of Washington, D.C. to become the NFL’s head of security. She is well-regarded in the District and her tenure as chief is considered successful. Were it otherwise, the NFL would not be entrusting her with its top security post. On her way out, Lanier had some harsh things to say about criminal justice in D.C. “The criminal justice system in this »

Wedding planner vouches for Russell Wilson’s political correctness

Featured image Russell Wilson is the star quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Recently, he married someone called Ciara, an attractive singer, model, etc. The wedding took place in Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England. Not bad. The Wilson-Ciara wedding was planned by celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss. In an interview with a publication called The Knot, Weiss gave her version of the backstory on the wedding. According to Weiss, the pair originally planned »

Guess who’s pushing back on the DOJ’s condemnation of Baltimore policing

Featured image If you guessed Martin O’Malley — former Democratic presidential hopeful, Baltimore mayor, and Maryland governor — you are right. O’Malley incurred the wrath of the left during his unsuccessful presidential bid by daring to say “all lives matter.” Now, he’s advancing another proposition the left doesn’t want to hear: vigorous policing reduces crime. O’Malley’s comments respond to a flawed Justice Department report that rips the Baltimore police department for alleged »

Hayward’s modest proposal, &c.

Featured image I want to take the liberty of drawing attention to a few items that are worthy of attention without much in the way of further comment. Listen up! • Steve Hayward hasn’t declared his preference in the matter of Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. It seems to be a close run thing. In any event, it has Steve’s creative juices flowing. He makes a modest proposal in the Weekly Standard »

Tonight, Climate Hustle; Tomorrow, Milton Friedman

Featured image If you live in or near the Twin Cities, you are invited to two events, tonight and tomorrow night, both sponsored by Center of the American Experiment, the think tank that I run. Steve Hayward is in town, so he will be participating in both events. Tonight, the Center will co-sponsor a showing of the documentary Climate Hustle, about the dark underside of the global warming movement. (Our co-sponsor is »

Power Line Goes Live on YouTube – Right now!

Featured image If you are a VIP member, check your email. You have a private link to our live YouTube discussion right now. Come on in, and ask us some questions in the comments. »

Tune In to Our Live YouTube VIP Event on Monday

Featured image If you are a Power Line VIP, you are invited to attend a live event on YouTube next Monday, July 25, at 4:30 Pacific, 5:30 Mountain, 6:30 Central, 7:30 Eastern. It will be the same format as our prior YouTube events: the PL gang will be on the screen, we will be talking about current events–this time, the two conventions and the state of the race–and you will be able »