United Nations

Springtime for Abbas

Featured image Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas turned up last week at the United Nations. He was there to petition for statehood on behalf of the PA or the PLO. There’s something almost funny about Abbas’s gambit. Fred Siegel reminds us that Abbas is currently in the 81st month of his 48-month term and that he is the leader of the West Bank component of the Palestinian Authority, supposedly including the Gaza »

Mr. Netanyahu goes to New York

Featured image I write to draw attention to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nations today. As Daniel Patrick Moynihan demonstrated once upon a time, there is something especially thrilling about the truth being told in this particular forum (a “theater of the absurd,” in Netanyahu’s reckoning). It happens rarely, but it happened today. Attention should be paid: Ladies and gentlemen, in Israel our hope for peace never wanes. »

Mother from hell launches PA drive

Featured image Palestinian Media Watch picks up the story of the representative — the perfect representative — chosen by the powers-that-be in the Palestinian Authority to launch the PA’s statehood drive at the United Nations. What can we learn from this story? Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik report: The Palestinian Authority chose the mother of 4 terrorist murderers, one of whom killed seven Israeli civilians and attempted to killed twelve others, »

A handy guide to Durban III

Featured image Are you ready for Durban III? I’m not either, but Anne Bayefsky has whet my appetite for her online counter conference at DurbanWatch.com featuring a distinguished roster of speakers. She has also produced the video below, which she calls “A handy guide to Durban III.” »