Voter Fraud

Ballot Integrity In the State of Washington

Featured image A reader emailed earlier today to say that he and his wife recently moved to Washington State. His wife is a Canadian citizen who has a green card. Much to their surprise, she received in the mail a voter registration card issued by the county in which they live, informing her that “You are registered to vote.” Our reader writes: My wife is a Canadian citizen, has her green card, »

Are the Democrats Trying to Steal Pennsylvania? [Updated]

Featured image It is being reported that Democratic Party operatives are evicting court-appointed Republican poll watchers from polling places in Philadelphia. Specifically, this reportedly has happened in Ward 32, Div 13; Ward 43, Div 14; Ward 56, Div 1; Ward 56, Div 22; Ward 32, Div 28; Ward 32, Div 28; Ward 12, Div 17; Ward 39, Div 1; Ward 24, Div 9; Ward 18, Div 25; Ward 43, Div 14; Ward »

What If They Ran Banks Like Minnesota Elections?

Featured image Here in Minnesota, we have initiatives relating to voter ID and marriage on the ballot next month. The key organization supporting the voter ID amendment is Protect My Vote has done some cute ads, illustrating how silly it is to oppose a requirement of photo identification for voting when we rely on it for practically everything else. This is the most recent TV ad, titled “What If Banks Operated »

What If Liquor Stores Were Run Like Elections?

Featured image Here in Minnesota, there is a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November to require photo identification to vote. No doubt you are aware of the farcical history of recent Minnesota elections, which forms the backdrop for the voter ID proposal. The Democrats, of course, are trying their hardest to keep their voter fraud option alive. One of the peculiarities of Minnesota election law, of which the Democrats have taken »

No Voter Fraud, Eh?

Featured image A while back I beat down on Bill Galston, otherwise a thinking man’s liberal, for dismissing the thought that voter fraud was an issue worthy of discussion or prophylactic remedy.  Well how about Maryland’s first congressional district, where the Democratic candidate, Wendy Rosen, has withdrawn because she committed vote fraud herself, having voted in both Maryland and Florida in at two recent elections: Wendy Rosen, the Democratic challenger to Republican »

Live from Minneapolis with Mary Kiffmeyer

Featured image I caught up with former Minnesota Secretary of State and current state Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer before the Federalist Society debate featuring National Review columnist John Fund and Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. I mentioned Rep. Kiffmeyer yesterday in “Photo ID: Women, minorities hardest hit.” She was the sole voice of reason quoted in Jim Ragsdale’s pathetic Sunday Star Tribune story on the proposed Minnesota photo identification constitutional amendment. Rep. Kiffmeyer »

Live from Minneapolis with John Fund

Featured image After his lunch appearance that John Hinderaker writes about in the adjacent post, National Review columnist John Fund debated Hennenpin County Attorney Mike Freeman on the subject of voter fraud and the proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment that I have been writing about in the “Ritchie ratchet” series of posts. When I caught up with him a few minutes before the event got started, John Fund graciously asked me: “Aren’t you »

Photo ID: Women, minorities hardest hit

Featured image Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune features a page-one story by Jim Ragsdale opposing the proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment requiring photo identification for voting. The story’s genre is a familiar one. It’s the genre mocked by the parodic New York Times headline: “World to end tomorrow: Women, minorities hardest hit.” The story is illustrative of the Star Tribune’s pathetic coverage of the photo identification amendment. The Star Tribune has served as the »

The Ritchie ratchet, part 4

Featured image Thanks to the Minnesota Supreme Court, Minnesota voters will be allowed to vote on two proposed Minnesota constitutional amendments when they go to the polls in November. Despite the best efforts of the League of Women Voters and Democratic officials, proposed amendments protecting traditional marriage and requiring photo identification for voting will be on the ballot as the Legislature directed. Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie — forgive me for »

The Ritchie ratchet, part 3

Featured image Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie — the Man from SOROS — has done himself and his office no honor with his high-handed attempt to undermine the proposed Minnesota constitutional amendments protecting traditional marriage and requiring photo identification for voting. Ritchie sought to undermine the proposed amendments’ chances of passage by toying with the ballot titles prescribed by the legislature. Today the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that, in doing so, »

The Ritchie ratchet, part 2

Featured image Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie — the Man from SOROS — opposes the proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment that would require photo identification for voting. Ritchie gave a stemwinder of a speech (“in his personal capacity,” of course) opposing the amendment at the state Democratic convention this summer. I posted the video in “The Ritchie ratchet.” I think the amendment is a great idea, as do most Minnesotans. The opportunities »

The Ritchie ratchet

Featured image I’ve written here and here about the proposed amendments to the Minnesota Constitution that are to appear on the ballot in November. Proposed by the (Republican) legislature, (Democratic) Secretary of State Mark Ritchie — the man from SOROS — has given new titles to the amendments through which he seeks to undermine their adoption by the voters. One of the two proposed amendments would enshrine the definition of marriage as »

The Battle for Ballot Integrity in Pennsylvania

Featured image Pennsylvania is, for the moment, ground zero in the battle over voter fraud. In March, Pennsylvania’s legislature enacted a law that requires identification for voting. The ACLU has sued to enjoin enforcement of the law; a trial on its lawsuit began today and is expected to last for around a week. This illustrates how low the ACLU has fallen. Voting illegally–that’s a “civil right!” But how about not having your »

How Do You Get Into the NAACP Convention to Hear Eric Holder Say That Voter ID Laws Are Racist?

Featured image Of course: you have to present a “government-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license).” You can’t make this stuff up, but it happens over and over. We noted the same thing when Holder traveled to Texas to speak at the LBJ Library on the evils of voter ID. Also when Michelle Obama did a book signing. Do you think you can get anywhere near Michelle Obama without a photo »

You Can’t See Michelle Obama Without Photo ID

Featured image This is one more installment in a long-running story: you need a picture ID for just about everything you do–buy beer or cigarettes, board an airplane, cash a check, drive a car, buy a fishing license, check into a shooting range, get into the Department of Justice to see Eric Holder, or most other federal buildings–but liberals claim there are millions of people walking around (they have to walk, they »

How Many Non-Citizens Will Vote In Florida?

Featured image As Hugh Hewitt says, If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat. But in Florida, the Democrats’ ability to cheat may surpass any normal definition of “close.” Reuters reports: “Florida says 180,000 non-citizens may be on voter rolls.” Florida election authorities are examining about 180,000 people who they say may not be U.S. citizens but are registered to vote in the state, an official said on Friday. State officials are updating »

Democrats Say: Arrest the Messenger!

Featured image Beginning with the ACORN videos that he made with Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe has been a thorn in the side of liberalism. Most recently, he has gone after the voter fraud issue, demonstrating in a series of videos under the rubric Project Veritas how easy it is to vote illegally. Here in Minnesota, he and his colleagues obtained, with no difficulty, ballots in the names of “Tim Tebow” and “Tom »