Which way for Republicans in Wisconsin?

Featured image This Washington Post story confirms what I wrote earlier today about the Wisconsin Senate race — Tommy Thompson is in trouble. But let’s do the full disclosure thing before going any further. Thompson was a partner of mine at the law firm from which I recently retired. More importantly to me, he was an exemplary partner. Thompson is also one of the most successful politicians in Wisconsin history. He was »

Romney Takes the Lead In Wisconsin

Featured image In the wake of Scott Walker’s decisive victory over the Democrats in Wisconsin’s recall election, many wondered whether that state will now be in play at the presidential level in November. Democrats took hope from exit polls that showed President Obama with a solid lead over Mitt Romney, but that was whistling past the graveyard, as the same exit polls got the Walker-Barrett vote entirely wrong. Today the first meaningful »

Insanity, the Fifth Stage of Grief

Featured image Some Wisconsin leftists are still in denial–“we didn’t lose”–but others are stark, raving mad. Savor this video from the MacIver Institute that documents the sad state of Wisconsin’s liberals in the wake of the recall fiasco. It is, as Jammie Wearing Fools says, “comedy gold”: »

Hitler Learns That Walker Won the Recall Election

Featured image »

How close is close?

Featured image The headline in the print edition of today’s Washington Post reads: “Wisc. governor Walker survives recall election: long lines and a close vote.” To say that Walker survived is a way of putting it. And many of the lines apparently were long. But a close vote? I don’t think so. According to the Post, Walker won by 8 points, 54 percent to 46 percent. In the final count, the margin »

Democrats Threaten Walker Assassination

Featured image Just as you would expect, the Democrats kept it classy last night, flooding Twitter with calls for Scott Walker and his family to be murdered. Twitchy has collected dozens of death threats. A sampling: Somebody gone kill Scott Walker man. KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER KILL SCOTT WALKER! Ole Bitch Ass Pig Ass Nigga!!!! Somebody need to Abe Lincoln Scott »

Wisconsin death trip

Featured image Herewith 10 random thoughts on the election results in the Wisconsin recall election: 1. In a sense the public sector unions that brought it on lost the election before the first vote was counted. Their chosen candidate (Kathleen Falk) could not even prevail in the Democratic primary. Instead Wisconsin Democrats opted for a rerun of the 2010 gubernatorial election between Walker and Barrett. With even higher voter turnout in the »

A note of caution about tonight’s election

Featured image I didn’t watch any coverage of tonight’s recall election in Wisconsin, so forgive me if this point has been made. Forgive me as well for offering a note of caution about the results, particularly since it may be off-base. My note of caution is this: Gov. Walker’s victory may be due in part to the fact that the economy in Wisconsin has picked up and that Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is »

A Smashing Victory In Wisconsin

Featured image Wisconsin looks to exceed our fondest hopes, as everyone has called the race for Scott Walker. With 60% of the vote now counted, Walker leads 57%-42%. That is way too big a margin for the Democrats to make up through fraud. The TV headlines to the effect that “Governor Walker Survives Recall” are really misleading. Walker didn’t just survive, he trounced the greedy union bosses who were fighting for their »

Wisconsin Results Imminent, Join the Crowd at PL Live!

Featured image Hundreds of your fellow Power Line readers have congregated at Power Line Live to await news from Wisconsin and chew over it when it comes. Follow the link to join the conversation! JOE adds: By “hundreds,” what John meant to say was “more than a thousand,” and although the conversation paced up to a rapid clip as returns began coming in (I counted two posts per second, on average), everyone »

UPDATED: Follow the Wisconsin Recall on Power Line Live

Featured image UPDATED by Joe: If you tried to get into PL Live earlier, but could not, try again! We just increased our limit. We are officially launching Power Line Live today. If you missed our preview post, you can check out PL Live by clicking on the “Live” button at the top of our main page, right between “Home” and “About Us.” Or just click here. Some would call PL Live »

Preview of a Coming Attraction

Featured image A couple of weeks ago we did a very soft launch of Power Line Live, which you likely haven’t noticed but is actually quite visible between the “Home” and “About Us” links at the top of our home page. If you haven’t seen it, you can check out Power Line Live by following the link above. It is sort of like a bar, and there may not be anyone hanging »

Democrats Go Over the Top With Last-Minute Walker Smear

Featured image Unbelievable. The Democrats are looking down the barrel of a humiliating defeat in Wisconsin’s recall election on Tuesday, so today they played their last card: they started a rumor that Scott Walker fathered an illegitimate child 24 years ago. The “scoop” comes from something called the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op. The “Co-op” attributes the story to a woman named Bernadette Gillick, who teaches physical therapy at the University of Minnesota. »

“Official business” of Obama, and the Star Tribune

Featured image The Star Tribune’s big page-one story on Obama’s stop in the Twin Cities today reads mostly like a campaign press release, with a detour to vent the complaints of advocates of “severely mentally disturbed homeless veterans in Los Angeles.” The story sports the joint byline of Jennifer Bjorhus and Susan Feyder. One reporter is not enough to handle this press release. It takes two Star Tribune reporters to bury the »

Public sector compensation in Wisconsin remains excessive

Featured image As the recall election in Wisconsin approaches, this paper on public employee compensation in Wisconsin is worth a look. Andrew Biggs of AEI and Jason Richwine of Heritage find that even with the passage of Act 10, the Budget Repair Act that led to battle being waged by the public sector unions and their leftist comrades, the average Wisconsin state worker receives total compensation including benefits of $81,637, compared to »

Wisconsin’s “orphan” left-wing activists

Featured image It’s no scoop that the Democrats are expecting an embarrassing defeat in Tuesday’s Wisconsin gubernatorial recall race. More than merely causing embarrassment, the recall campaign has succeeded in mobilizing Republicans to the point that Wisconsin appears now to be in play for Mitt Romney. As the Washington Post reminds us, George W. Bush twice came close to winning in Wisconsin, and the Republicans captured the State’s Senate seat along with »

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses Gov. Walker

Featured image More bad news for the beleaguered anti-Scott Walker forces: the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has endorsed the Wisconsin governor. The paper explains: Walker’s rematch with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was prompted by one issue: Walker’s tough stance with the state’s public-employee unions. It’s inconceivable that the recall election would be occurring absent that. And a disagreement over a single policy is simply not enough to justify a vote against the governor. »