What is this?

Power Line Live is the back room, the humidor, the after party. It’s a live, self-contained, always-on conversation for Power Line readers. Of course, our readers can always comment on individual articles. But consider this an open thread. You decide what to talk about.

What are the rules?

There aren’t any, other than that you should be amusing, accurate, and interesting, or else suffer the wrath of others. Nothing written here reflects the views of Power Line’s editors.

How do I log in?

It’s easy. At the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, you’ll see a gray bar telling you how many Power Liners are at PL Live at the moment. Click that. Now look for the purple “sign in” link, and sign in using Facebook or Twitter. Easy! Make sure to click Remember Me so that we’ll remember who you are.

Will what I post end up on Facebook?

No. This chat is self-contained, and it won’t show up anywhere else.

I just landed here. What is Power Line?

Founded in 2002, Power Line is one of the nation’s most widely read conservative political commentary websites. Here’s the latest from Power Line.

Who writes Power Line?

Find out more here.

The painting above–what is it?

The painting is a detail from “McSorley’s Bar,” by John French Sloan, 1912. We’ve slightly updated it, of course. McSorley’s is at 15 East 7th Street in New York City.

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