Jeff Sessions and Hillary Clinton React to Brexit

Featured image Senator Jeff Sessions released a statement on yesterday’s Brexit vote. As usual, Sessions has his finger on the pulse: [The people’s] strong vote arose not out of fear and pique but out of love for country and pride of place. Their experience with a distant government in Brussels was given a long and fair chance to succeed. In the end, however, they concluded that the costs outweighed the benefits. … »

Report: Clinton’s State Dept. calendar hid meetings with big donors

Featured imageAP has identified at least 75 meetings that Hillary Clinton had with longtime political donors, Clinton Foundation contributors, and corporate and other outside interests that were not recorded (or not properly recorded) on her State Department calendar. AP identified the meetings by comparing her calendar with separate planning schedules supplied to Clinton by aides in advance of each day’s events. In many cases, Clinton’s State Department calendar simply excluded the »

Why Are Liberals So Hateful?

Featured imageI will have thoughts on the implications of Brexit later in the day, but for now want to ask a more limited question: why are liberals so hateful? The last days of the EU campaign were marred by the Remain camp–i.e., the forces of Britain’s establishment–trying to use the appalling murder of MP Jo Cox as political fodder. Against all reason, they tried to tar the Brexit campaign with the »

And Now Back to Our Regular Programming

Featured imageYou owe it to yourself to take in “Orange Americans for Trump,” a nice parody of several familiar tropes. But for real fun, I can’t believe I’d never seen this video of Trump and Rudy Giuliani from back in 2006 (only 45 seconds long): »

Another “Shot Heard Round the World”?

Featured imageGerard Baker of the Wall Street Journal offers the best summary this morning of the larger meaning of Brexit. Gerry, as his friends and colleagues call him, is a subdued fellow not given to hyperbole, which is why this judgment is so bracing: Levels of dissatisfaction with leadership have reached revolutionary levels. It’s a paradox of mass modern democracy that voters feel themselves governed by rulers who “neither see nor »

Brexit, Take 3

Featured imageYesterday was a big news day before any Brexit votes had been counted. Two major Supreme Court decisions, one of which voided a core Obama legacy item, plus the collapse of the Freddie Gray prosecutions. But with the Brexit vote, yesterday became historic. On this, I think both sides of the argument agree. I agree with Scott that by voting to leave the EU the British people have retaken their »

Brexit, take 2

Featured imageI never did understand the case for Britain’s continued membership in the European Union. Barack Obama’s threat against Brexit — issued at the invitation of Prime Minister Cameron, no less, and perhaps scripted by Ben Rhodes — made for a clarifying moment. Is Barack Obama a friend of Great Britain? I don’t think so. If one hesitated to make the leap to Leave, that should have sealed the deal all »

Brexit, Take 1

Featured imageWow. That’s all I can say right now. I’ve been out all evening, among other things watching a socialist argue vigorously with an even further left socialist, which allowed me to grab an extra bag of popcorn and enjoy the show. It’s like watching your ex-wife argue with your ex-mother-in-law. Brexit is Britain’s equivalent of Proposition 13 and the tax revolt of the 1970s in the U.S. I expect anti-EU »

What Happens When Liberal Heroines Crumble?

Featured imageIn February 2011, Vogue magazine published a notorious puff piece on Asma al-Assad, the first lady of Syria. You can see a photo of the article here–it was titled “A Rose in the Desert”–but if you try to access it online, you get this: Down the memory hole, in other words. Vogue doesn’t want us to remember that it was shilling for Assad, now that hundreds of thousands have died. »

Does Trump Make Sense on Trade?

Featured imageMany voters link Donald Trump’s positions on immigration with his position on trade. Both are seen as generally nationalistic. However, while Trump’s views on immigration are generally sound (but for the fact that his proposals don’t go far enough), his anti-free trade rants are highly suspect. Paul quoted Trump in yesterday’s speech: I have visited the cities and towns across America and seen the devastation caused by the trade policies »

Officer Goodson acquitted on all counts

Featured imageCaesar Goodson, Jr., the Baltimore police officer who allegedly gave Freddie Gray a “rough ride” that killed him, was acquitted today of all charges by Circuit Judge Barry Williams. The decision probably means that all of the officers being prosecuted in the Gray matter will be found not guilty (assuming charges aren’t dropped). Judge Williams had already acquitted Edward Nero. Taken together, the judge’s rulings seem to imply that, in »

That hideous length

Featured imageHillary Clinton failed to hand over to the State Department one of the key emails regarding the use of her private server for her official business as Secretary of State. The AP’s Michael Biesecker picks up the story from the Inspector Generals report on Clinton’s email server. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross adds context in “Clinton campaign admits Hillary didn’t turn over mysterious email exchange with top aide” (i.e., Huma »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll declares it VERY WARM: It’s that time of year again in Arizona where not only is it 114 during the day, but it’s still 99 at midnight. We Climate Change Denying Racketeers call that summer. I get a big kick out of looking on Accuweather every morning and finding any temperature under 115 termed “Very warm.” Indeed. Only when the mercury scoots past 115, does Accuweather use the »

High ranking Clinton aide mocked donor’s appointment to sensitive post

Featured imageI wrote here about a report, based on State Department emails, that a major Clinton Foundation donor was placed on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board even though he had no experience directly relevant to the position. The Clinton donor, a Chicago securities investor named Rajiv Fernando, served very briefly on the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB). It deals with such matters as nuclear disarmament and other arms control issues. »

A Brexit Cliffhanger? (Continuously Updated) Leave is Winning! Leave declared winner!

Featured imageEarly results on Brexit show a very tight contest, with Leave and Remain going back and forth in the lead like the Warriors and Cavaliers in Game 7. But less than 4 percent of the vote has been counted as of this moment, and none of the London area vote has come in yet, and I suspect that it will be strongly in the Remain camp. Stay tuned. . . »

A Republic, if we can keep our TV shows

Featured imageWhen Scotland was getting set to vote on whether to leave Great Britain, “stay” supporters raised the specter that an exit might mean loss of access to popular BBC television series. The “leave” movement took pains to assure Scots they would still be able to watch such shows as EastEnders, Doctor Who, and Strictly Come Dancing. Scotland voted to stay, so we never found out whether an independent Scotland would »

Divided Supreme Court upholds blockage of Obama’s executive amnesty

Featured imageBy a 4-4 vote, the Supreme Court today let stand a lower court decision blocking President Obama’s executive action that would have made roughly five million illegal immigrants eligible for legal status and work permits. This result kills Obama’s executive amnesty, though because of the split vote, it might successfully be revived in the future. The Court rendered its decision succinctly. It just said: “The judgment is affirmed by an »