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Strong shots and long shots, cont’d

Listening to him on John’s radio program this afternoon, I think it’s fair to say Michael Barone picks: Ilario Pantano against Mike McIntyre in North Carolina’s Seventh Congressional District. Our readers pick: Jon Golnik against Nikki Tsongas in Massachusetts’ Fifth Congressional District. Dr. Michael Fallon against Dianna DeGette in Colorado’s First Congressional District. Dr. Joe Heck against Dina Titus in Nevada’s Third Congressional District. Spike Maynard against Nick Rahall in »

Leave it to Mona

Mona Charen addresses the descent of the NAACP from a bona fide civil rights organization into a rump of the Democratic Party. The NAACP was of course back in the news this week on account of its having consigned the Tea Party movement to double secret probation. Mona calls out the NAACP on its ginned-up charge of racism against the Tea Party: So what is the NAACP talking about? Many »

Leave it to Nordlinger

Yesterday at NRO’s Corner Jay Nordlinger cited another instance of the mainstream media’s pollution of the record involving the Obamacare protesters doing their thing on Capitol Hill on March 20. We devoted some 18 installments of our “Don’t leave it to Cleaver” series to the subject Jay addresses here, but Jay’s expression of disgust adds to the record: The New Republic had a long, long piece on how Obama and »

Ten underreported stories of 2010, plus one

Dana Loesch performs a public service in compiling a list of the 10 most underreported stories of 2010. Her list is full of smart commentary and good links. I think that in one way or another we’ve gotten to almost all of the stories that Loesh lists, though I think we have failed to get up to speed on the Pigford story in any of its several manifestations. Loesh comments: »

Lewis, Carson, Cleaver and the phantom n-word

Yesterday the New York Times ran an ambiguous correction of Times reporter Matt Bai’s assertion that Tea Party protesters had abused Rep. John Lewis with “epithets” during the Obamacare protest on Capitol Hill on March 20. What was Mr. Times saying? I’d like to take a look at that in the next day. In the meantime, here is an altogether more straightforward message from the gentleman who calls himself Marooned »

Already Been Cleavered

There are precisely three witnesses to the alleged incident that occurred in the course of a public demonstration on Capitol Hill on March 20: Reps. Andre Carson, John Lewis, and Emanuel Cleaver. House majority James Clyburn immediately jumped on board to amplify the story and make sure it took off, as it did most notably in McClatchy’s “Tea party protesters scream ‘nigger’ at black congressmen.” According to Carson et al., »

A disgrace to nuts everwhere

The race is on to place Jared Loughner among conservatives and attribute responsibility for yesterday’s murders to the political opponents of President Obama. It is a handy device to stifle resistance to the left. As you might expect — see, e.g., “Don’t Leave it to Cleaver: Last call” — the folks at McClatchy News have pulled out all the stops. Fox News Sunday even hauled out Rep. James Clyburn, a »

Ten Years: Ten Thoughts (plus John’s)

Featured image It was ten years ago this weekend — ten years ago today, I think, but maybe tomorrow — that John Hinderaker went to Blogger and set up Power Line. On Memorial Day that weekend he gave me a call and invited me to contribute. Once one of my kids helped me get into the publishing platform, we were off and running. Looking back, I thought I might take the occasion »

Leave it to Ann

Featured image I think of CPAC as the event in which endless speakers (that’s the bad part) serve up red meat to a conservative audience (that’s the good part). But this year, there seemed to be a ban on red meat conservatism as it pertains to the immigration issue. And with various Republican legislators lining up behind, or softening their opposition to, amnesty/a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, the vegetarianism was »

Leave it To Krugman

My conservative cousin from New York was no more impressed than Dayfdd ab Hugh and John were by Paul Krugman’s claim that “working families have seen little or no progress over the past 30 years.” My cousin writes: Krugman claims that adjusted for inflation median family income in the US has stagnated over the last 30 years due to governmental policies favoring the rich. According to him, family income rose »

Don’t Leave Home Without It

The Obama Card: »

Love it and leave it

Some of our older readers may remember the feminist Germaine Greer (for readers who don’t know about her, it’s not worth trying to explain, although Rocket Man is invited to find some pictures). Anyway, Tim Blair has a nice post on Greer’s latest lament about her beloved but “tormented” Australia. »

McCaskill to Akin — please don’t leave me

Featured image Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican who is running for the Senate in Missouri, is under fire for his statement that victims of “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” in the event of rape. Senators Scott Brown and Ron Johnson have already urged their fellow Republican to withdraw from the race. Senator John Cornyn is asking Akin to »

Holder to leave, but his stain will linger

Featured image There have been worse members of presidential cabinets than Eric Holder. John B. Floyd and Howell Cobb, both of James Buchanan’s cabinet, who apparently aided the South in the days before secession come to mind. In my 40 plus years of observing presidencies, though, Holder has a strong claim on first place. His warped attempts to use the national law enforcement apparatus to remake America along leftist lines would have »

A disease too deadly to leave to the bureaucrats

Last November, I linked to a piece by Phillip Coticelli and Richard Tren in which they described how a combination of environmentalists, United Nations agencies, and big business interests has undermined the fight against malaria in Africa by standing in the way of the use of DDT there. Today in NRO, Coticelli (along with Justin Schwab) focuses on the culpability of the World Bank when it comes to combatting this »

Don’t forget to swear her in

Byron York points out: If Valerie Plame Wilson testifies before Congress, she will likely be asked detailed questions about her job status. Judge Reggie Walton tried, unsuccessfully, to keep the issue out of the Libby trial. But as Henry Waxman pointed out, that was a narrow legal proceeding, and a congressional hearing would have a broader scope. So Mrs. Wilson will likely be asked what years she operated under non-official »

Putin’s gambit, where does it leave us?

Featured image There is a good chance that President Obama will latch on to Vladimir Putin’s proposed resolution to our confrontation with Syria over its chemical weapons. I agree with Scott that the resolution will be more phony than real. In other words, Assad will not turn over his stash of chemical weapons; at best he won’t use them again in this war. Where would this resolution leave us? I think there »

A call I’m happy to leave to others

Hillary Clinton appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show last night. You can view it here. Apparently some Republican viewers found Clinton borderline likeable. Presumably, these feelings will vanish if she manages to win the nomination. I’m a firm believer that the Democrats should pick their own nominee, and not just because they generally can be trusted to pick someone the electorate will find problematic. Nonetheless it’s fun to speculate about which »

University of Maryland to leave ACC for Big Ten

Featured image The University of Maryland announced today that its sports program will leave the Atlantic Coast Conference and join the Big Ten. The move will take effect in 2014. Maryland has been part of the ACC for nearly 60 years. However, it has sound reasons for wanting to join the Big Ten. First and foremost is money. Maryland athletics have been financially strapped to the point that earlier of this year »

Earth to House Republicans: Don’t Blow It Now!

Featured image As long as Congress remains in session, there is a risk that Republicans may turn victory into defeat by making an ill-advised deal on immigration. In the House, a group of Republicans led by Kay Granger has produced a report that looks alarmingly like the Gang of Eight proposal. At National Review, the tireless Jeff Sessions explains why Republicans should avoid that course like the plague: The border crisis is »