Harvard Doesn’t Like Asians

Featured image I wrote here about the class action lawsuit that accuses Harvard of discriminating against Asian-Americans. The court has denied Harvard’s motions to dismiss, and the case is moving forward, which caused the university to defend its admissions practices in an email to its alumni. In denying discrimination, Harvard says it relies on a “whole-person admissions process.” That is, Harvard “considers the whole person, not just an applicant’s grades and test »

Bill Clinton takes offense

Featured imageDipping into the Department of Justice Inspector General report released yesterday, we are inundated with information and interesting story lines. One such story line involves Bill Clinton’s response to the uproar created over his tarmac meeting with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch the Monday before Hillary Clinton’s scheduled weekend interview with the FBI in the email “investigation,” as we should probably refer to it. The uproar led to FBI Director »

Media Alert

Featured imageI will be on Howie Carr’s radio show at 4:34 Eastern, talking about the IG’s report. If you are in New England, please tune in. Otherwise, you should be able to listen online, here. Steve and I are also taping a podcast on the IG’s report (and maybe a few other things) tonight, which we will post soon thereafter. Is this a fun news cycle, or what? »

Cartoon of the Day

Featured imageGiven the news of the day, this one can’t wait until The Week In Pictures. It’s by A. F. Branco. Click to enlarge: »

Trump stands tall against bad amnesty legislation (update: he changed his mind)

Featured imageLast night, I discussed the two amnesty-style immigration reform proposals kicking around in the House. One of them, Rep. Goodlatte’s proposal, is in my view a reasonable compromise. It offers amnesty for the DACA population only, in exchange for strong measures to control future illegal immigration and significant limits on some forms of immigration that are currently legal. The other proposal, backed by Speaker Ryan and known as “the compromise,” »

About that salute

Featured imagePresident Trump’s enemies are expressing outrage that he saluted a North Korean general. They compare it to President Obama’s bow to the Saudi king, which Trump found objectionable, and find it far more offensive given the extraordinary odiousness of the North Korean regime. But Trump’s salute was nothing like Obama’s bow. I’m sure you’ve seen the video of the salute, but let’s recap what happened. Trump extended his hand to »

Comey responds to IG report

Featured imageFormer FBI Director James Comey led the FBI into crisis, scandal and disgrace. Fired from the job by President Trump, he presented himself as a model of ethical leadership with a best-selling how-to book. The IG report released yesterday documents his failures, notes his duplicity, calls him out for his high handedness, and gives us his endless self-justification. In the tweet below responding to the IG report, we see that »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll finds no limits in THE THIRD RAIL. She writes: For decades now, we have heard that the “third rail” in politics – untouchable without inviting electrocution – was the Social Security System. And now a different sort of Third Rail has been grabbed. The lovely daughter of the President of the United States, communing with her beautiful baby, no less, is called a “feckless c*nt” by another woman. »

More lyin’ lovers of the FBI

Featured imageEric Felten extracts the story of the FBI’s other Trump-hating lovers from the Department of Justice Inspector General report released earlier today. Felten’s account is devastating. Please check it out. I want only to add one point to Eric’s outstanding article. Forget the culture of leaks at the FBI (one of the report’s institutional criticisms of the bureau). There was a culture of lying shot through the top ranks of »

The latest push for amnesty-style immigration reform

Featured imageI don’t think we’ve written about the push for immigration legislation in the House. Not long ago, it looked like there would be no immigration legislation passed this year. But now, that’s not as clear. The House is considering two bills (or one bill and a framework for another being pushed by Speaker Paul Ryan). Moreover, Majority Leader McConnell, who had previously stated that immigration was “not on the agenda »

Analyze this

Featured imageThe Department of Justice IG report on the Clinton email investigation includes a chapter (Chapter Five) reviewing the investigative methods used by the FBI in the Clinton email investigation. At the end of Part X (“FBI Inspection Division Internal File Review of the Midyear Investigation”) of that chapter (“Inspection Division Internal File Review of the Midyear [i.e., Clinton email] Investigation,” the report quotes from the FBI September-October 2017 Inspection Division »

President Trump Responds to IG Report [with comment by Paul]

Featured imagePresident Trump has been tweeting up a storm ever since he returned from Singapore. This is what he has had to say about the Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s and DOJ’s handling of the Clinton email investigation: FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who headed the Clinton & Russia investigations, texted to his lover Lisa Page, in the IG Report, that “we’ll stop” candidate Trump from becoming President. Doesn’t get any »

Scalise makes the play

Featured imageA year after suffering a grave wound in the crazed assassination spree attempted against the House GOP baseball team by Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise improbably took the field to play this year’s game against House Democrats. The New York Times story on the attempted assassination summarized the damage done to Scalise: “His injuries are extensive, and he was in critical condition Wednesday night, MedStar Washington »

Hillary Responds to IG Report

Featured imageI’ve been on the move all day and haven’t had a chance to dip into the IG report on the FBI’s behavior during the 2016 election campaign that was released today, but I did catch up with Hillary Clinton’s response. It is three words long. Here it is: It’s still a total mystery why she lost the election. »

Team Mueller lawyer: “Viva le resistance”

Featured imageChuck Ross of the Daily Caller found this gem in the Inspector General’s report released today. An FBI attorney who worked on Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation until February of this year sent a message to a colleague exclaiming, “Viva le [sic] Resistance.” The lawyer wrote these words in response to another FBI attorney who asked him whether he was rethinking his commitment to the Trump administration (I take this to »

Notes on the IG Report

Featured imageI haven’t read all 500 pages of the DOJ Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s and DOJ’s handling of the Clinton email investigation, but I have tried to pick out some of the salient points. If I come across more items of interest, I may add updates to this post. Here are some observations: 1) It is important to remember that the IG has not looked into the FBI’s “Russia »

Report on the Clinton email investigation

Featured imageThe Department of Justice Inspector General report on the FBI’s treatment of the Clinton email investigation was released today under the somnambulistic title A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election. It is posted online at the link. I have embedded it below via Scribd. I’m not saying it’s worth reading, but I want you to have »