Hillary: Feel the Love (Part 2)

Featured image Politico noted yesterday that a series of Hillary campaign conference calls are not exactly setting Democratic hearts aflutter: [H]er aides held at least half a dozen conference calls with supporters, party operatives, former staffers and elected officials to distribute talking points and assure early-state activists that Clinton takes them seriously. Those on the receiving end were hoping for more. “I can’t believe I missed ‘Game of Thrones’ for this,” said »

Grand Theft Lincoln [With Update by Marco Rubio]

Featured imageOn this 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination, the Wall Street Journal’s William McGurn performs a public service today rebutting the relentless liberal/“Progressive” attempts to pry Lincoln from the Republican Party and claim that Lincoln, were he alive today, would surely be a Progressive Democrat: On this the 150th anniversary of the day John Wilkes Booth fired his fatal bullet at Ford’s Theater, we have a consensus: Today’s Republicans have no »

Ferguson comes to Washington

Featured imageOn Wednesday evening, April 15, at 7:00 here in Washington DC, there will be a public reading of excerpts from FERGUSON, a play based exclusively on the testimony presented to the grand jury that so sensibly declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson. The performance will take place at the Atlas Performing Arts Center Lab, which is located at 1333 H Street, NE. Prominent lawyers will play the grand jury attorneys. »

Crisis of the detergent pod

Featured imageMinnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has a certain genius for avoiding outspoken stands on important issues and leading the way on trivial matters calculated to garner broad public support. If she secures a favorable headline or two in the process, it’s no coincidence. It is the true object of her efforts. Senator Klobuchar is a reliable vote for the Democratic Party line, but she is quiet about it. She doesn’t want »

Hillary: Feel the Love

Featured imageAre liberals having buyer’s remorse even before opening their wallets and forking over the cash?  A sampling of unease among liberals, starting with Salon (!!!): Hillary Clinton Just Doesn’t Get It: She’s Already Running a Losing Campaign . . .  Clinton seems as disconnected from the public mood now as she did in 2008.  I think it’s a crisis. If she doesn’t right the ship it will be a disaster. »

Tom Cotton: Obama’s no Chamberlain

Featured imageAtlantic national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg sought out Senator Tom Cotton for an interview on Obama and Iran. The Atlantic has posted the interview under the heading “Obama’s Iran deal may lead to nuclear war.” Goldberg presses Senator Cotton on each of the administration’s talking points supporting the arrangement in process. Goldberg sounds like a true believer, or he may be drawing Senator Cotton out. In either case, it seems to »

Hillary puts people first

Featured image“Putting people first” was Bill Clinton’s original campaign slogan. He even wrote a book by that name, which was published during the 1992 presidential campaign. In the campaign video that launched her presidential campaign yesterday, Hillary Clinton took the slogan literally. She put people — a rainbow coalition of them — first, making only a brief appearance at the end to give us the news of her candidacy. The ad »

Monday in Pictures: Hillary’s Logographic Necessity

Featured imagePlatonic scholars speak of “logographic necessity,” but Obama seems to have debased this concept along with everything else he touches.  Obama was the first presidential campaign to have its own concept logo, and now Hillary is following with one of her own.  But it’s even more mockable than Obama’s, as you can see here: And finally. . . »

Media alert

Featured imageI will be appearing on Seth Leibsohn’s radio show tonight around 5:00 Mountain Time. We plan to discuss Hillary Clinton’s announcement and the Iran “deal.” Seth broadcasts his show on 960 the Patriot in Phoenix. I’ve always enjoyed talking with him over the years and it should be fun again this evening. »

Face the Far-Left Nation?

Featured imageBob Schieffer is retiring as host of CBS’s Sunday morning political talk show, Face the Nation. CBS has announced that his replacement will be John Dickerson, who, among other things, is both the political director for CBS News and chief political correspondent for Slate magazine. Dickerson, a graduate of Sidwell Friends, is a perfect 21st century Democrat. This is how Dickerson described his upbringing: In McLean, Va., in the 1970s, »

Why “big law” won’t defend the constitutionality of bans on gay marriage

Featured imageNot long ago, in the context of the controversy over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, I complained that corporate America won’t stand up to the increasingly totalitarian tactics of the gay rights movement and its leftist supporters. This is not surprising, I added, because “history teaches that corporations are hardly a bulwark against totalitarianism.” What’s true of corporations is true in spades of their handmaidens, big law firms. I worked »

Fanfare for the Factual Feminist

Featured imageKudos to our friend Christina Hoff Sommers, whose “Factual Feminist” video series has cracked 2 million views, and garnered a positive profile in The Telegraph newspaper: The 64-year-old academic is the star of hit YouTube series The Factual Feminist, which doesn’t just stick up for men, but also calls-out the sisterhood on false stats, cruel comments and double-standards. You know, the stuff that alienates men from the gender equality debate »

Rubio Takes Aim at the Left

Featured imageMarco Rubio launched his presidential campaign this afternoon with an event in Miami. In my opinion, Rubio understands, and is able to speak to, the current mood of most Americans better than any of the other candidates of either party. He began by striking a populist note, but with his characteristic focus on American exceptionalism: Both of my parents were born to poor families in Cuba. After his mother died »

Panel named for initial executive amnesty appeal

Featured imageThe Fifth Circuit has announced the panel that will hear the Obama administration’s request to lift Judge Hanen’s preliminary injunction of the president’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (“DAPA”). The panel consists of Judges Jerry Smith (Reagan appointee), Jennifer Elrod (George W. Bush appointee), and Stephen Higginson (Obama appointee). This is not a good panel for the government. Elrod is a rising star conservative judge. »

There’s something about Hillary

Featured imageThe adage is credited to diverse authors. I can’t sort out the responsibility for it, but I do want to quote it (or a variant of it): “Sincerity: if you can fake it, you’ve got it made.” The adage has special application to the field of politics. The ability to fake sincerity doesn’t guarantee success, but it certainly helps. Think Bill Clinton. (He never fooled me, but he is a »

Tricky Hillary: Don’t Underestimate Her

Featured imageMy Hillary versus Nixon comparison yesterday prompted a couple of commenters to protest that such comparison is deeply unfair . . . to Nixon.  Quite correct.  But leaving aside Nixon’s much greater substantive depth and capacities, it is worth running with the superficial comparisons for a while, because they should not be ignored.  Above all, it would be a mistake to underestimate Hillary’s chances. Hillary is a dreadful candidate—but that’s »

Shut up, he explained

Featured imageThe Supreme Leader’s speech on National Nuclear Technology Day last week has created certain public relations problems for the Obama administration. The Supreme Leader insists that Iran is to be afforded sanctions relief upon signing a final agreement. The United States insists that sanctions are to be lifted as Iran complies with its commitments under a final agreement (details to be determined). Who ya gonna believe, our Supreme Leader or »