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Lies of Obamacare special edition

Featured image You may recall that while selling the federal takeover of health care President Obama repeatedly promised “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.” It was one of the foundational lies of Obamacare, and Obama smugly repeated it on many occasions in a tone suggesting that those who denied it were beyond the pale. The video below collects several iterations of Obama’s lie. The lie appeared together »

Obamacare Drags the Democrats Down

Featured image There is a certain entertainment value in watching the Democrats try to wriggle out from under Obamacare. They have tried denial, delay and distraction, but they can’t change the reality that across America, millions of voters have lost their health insurance, been forced onto barely-workable exchanges, seen premiums increase and coverages narrow, and been deprived of their preferred doctors and hospitals. Obamacare is, to paraphrase Mencken, giving it to the »

Clearing my Obamacare spindle

Featured image I want to note with little comment recent reports in Obamacare news. In the post “Could Obamacare win lie of the year two years in a row?,” Stan Veuger considers Obama’s promise that Obamacare would save the average family $2500 in premiums. Veuger links to this video compilation of Obama making the promise over and over again. Now comes Paul Bedard to report that “Health insurance premiums up 39% to »

Helicopter parenting and the selling of Obamacare

Featured image Team Obama has famously resorted to an “angry mom” ad in the hope of inducing young adults to sign up for Obamacare. In the image that accompanies this post on the main page, a mother stands with her arms folded, looking none-too-amused. The caption reads, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll just wait here until you get #GetCovered.” Is this ad likely to be effective? It depends on the nature of »

How Expensive Is Obamacare? Wait ‘Til Next Year

Featured image Across America, millions of people have been forced out of health insurance which they chose and with which they were satisfied, and have been forced onto the government-sponsored Obamacare exchanges. That process is barely beginning; the second and third waves of lost insurance will occur when administratively-imposed delays in the application of Obamacare to small group and employer-sponsored policies finally expire. But already, many have spoken out about the higher »

Secrets of Obamacare

Featured image Nancy Pelosi famously advised us that we had to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it, away from the din of political controversy. You yokels were just making too damn much of a fuss. The continuing revelations of Obamacare — its destructive effects, its gargantuan costs, its broken promises — create a din of their own. If you’re paying close attention, it’s hard to keep up with the »

Shallow waters at the intersection of Obamacare and the culture

Featured image Everyone, I think, understands why President Obama is enlisting pop personalities in his effort to get younger Americans to sign up for Obamacare. I doubt that the president relishes being mocked, however mildly, by a bratty comedian. But desperate times call for desperate measures and, to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, Obama must go to war using the culture we have. But relying on an idiot culture means mingling with idiots, which »

Sink sank, Obamacare suspected

Featured image Republican Dave Jolly has defeated Democrat Alex Sink in the special congressional election in FLA-13. The margin was 48.5 to 46.5. This was a closely watched election in which the Democrats invested lots of money and effort (Jolly was significantly outspent) and recruited a prominent candidate — their former nominee for Governor. Although the seat has been held for years by a popular Republican, Obama carried the district in 2012, »

Obamacare Exchanges Are Scarcely Impacting the Uninsured

Featured image Most observers have tried to judge Obamacare’s progress on how many people have signed up on the federal and state exchanges. The administration, likewise, has tried to define “success” in terms of how many people have registered–a moving target, of course, as exchanges have proved unworkable and numbers have been lower than expected. But this entire approach is deeply flawed. Having a lot of people sign up for insurance on »

As Obama Delays Obamacare Again, Julie Boonstra Strikes Back

Featured image As Scott noted a little while ago, the Obama administration has again pushed back the deadline for individual and small group policies to comply with Obamacare’s requirements. They are doing this, obviously, because they are trying to put off the political fallout when millions of Americans lose the coverage they had, and find that coverage under Obamacare will be more expensive and/or more limited. Which gives a special resonance to »

Obamacare in seven states

Featured image Peter Suderman conducts a tour of seven state Obamacare exchanges that have been hobbled by technical difficulties. Suderman compiles the sums spent on the state exchanges and notes this mind-blowing fact: “The federal government spent more on broken state-run exchanges than it did on its own troubled system.” Assessing the performance of the state exchanges, Suderman finds that Obamacare is well above the Mendoza line but putting in a pitiful »

Harry Reid Goes Around the Bend on Obamacare

Featured image The disgraceful Harry Reid, one of America’s most corrupt politicians, a man who has mysteriously gotten rich as a public employee, is losing his grip. This has been going on for a while; remember his insane claim during the 2012 presidential campaign that Mitt Romney doesn’t pay any taxes? Today the subject was Obamacare. Reid, probably because he sees his position as majority leader slipping away on account of popular »

February Obamacare sign-up numbers look pretty weak [With Comment By John]

Featured image The Department of HHS is claiming that “approximately 4 million people have now signed up for a private health insurance plan through the Federal and State-based Marketplaces since October 1.” The open enrollment period will last for five more weeks. HHS continues to provide the number of Obamacare “sign-ups” without telling us how many have paid and therefore actually have health insurance. Not everyone who signs up for Obamacare will »

Lies of Obamacare

Featured image Noemie Emery questions the legitimacy of Obamacare in the public mind based on the procedural chicanery through which it became law in the face of the opposition it faced. Her article is “A slight case of bastardy.” It elaborates on points made elsewhere by others in a useful and thought-provoking way. Emery does not mention any of the foundational lies of Obamacare that have been central to this series, but »

Working 1 to 5: Remy’s Obamacare Remix

Featured image Oh yeah, you knew this was coming: ReasonTV and our pal Remy Munasifi updating the “Working 9 to 5″ hit song from the 1980s for the age of Obummercare.  The usual brilliant lyrics, but I especially like “less complete than a Sochi toilet.”  (Just 1:49 long.) »

Obamacare 2014: A Sign of Things to Come

Featured image Kudos to Ed Morrissey for picking this up. The scene is Mankato, in southern Minnesota. The event is an agricultural forum. The participants are Democrats Amy Klobuchar, Collin Peterson and Tim Walz. Peterson, the ranking member on the House Agriculture Committee, was there to answer questions about the farm bill. But the audience, which looks large, wanted to talk about Obamacare. A local television station captured this priceless footage. Note »

If Democrats Think They Can Run on Obamacare…

Featured image …they’ve got another think coming. Check out this absolutely brutal–because it is true–ad that Americans For Prosperity is running in Michigan: Congressman Gary Peters is running to fill the Senate seat formerly held by Carl Levin. Most polls show likely Republican nominee Terri Lynn Land, former secretary of state, leading Peterson. A pickup in Michigan would be a huge step toward regaining control of the Senate. It is hard to »