The worst of Jen Psaki

Featured image State Department spokesman Jen Psaki has been promoted to the position of White House communications director. As a result of her expositions of Obama administration foreign policy, Psaki has become a huge hit in Russia. The Russians appreciate Obama administration foreign policy as we appreciate the Marx Brothers. Russia’s new late-night TV craze is “Psaki at night.” Psaki’s promotion may be devastating to the show. David Rutz notes that Psaki »

The Week in Pictures: Harfing Biden Edition

Featured imageOh my goodness, after a week like this, we almost need two photo/cartoon/meme spreads.  This week’s is without doubt the biggest and most politically incorrect Week in Pictures ever, and that’s before you get to the special video bonus for folks shivering to death in half the country from global warming climate change.  And what’s up with Vice Groper Joe Biden?  Is he planning on a post-Obama career in the »

The Power Line Show, Episode 10: Bill Bennett and Robert White on Marijuana

Featured imageSteve, Paul and I got together this afternoon for Episode 10 of the Power Line Show. Our guests were Bill Bennett and Robert White, authors of Going to Pot: Why the Rush to Legalize Marijuana Is Harming America. We conservatives have become somewhat shell-shocked on the social issues, but do we really have to accept the health disaster that is legal marijuana? An average IQ loss of eight points, according »

Josh Earnest does metaphysics

Featured imageThe Democrats and the media have their undies in a bunch over Rudy Giuliani’s disparagement of Barack Obama’s attitude toward the United States of America. Rudy has allegedly crossed a line by questioning Obama’s patriotism, though Giuliani himself denies that he has done so. He has merely observed that by outward appearances Obama doesn’t love the United States. That seems to me an uncharacteristic act of hairsplitting on Rudy’s part. »

Obama administration will seek a stay of adverse immigration ruling

Featured imageThere has been plenty of speculation about how the President Obama would respond to Judge Hanen’s order that blocks him from granting, via executive fiat, lawful status to millions illegal immigrants. Would the administration seek an expedited appeal or would it seek a stay of Hanen’s order? Might it do both? Or would Obama reverse his initial decision and simply defy the court order? This afternoon the Justice Department announced »

Tom Cotton Advises the State Department

Featured imageThis is via Twitchy. The State Department tweeted a request for advice on how to counter “violent extremism.” Senator Tom Cotton responded: Glad you asked-I have some ideas…RT @StateDept: We want your input. Share solutions you think are critical to countering violent extremism — Tom Cotton (@SenTomCotton) February 20, 2015 So here are Tom’s suggestions: .@StateDept Special Forces #RLTW — Tom Cotton (@SenTomCotton) February 20, 2015 .@StateDept A-10 Warthog »

A KDS Update

Featured imageKDS stands for “Koch Derangement Syndrome,” and it is known to cause politicians to engage in all manner of self-flagellation, most especially Harry Reid. There are two stories out today suggesting Reid is going to want to punch himself in the mirror even harder than he did at Christmas following the Dems’ 2014 midterm wipeout. The Washington Times reports today that Democratic Party strategists have concluded that their Koch obsession »

Rudy unbound, part 2

Featured imageLate Wednesday night Politico reported that Rudy Giuliani spoke at a private dinner in New York featuring Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Here is Darren Samuelsohn’s account: The former New York mayor, speaking in front of the 2016 Republican presidential contender and about 60 right-leaning business executives and conservative media types, directly challenged Obama’s patriotism, discussing what he called weak foreign policy decisions and questionable public remarks when confronting terrorists. “I »

Classics Revisited: A Shot of Oakeshott

Featured imageI think it was nearly three years ago that I wrote a series that ought to have been called “Hayek Tuesday” (because I wrote most of these entries on Tuesday mornings following a Monday night class at the Ashbrook Center that semester based mostly on Hayek’s Constitution of Liberty), with excerpts and observations drawn from that great political thinker and Nobel Prize winner. Subsequently there have been brief serials here »

Will Obama’s immigration defeat be sustained — Part Two

Featured imageIn my post last night about the district court decision blocking President Obama’s executive order granting lawful status to as many as five million illegal immigrants, I did not discuss the important threshold issue in the case — whether the plaintiff states have standing to challenge the order. Judge Hanen found that they do. I believe this finding is well-reasoned and correct. Texas argued, and Judge Hanen agreed, that Obama’s »

The Valley Girls Part Company

Featured imageState Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who is best known for her attempts at hashtag diplomacy, has been named the new White House communications director. We have had occasion to question Psaki’s competence more than once, including the time when she tried to explain what a great job the Iraqi army is doing against ISIS, but lost her notes. In any event, Psaki’s promotion means that her deputy, Marie Harf, will »

Why Computer Models Can’t Predict the Earth’s Future Climate

Featured imageWe know for sure that the computer models relied on by climate alarmists are wrong, since they have been refuted by experience. In the video below, Dr. Christopher Essex, chairman of the Permanent Monitoring Panel on Climate for the World Federation of Scientists, explains why the limitations of computers, in the context of a complex, chaotic system like the Earth’s climate, are inherent and can never be overcome, at least »

Don’t abolish the filibuster

Featured imageCharles Krauthammer urges Republicans to abolish the filibuster. He is prompted to advocate this fundamental change for a very narrow purpose — to pass a piece of legislation he expects President Obama to veto. But Krauthammer isn’t talking about an ordinary piece of legislation. He has in mind a bill that would fund the Department of Homeland Security, minus the immigration service which would be denied funds to implement the »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageKeeping up with the Obama administration, Ammo Grrrll is PIVOTING TO JOBS: Every few months, this wretched Administration announces with great fanfare that, having succeeded in ruining everything else, it is now going to “pivot” to jobs. Of course, as anyone who has ever played basketball knows, you pivot enough, you just go in circles, unless your pivot foot slips and you get called for the ancient foul of “traveling.” »

Obama’s “violent extremism” summit: an exercise in community organizing

Featured imageAndy McCarthy points out that, even as the White House throws “a public hissy fit” over the upcoming speech to Congress by Benjamin Netanyahu, it chooses to be “chummy” with Salam al-Marayati, the Muslim activist best known for saying, right after the 9/11 attacks, that we should put the State of Israel on the suspect list. You have to hand it Obama, he knows who his friends are. It’s America’s »

Iran Runs NY Times Ad Against Netanyahu

Featured imageToday the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) ran what it describes as a full-page ad in the New York Times, attacking Congressional Republicans for inviting Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress. NIAC, a mouthpiece for the Iranian regime, says: Today, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) ran a full-page ad in the New York Times highlighting John Boehner and Benjamin Netanyahu’s outrageous political stunt that could kill diplomacy with Iran and »

Jeb Bush will be “his own man,” he feels compelled to declare

Featured imageIn a foreign policy address delivered yesterday, Jeb Bush stated: “I recognize that as a result [of the presidencies of my father and brother], my views will often be held up in comparison to theirs, but I am my own man.” Of course he is. But the fact that he needs to say so, and will continue to, demonstrates the weakness of his position. It shows that the former governor »