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Europe’s Downward Energy Spiral

Featured image The European Union has committed to going “green.” This means they are closing reliable fossil fuel and nuclear plants, and betting on wind and solar to meet their energy needs. Liberals assure us that wind and solar will represent a cost savings. (Which, obviously, is why they need to be subsidized.) Also as part of its “green” agenda, Europeans are moving to replace internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles, with »

Costs of Wind and Solar Energy Are Skyrocketing

Featured image Advocates of wind and solar energy have argued that the cost of those energy sources would decline over time as they are more widely adopted. That never made any sense, and it has not proved true. In fact, the cost of both wind and solar energy is destined to continue rising sharply as the massive quantities of materials they require become more expensive as a result of increasing demand, driven »

“Green” Energy Circles the Drain

Featured image One of the more laughable left-wing themes is the claim that Europe’s energy shortage will hasten a transition to wind and solar energy. Actually, the opposite is happening: when you are in danger of freezing to death, you don’t go shopping for windmills that produce hardly any electricity, less than half the time. “Green” energy is a luxury of the rich who have plenty of energy to spare. In Germany, »

“Green” Energy Will Bankrupt Us

Featured image It is remarkable that, with the example of Europe before us, and with blackouts in California and Texas in the immediate past, our masters are plunging ahead with plans to do away with fossil fuels in favor of solar and wind energy. I have written many times about what folly this is, and won’t repeat those arguments here. Instead, something new. Minnesota’s far-left Governor Tim Walz has proposed to make »

The Geek in Pictures: Low Energy in the Executive Edition

Featured image Alexander Hamilton spoke of “energy in the executive,” but today we wonder about energy in our executive (has there ever been a moniker more on the mark than “Sleepy Joe”? “Low-Energy Jeb” must wonder why he hasn’t been able to hand off the name. . .), not to mention energy from our executive. So let’s start out the latest Power Line statistical update with energy: But then you cut back on »

The West’s Energy Disaster Worsens

Featured image There is no excuse for advanced economies to experience a shortage of electricity, or of energy generally. The world has more than ample supplies of fossil fuels. And, if you buy the global warming hype, nuclear energy is the obvious alternative, although that implies universal use of electric vehicles that are devastating to the environment. Nevertheless, an electricity crisis is upon us. From the U.K.: “Energy could be rationed ‘for »

Germany: Finally Facing Energy Reality

Featured image When I made a government-sponsored junket to Germany in 2008 to tour their ambitious energy and environmental plans, every expert and government official our delegation met said the same thing: to have any chance of making Germany’s ambitious carbon-emissions reduction targets, they’d have to keep their nuclear power plants, despite the determination of the previous Social Democrats to phase them out. It seemed possible that Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat-led coalition »

Today’s Energy Tutorial

Featured image I’ve discovered a wonderful energy data tool,, that offers interactive real-time and historical maps of electricity production and consumption around the world (insofar as data exist, which it doesn’t for China and other key places). Check it out for yourself. I want to draw a contrast between “green energy” Germany and France as of this morning (though use the time-slide in the lower left hand corner of the site »

Europe’s Energy Disaster Worsens

Featured image This is from today’s Telegraph: In the end, it could be even worse than had been feared. Today saw the release of a new forecast for the energy price cap – and it does not make for comfortable reading. Experts predict that the figure will hit more than £4,200 in January [$5,082 for a single month]. In a new dire outlook for households, Cornwall Insight said bills are set to »

Energy Prices Set to Skyrocket

Featured image The Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act $739 billion boondoggle will have nightmarish consequences for years to come, assuming it is actually implemented. Half of the bill’s total spending, $369 billion, is devoted to energy and climate. This spending, largely devoted to subsidizing wind and solar energy, is intended to hasten an alleged transition from fossil fuels to “green” energy sources. In fact, no such transition is taking place. The gap between »

Biden Administration Calls For Censorship On Energy

Featured image This is shocking, or would be in a sane world: Gina McCarthy, the Biden administration’s National Climate Advisor, is openly calling on tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to censor any dissent from the administration’s “green” fantasies. McCarthy says the tech companies “have to stop allowing” people to disagree with Biden. No doubt the people she wants to censor include Steve Hayward and me, among many others: Biden's National Climate »

Podcast: A Rant About Biden’s Energy Policy, with Robert Bryce

Featured image When it comes to energy, is the Biden administration simply stupid, or blindly ideological? Yes—we should embrace the power of “and,” because these possibilities are not mutually exclusive. Indeed the Bidenistas appear to be both dumb and ideological. Yesterday I ran into energy expert extraordinaire Robert Bryce—we’re at a murky gathering behind enemy lines at an undisclosed location—and we sat down for a hearty rant about the derangements of the »

Chart of the Week, Re: Biden’s Energy Demagoguery

Featured image Over at The Pipeline, I walk through Biden’s latest demagoguery about energy, of which this is the key portion: • Oil production and refining margins are at or slightly below average for all American manufacturing industries (between 5 and 12 percent, depending on region and product), and considerably below several other industries that are Democrat favorites because they’ve gone woke, especially tech. • ExxonMobil is expected to earn less than »

The war on American energy

Featured image President Biden has conducted an incredibly effective war on energy production in the United States. It is amazing what he has accomplished on this front in such a short span of time in office. We have seen his progress in the price we pay at the pump virtually every day since January 20, 2021. Steve Hayward maps out the path Biden has taken in the New York Post column “Biden’s »

Latest Leftist Outrage: Energy Companies Making Money

Featured image It was only two years ago that low oil and natural gas prices had depressed major oil and gas company profits so much that ExxonMobil had to borrow money to patch them over. Even before the pandemic arrived, fossil fuel energy stocks reached their lowest share of the S&P 500 in decades (which signaled “screaming buy” to me). The oil market turned around rather more quickly than I expected, but »

On Energy, Europe Goes to Plan B

Featured image Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led European countries to resolve to end their dependence on Russian natural gas. The Telegraph reports: We are now in a world where Germany and much of the rest of Europe is planning for almost complete disengagement from Russia as a supplier of both oil and gas. The only question is how quickly this will happen. Germany gets half of its gas from Russia, the »

The madness of slow Joe, energy edition

Featured image Anyone who has followed President Biden’s overlong career in American politics may be forgiven for wondering if he believes in anything other than the corrupt Biden family. Speaking generally, he has been on every side of every issue since his election to the Senate in 1972. Worse than that, he is a farcical poseur, as in his theft of Neil Kinnock’s life and words for his own sorry purposes in »