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On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Featured image Rolling Stone has declined badly since the days when it employed P.J. O’Rourke as its foreign correspondent. The magazine falls a little farther with this month’s issue, which features the most uninspired hit piece on Koch Industries yet to appear in print. Timed to reinforce the Democrats’ campaign theme, Tim Dickinson’s article contains no original reporting, but merely regurgitates tired and discredited stories about Koch’s alleged misdeeds over the decades. »

A quick look at the Republican Benghazi committee members

Featured image Speaker Boehner named the six additional Republican members of the select Benghazigate committee yesterday. Trey Gowdy will be joined by Susan Brooks (Ind.), Jim Jordan (Ohio), Mike Pompeo (Kan.), Martha Roby (Ala.), Peter Roskam (Ill.), and Lynn Westmoreland (Ga.). Jordan, who has a law degree, serves with Gowdy on the House Oversight Committee. He has been a pretty effective questioner when I’ve seen him in action. Pompeo is a Harvard »

Contango Confusion, Part 2 [UPDATED]

Featured image We have demolished a lot of dopey leftists over the years, but my personal favorite might be Contango Confusion, an April 2011 post in which I deconstructed a very silly article at Think Progress by cub reporter Lee Fang. Fang wrote an article titled “The Contango Game” without, it turned out, having any idea what the word “contango” means. Readers joined in on the ridicule; if you need a day »

Who You Gonna Call? KochBusters!

Featured image You would think the far left would get tired of yammering on and on about the Koch brothers, but no: there must be a steady paycheck lurking there somewhere, because leftists show no sign of abandoning their most tiresome obsession. Hence this program on Thursday evening from 7 to 9 at All Souls Unitarian Church–the Unitarian Church was a religious institution at one time, wasn’t it?–at 1157 Lexington Ave. (at »

Darrell Issa Sticks It to the Times

Featured image Darrell Issa is a brilliant businessman who made a lot of money the old-fashioned way: he earned it, rather than marrying or inheriting it as so many Democratic politicians do. Which is another way of saying that he is just the kind of man we need in Washington. The Left, of course, doesn’t see it that way. The New York Times hates Issa because, as Chairman of the House Oversight »

Self-Parody at Think Progress

Featured image I wrote here about a Bloomberg News article that criticized the American Legislative Exchange Council (“ALEC”) for having the temerity to bring together state legislators and experts from the private sector to develop legislative solutions to the problems of the day. The horror! As silly as Bloomberg’s attack was, it was quickly outdone by the youngsters at Think Progress, a billionaire-funded far-left web site with close ties to the Obama »

Liberals: Wrong Again. Do They Care?

Featured image It is a phenomenon we see over and over again: a liberal will make a wild accusation or engage in defamatory speculation about a political opponent. The accusation will then be taken up by left-wingers across the internet and, if it looks promising, it will be repeated in far-left newspapers like the New York Times. Liberals everywhere will eat it up and elaborate on it. Then, in due course, it »

Think Ignorance: A Behind the Scenes Look

Featured image ThinkProgress is a left-wing web site that is often viewed as a mouthpiece for the Obama administration. Some months ago it made a tactical decision to try to demonize the Koch brothers, and Lee Fang, who previously was best known for faking videos, was put in charge. The results have frequently been hilarious. Most notoriously, Fang produced a post called “The Contango Game” which we took apart here. It was »

Don’t Stop Thinking Stupid

The Left’s war on Koch Industries seems to be winding down, with just a half-hearted jab here and there, mostly repeating long-discredited claims. Over at ThinkProgress, cub reporter Lee Fang was taken off the Koch beat for a while after his contango fiasco. But Fang returned today with a rehash of a smear against Congressman Mike Pompeo, who represents the Kansas district where Koch’s headquarters are located. The gist of »

Comrades! Stop the Kochs!

We had fun here and here at the expense of Robert Greenwald, a failed Hollywood filmmaker who sold out to the Left and started producing “documentaries.” Currently he is being paid to make a series of very silly videos attacking the Left’s target du jour, the Koch brothers. Greenwald’s productions are witless Stalinism, but a reader directed our attention to this much funnier effort, titled “Comrades! Stop the Kochs!” If »

Communicating With Employees? The Horror!

The Nation joins the Koch-bashing that has become obligatory on the Left with an “expose” of the fact that last year, Koch Industries sent information to some of its employees on the November elections that included identification of candidates that the company thought would help to create a positive economic environment. This gives The Nation the vapors, but why? Most employees understand that their interests are closely tied to those »

Contango Confusion

The Think Progress web site is a Soros-funded mouthpiece for the Obama administration. Someone at Think Progress or its parent, the Center for American Progress, has instructed cub reporter Lee Fang to devote full time to attacking Charles and David Koch and their company, Koch Industries. (It would be interesting to know who gave that instruction, and why.) We have deconstructed several of Mr. Fang’s attacks, all of which have »

Anatomy of a Smear

The Center for American Progress is generally regarded as a front for the Obama administration. Its President and CEO is John Podesta, formerly Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and the chairman of Barack Obama’s transition team. CAP is lavishly funded by George Soros and several other left-wing billionaires. It runs, among other things, a web site called Think Progress, which cranks out a steady stream of slimy hit pieces for »

Guilt By Association By Association By Association

Over the last few weeks, I have followed and responded to the Left’s baseless attacks on its bete noir du jour, Koch Industries and its owners, Charles and David Koch. Of all of these attacks, perhaps the most bizarre is the one that seeks to associate them with prostitution and forced abortion. At Think Progress, boy videographer Lee Fang took the first swipe on Tuesday: In the late 90s, Christian »

Think Ignorance Swings and Misses

Apparently the deconstructions I have been doing of Think Progress’s attacks on Charles and David Koch and their company, Koch Industries, have hit home. That web site has now responded with a silly attack on me, titled “Blogger From Koch’s Law Firm Defends Koch, Doesn’t Disclose Ties.” Lee Fang writes: Fighting back against public scrutiny, Koch Industries is relying on a small army of conservative bloggers, reporters, and lobbyists. Chief »

Think Ignorance, Part 2

Last night young Lee Fang, in-house video editor at the web site Think Progress, went on another hysterical rant against Koch Industries, one of America’s finest and most successful companies. Like yesterday’s failed effort, this screed tells us nothing at all about Koch Industries, but a great deal about the shortcomings of young Mr. Fang and his colleagues at Think Progress. The subject of Fang’s part 2 was the environment. »

Think Progress? Think Ignorance

Over at Think Progress, video editor Lee Fang is working full-time at smearing one of the world’s most admired companies, Koch Industries. Today he lashes out at Charles Koch’s excellent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. Fang’s theme is that the Koch brothers preach free enterprise, but practice crony capitalism: Koch’s Tea Party libertarianism is actually a thin veneer for the company’s long running history of winning special deals from »