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The VA’s backlog of unprocessed claims swells under Obama-Shinseki

Featured image During the years of the Bush presidency, Democrats and the mainstream media delighted in finding flaws with the administration’s handling of veterans affairs. Recall the justifiable outrage over conditions at Walter Reed Hospital. The issue conferred at least three big advantages on the left. First, it embarrassed Bush. Second, it provided a means of appealing for the votes of both veterans and current members of the military, normally sources of »

NPR goes rogue

Featured image Reader EC advises: We interrupt this forum for a special bulletin: *****NPR HAS GONE ROGUE***** They just broadcast an hour-long episode of “This American Life,” which was a devastating critique of the disability program. Devastating. They called it the new default welfare program, pointing out that it costs the taxpayers vastly more than all other welfare programs put together. They went on and on and on and on and on »

LGBTQ Grooming in the Public Schools [Updated]

Featured image At a school board meeting this evening, the board that governs one of Minnesota’s largest school districts will vote on a resolution that would institutionalize the promotion of LGBTQ doctrine in that district’s schools. Here it is: LGBTQIA+ History and Culture Resolution June 21, 2022 A RESOLUTION of the Osseo Area School District Board of Education to acknowledge the value of the lives of our trans, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, queer, »

How Cities Die

Featured image Minneapolis’s Uptown district is two miles or so south of downtown; its center is the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street. Until recently, it was one of the city’s principal entertainment and dining centers. No longer. The George Floyd riots, followed by Winston Boogie Smith riots and a persistent spike in both violent crime and property crime, have devastated the area. I don’t know who goes near Uptown now; »

The Trump DOJ’s exemplary record on civil rights [UPDATED]

Featured image Friday was my friend Eric Dreiband’s last day as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Eric will take the rest of the month off and then return to private practice. Eric accomplished a lot in his two years and two months in charge of the Civil Rights Division. Some of the Division’s accomplishments under Eric’s leadership are set forth in this DOJ announcement. Eric defended the Trump administration’s record on »

Lawsuit Seeks to Preserve Minneapolis Police Department

Featured image Defunding and abolishing police departments is an absurd idea that nevertheless has gained currency in some extremely liberal cities. One of those is Minneapolis, whose City Council has actually voted to put defunding its own police department on the ballot in November. This is because the Minneapolis City Charter includes a requirement that the city maintain a police department of a specified size. Happily, an obscure group called the Minneapolis »

Supreme Court: There’s no “hate speech” exception to 1st Amendment

Featured image The Supreme Court ruled this morning that the government cannot deny full trademark protection to allegedly racially offensive trademarks. The opinions are here. The case involved an Asian-American band called “The Slants.” It sought federal registration of that mark. The Patent and Trademark Office denied the application under a Lanham Act provision prohibiting trademarks that may “disparage. . .or bring. . .into contemp[t] or disrepute” any “persons, living or dead.” »

Obama: Always Wrong, Never In Doubt

Featured image It seems incredible, but the Democrats are promoting the idea that the Obama administration represents a sort of economic triumph, comparable to Ronald Reagan’s 1980s boom or Bill Clinton’s 1990s stock market rise (putting aside the crash that ended the decade). Absent mass hypnosis, this will be a tough sell. Dan Mitchell takes a scalpel to the Democrats’ attempt at revisionist history (numerous links omitted): In a 2014 study for »

Holy Mama Cass: What Parallel Universe Is This?

Featured image If you look up “Living Constitution, advocates of,” one of the first entries you will find will be Cass Sunstein, perhaps the most famous (certainly one of the most published) left-leaning legal scholars of our time.  Consider just one of his many titles to get the gist of Sunstein: The Second Bill of Rights: FDR’S Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever.  Do I even need to »

Socialized failure

Over the past year or two we have featured John Hinderaker’s running series on socialized medicine, focused mostly on the United Kingdom. His series runs under the name “Annals of government medicine.” John’s annals feature the horror stories regularly produced by socialized medicine. Yesterday the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an op-ed column by University of Minnesota Professor John Bryson providing a contrast with our annals. Bryson recounts his own positive »