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Gitmo’s indefensible lawyers: A case study

Early on in the Bush administration, the enemy combatants detained by the United States at Guantanamo Bay became a cause of the left. In particular, they became a cause of the American bar, which is itself a subset of the institutional left. From the American Bar Association, to the elite law firms, to the American Civil Liberties Union, to the Center for Constitutional Rights and the National Lawyers Guild and »

“Break the Wheel,” or something: A review

Featured image City Journal has posted my essay/review of Keith Ellison’s Break the Wheel: Ending the Cycle of Police Violence. I am grateful to managing editor Paul Beston for letting me have my say under the auspices of City Journal and for giving me permission to cross-post my review on Power Line today. Please see the review as published with links here at City Journal. Having covered Ellison’s career on Power Line »

Podcast: The 3WHH on Alvin (Bragg) and the Chipmunks

Featured image We’re a day late getting to the whisky bar this week on account of complicated travel schedules. Lucretia sits in the host chair as I was still feeling light-headed from too much high-altitude skiing while John is his usual jaunty self, baiting Lucretia with his thoughts in the Boston Globe about how Alvin Bragg and the other chipmunks of the left are blowing it with their attempt to bring down »

Inside the Stanford shoutdown

Featured image I have repeatedly noted the role played by the National Lawyers Guild chapter at Stanford in the shoutdown of Judge Duncan at the March 9 Federalist Society event that has disgraced the law school several times over. The National Lawyers Guild is an old Communist front group that seeks to spread the old-time religion despite the fall of the Soviet Union and the Communist International. Alan Dershowitz now reviews the »

Inside Stanford’s disgrace

Featured image Having closely followed events, the Washington Free Beacon has now posted an editorial on the disgrace of Stanford Law School arising from the shoutdown of Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan at the March 9 event sponsored by the Federalist Society chapter. It is a reported editorial that takes us inside the aftermath. Note the attempted intervention of Federalist Society adviser (former Tenth Circuit judge) and Stanford Law School Professor Michael »

The tears of Tirien Steinbach

Featured image Megyn Kelly covered the disgrace of Stanford Law School on her Sirius XM/podcast show yesterday. She invited Tim Rosenberger to discuss the disgrace. Rosenberger is the president of Stanford Law School’s Federalist Society chapter and hosted Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan at the shoutdown. In the video of the segment below, Megyn Kelly mocks Stanford DEI Dean Tirien Steinbach. Rosenberger does a good job discussing the event. Kelly deserves some »

A Stanford deviation

Featured image The revolution continues at Stanford Law School. The students would prefer not to let the mealymouth administration get away with its public relations treatment of the shoutdown of Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan. Aaron Sibarium reports at the Free Beacon: Hundreds of Stanford student activists on Monday lined the hallways to protest the law school’s dean, Jenny Martinez, for apologizing to Fifth Circuit appellate judge Kyle Duncan, whom the activists »

The Stanford misalignment

Featured image Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan was shouted down at Stanford Law School event sponsored by the Federalist Society chapter. The disruption of Judge Duncan’s remarks was supported at the event by Associate Dean of DEI Tirien Steinbach. Steve posted the audio here. Judge Duncan commented bluntly on his close encounter of the inclusion kind in remarks I posted here. Now Ed Whelan reports that Stanford has issued an apology. Stanford’s »

Keith Ellison: The missing context

Featured image If Keith Ellison wins his race for reelection as Minnesota Attorney General it will be a sad day indeed. If he loses, he will be back. His lust for office is insatiable. Win or lose, history must be told. Ellison must be the single most unfit officeholder in the United States. The competition is intense, the contenders are many, but Ellison’s unfitness reigns supreme. That was the point of my »

Dear Esme Murphy: Fact-check this

Featured image I spoke with Pete Bisbee a month ago and noted my conversation here on Power Line. Bisbee is executive director of the Republican Attorneys General Association. His mission is to expand the ranks of Republican attorneys general. Although Minnesota has not elected a Republican attorney general since 1966, he told me they saw an opportunity in Jim Schultz’s race against incumbent Keith Ellison this year. Following our conversation I sent »

The Terrors of “Justice,” In Re: J. Eastman

Featured image As I survey the current scene, I’m inclined to take the long view, which goes all the way back to Watergate. One of the ignored subtexts of Watergate is that a part of the fury behind the drive to get Nixon is that Nixon had made clear after his 1972 landslide his determination to challenge directly the power of the permanent bureaucracy, and thereby the power base of the Democratic »

Keith Ellison for dummies

Featured image I wrote the Weekly Standard article “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman” and wrote the companion Power Line post “Keith Ellison for dummies” in October 2006, when Ellison was on the verge of election to Congress representing Minnesota’s Fifth District. I was provoked to write these pieces by the poor job Minneapolis’s Star Tribune had done documenting Ellison’s troubling past. Indeed, I had been contacted by several prominent Democrats who had dealt »

A Bernie Sanders Supreme Court short list?

Featured image The New York Times reports that Bernie Sanders is considering releasing a list of potential Supreme Court nominees he would pick from if elected president. Sanders said this during an interview with the New York Times editorial board. He noted that his wife believes he should release such a list, as President Trump did during his 2016 campaign. Who would be on a Sanders Supreme Court short list? William Kunstler »

Minnesota’s apostle of hate

Featured image Keith Ellison is Minnesota’s incumbent Fifth District congressman, deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee and DFL candidate for Minnesota attorney general. He was a long-time apostle of hate on behalf of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, though the local Minnesota media haven’t gotten around to revisiting the issue as Ellison seeks statewide office. Now he is an apostle of hate on behalf of the causes of the »

Sinema/Ellison 2020

Featured image Kyrsten Sinema and Keith Ellison have a lot in common. They are both prominent Democrats. Sinema represents Arizona in Congress; Ellison represents Minnesota and holds down another job as deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Sinema now seeks to represent Arizona in the Senate; Ellison now seeks to become Minnesota attorney general. And both have long careers reflecting radical views that they now mask. They lie boldly about their »

No, They Have No Decency—Confirmed

Featured image I was on the road all day yesterday (and again today) and missed all of the Kavanaugh hearing in real time. Scott and John have already offered up solid observations, especially about Senator Lindsey Graham’s finest moment. I’ll bet Rush Limbaugh lets him off the hook today from his usual label as “Lindsey Grahamnesty.” Some other time perhaps I’ll explain why I think Rachel Mitchell’s performance in the hearing was »

Tucker Carison Tonight…tonight

Featured image I am scheduled to appear on the 8:30 p.m. (Eastern) segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel to talk about Minnesota Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison and Minnesota Fifth District congressional candidate Ilhan Omar. That is a lot of ground to cover in one segment. I will have to try to hit the lowlights and leave out a lot of the details that support my comments on »