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Rather insane

Featured image I have (at least) one more (forgive me!) note on Rathergate as I prepare for my talk next Thursday at Lyon College on “Rathergate Ten Years After.” Rereading Peter Wallsten’s September 20, 2012, Los Angeles Times article identifying Atlanta attorney Harry MacDougald as Buckhead, the guy who played a key role in the chain of events leading to the downfall of the story, we can observe the Democrats’ secondary response »

Dan Rather Plots Comeback, With Assist From Robert Redford

Featured image I read this story three times to make sure it wasn’t a practical joke. But no: Robert Redford to Play Dan Rather in ‘Truth’. Robert Redford has signed on to play Dan Rather in Truth, a film based on the 2005 memoir Truth and Duty: The Press, The President, and The Privilege of Power. The book, written by Rather’s producer Mary Mapes, centers on the firestorm that erupted after Rather »

Is Dan Rather’s lawsuit a forgery?

More evidence that Dan Rather has clinched his status as a national laughingstock can be found in this column by Charles Lane of the Washington Post editorial board. Lane was once the editor of The New Republic and in that capacity (as recounted in the movie “Shattered Glass”) had to clean up the mess created by the phony stories of Stephen Glass. Fabricated reporting, in short, does not appeal to »

Dan Rather reporting

RatherBiased has posted a transcript of Dan Rather’s interview with David Letterman last night. Here’s Rather’s account of the Thornburgh report on the 60 Minutes II story that resulted in Rather’s retirement: LETTERMAN: …Now, the credibility, the v[e]racity of documents do comes into question and then what happens? RATHER: Well, a panel was appointed by CBS News to… LETTERMAN: An independent panel? RATHER: An independent panel. LETTERMAN: Is this a »

Jordan Update

The Eason Jordan story continues to move into the mainstream press. This article by Glenn Garvin in the Miami Herald doesn’t add anything new, but provides by far the best account of the controversy that I have seen in the non-blog press. Garvin’s article is based on part on an interview with Rony Abovitz, a Florida native, and concludes: The outcry over that statement, however, has been dwarfed by the »

Rathergate’s dangling threads

The editors of the Weekly Standard have issued a call to the blogosphere for help in tying up a few of Rathergate’s many dangling threads: “Fishing expedition.” Here they are: (1) Who is Michael Smith? The report identifies him only as a “journalist” in Texas. The panel does not appear to have spoken with Smith and tells us nothing of his previous work. Does he or did he work for »

Rathergate: The cover-up

What the hell was Watergate? Thirty years later, we lack a clear understanding of the most basic facts regarding the scandal. Who ordered the bungled second break-in of the Democratic National Committee on June 17, 1972? What was the motive for the break-in? What was the role played by the CIA in the break-in or its bungling? We do know that as early as June 20, President Nixon took charge »

“Rather’s Ruin”

A couple of days ago, we quoted from an article on Rathergate by Chris Weinkopf in American Enterprise. Reader James Phillips points out that it’s now available online, here: Seldom in the course of a Presidential campaign does a media drama upstage the election itself, but for a short while in September, Americans tuned out politics and tuned in to “The Decline and Fall of Dan Rather.” The drama began »

Rather Relieved

CBS has announced that Dan Rather will step down as evening news anchor in March. Rather’s announcement says he will continue working as an investigative reporter–a scary thought. There was no mention of the forged document scandal, and Rather says he agreed with CBS News last summer that he would retire as anchor after the election. Speaking of Rather, whatever happened to CBS’ investigation? We’ve heard nothing; all I know »

That’s Us Lying in the Bushes

Today’s New York Times looks at the role of bloggers in keeping the mainstream media honest. Well, that’s not quite how they put it: Practicing cheap and dirty politics, playing fast and loose with the facts and even lying: Accusations like these, and worse, have been slung nonstop this year. The accused in this case are not the candidates, but the mainstream news media. And the accusers are an ever-growing »

The Post Recaps Rathergate

Howard Kurtz, Michael Dobbs and James Grimaldi have a piece in this morning’s Washington Post which recaps how the CBS scandal unfolded. It doesn’t contain much that is new for those (like our readers) who have followed the story closely, but does provide an inside look at what was happening within the CBS organization. What jumps out at me is that Dan Rather, Mary Mapes and the 60 Minutes staff »

Captain Dan and Moby George

In a triple bylined story, the Washington Post reconstructs the origin of Hurricane Dan: “In rush to air, CBS quashed memo worries.” Key paragraphs: An examination of the process that led to the broadcast, based on interviews with the participants and more than 20 independent analysts, shows that CBS rushed the story onto the air while ignoring the advice of its own outside experts, and used as corroborating witnesses people »

Burkett to Cleland to Rather?

The Associated Press has obtained an email sent by Bill Burkett to a group of Texas Democrats on August 21. The email recounts Burkett’s conversation with Max Cleland, representing the John Kerry campaign: I asked if they wanted to counterattack or ride this [the Swift Boat Vets’ ads] to ground and outlast it, not spending any money. [Cleland] said counterattack. So I gave them the information to do it with. »

Jammies for Dan?

In this morning’s Washington Times Jennifer Harper briefly recaps the 60 Minutes forged documents story, prominently crediting Power Line for its role in bringing attention to the issues that have produced the meltdown: “CBS’ bomb turns blooper.” And the meltdown continues. Elsewhere in the Washington Times Rowan Scarborough reports: “Question mount on Guard memos’ authenticity.” To the existing evidence of forgery Scarborough’s story adds the opinion of a certified documents »

Rather To Defend Himself Tonight

CBS has announced that Dan Rather will address the controversy surrounding the forged National Guard documents on the evening news tonight. CBS’ press release jumps the gun on one point, breathlessly announcing the existence of a typewriter that can do superscript: At this time, however, CBS News states with absolute certainty that the ability to produce the “th” superscript mentioned in reports about the documents did exist on typewriters as »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll has reached her destination as the LONG AND WINDING ROAD COMES TO AN END – The Democrat Party Leaves ME and subsequently loses its collective mind. She writes: While parts of this may sound like April Fools’ material, it is all true. Anyway, nowadays, EVERY day seems like April Fool’s Day or Candid Camera. Thought I’d mention that today also marks the 8th anniversary of the column. Holy »


Featured image Earlier this week I wrote about the press release and web page on the investigation of Ilhan Omar’s 2009 marriage to her brother in “A tale of Minnesota crime & politics.” Toward the end of my post I noted Miranda Devine’s New York Post column on the investigation. Devine appeared for a three-minute segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight discussing her column. I wrote about it yesterday in “Omar’s Daily Beast »