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Operation “Dump Feinstein” Continues

Featured image Is there really a need for another long feature story about how Sen. Dianne Feinstein is senile and needs to go? You wouldn’t think so, but New York magazine has a long cover story about how she’s lost it. Yes—strange that a magazine with a supposed focus on New York would be so interested in California’s very senior senator, and while the piece is swathed in lots of sympathetic biography »

Latest from the Dump Feinstein Campaign

Featured image Looks like Dianne Feinstein isn’t taking the hint. So, New York Times, you’re up next! These days, however, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the trailblazing Democratic power broker who has served in the Senate for 30 years, is far from the towering presence she once was on the American political stage. At 88, Ms. Feinstein sometimes struggles to recall the names of colleagues, frequently has little recollection of meetings or telephone conversations, »

Today’s Installment in the Feinstein Countdown

Featured image Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus, a reliable barometer of certified liberal opinion inside the Beltway, has a column up about the matter of Dianne Feinstein, which even a careless reader can make out as another loud note in chorus of coordinated voices that has determined that Feinstein needs to be forced from office. The article breaks no new ground in terms of news value or reporting, as with one small »

Operation ‘Dump Feinstein’ Gains Steam

Featured image We noted yesterday and today the sudden and seemingly coordinated effort to drive California Senator Dianne Feinstein from office. Today The New Republic (the in-flight magazine of the Clinton Administration—those were the days) weighed in, with a column from Walter Shaprio: “Dianne Feinstein Can Resign Now With Dignity. . . DiFi, don’t be the Democrats’ Strom Thurmond.” The real subtext of the subhed is clear, and it ain’t the Strom »

California Voters Wake Up to Harris; Is Feinstein on the Way Out?

Featured image Californians are crazy, but even Californians don’t think much of Kamala Harris. Buried deep in the latest IGS-Berkeley poll (I know the pollster who runs this survey, Mark DiCamillo, and he’s solid) that finds 50 percent of Californians still approve of President Biden’s job performance is this nugget: When voters are asked to assess the job that home state Vice President Kamala Harris is doing, 35% say they approve, 45% »

Trump stiffs Feinstein and Harris on judges. . .mostly

Featured image Yesterday, I wrote about the three conservatives President Trump nominated for the Ninth Circuit last year, but did not renominate this year. The unwillingness to renominate the three came about after a request by California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris. They asked that the White House “work with us to reach an agreement on a consensus package” of appeals court nominees from California. The package they desired would have »

Why is the White House working with Feinstein and Harris on selecting judges?

Featured image In this post, I listed nine federal appeals court nominees resubmitted to the Senate for confirmation this year, including two nominees for the Ninth Circuit. Unfortunately, Trump did not renominate three other Ninth Circuit nominees he submitted to Senate last year. One of these nominees is Patrick Bumatay. A graduate of Yale and of Harvard Law School, Bumatay clerked for a district court judge and for a Tenth Circuit judge. »

Dear Senator Feinstein

Featured image Ranking Judiciary Committee Democrat has apparently sought to call off tomorrow’s hearing with Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. Senator Feinstein has sought the postponement of the hearing on the pretext of the New Yorker’s Deborah Ramirez story. The Ramirez story is all the buzz among Yale students who think they have something valuable to offer the rest of us, but it died of humiliation shortly after publication. Judiciary Committee »

Dear Senator Feinstein

Featured image The Senate Judiciary Committee called on Judge Kavanaugh and accuser Christine Blasey Ford to disclose before Thursday’s hearing evidence related to Dr. Ford’s allegations dating back to their high school days more than 35 years ago. Senator Grassley has posted the committee’s letters requesting evidence here. Senator Grassley also released the original letter that Ford first sent to Senator Feinstein back in July. This is the letter that Feinstein kept »

What is Dianne Feinstein hiding?

Featured image That letter Christine Blasey Ford gave to California Democratic lawmakers containing her allegation against Brett Kavanaugh must be a highly flawed document. First, Sen. Feinstein sat on it for months. She didn’t give it to the FBI. She didn’t publicize its contents. She didn’t even use the allegations when she had opportunities to question Kavanaugh. Feinstein could easily have done so without violating Ford’s request for confidentiality. For example, she »

Feinstein loses backing of California Democratic Party

Featured image In a sign of the times, the California Democratic Party has declined to endorse the state’s senior senator in her bid for reelection. In fact, Dianne Feinstein lost to her Democratic opponent in a vote at the state’s Democratic convention. Hard left-winger Kevin de Leon received 54 percent of the vote, compared to Feinstein’s 37 percent. De Leon fell short of the 60 percent support required to get the Party’s »

Feinstein posts Simpson transcript

Featured image Senate Judiciary Committee member Dianne Feinstein has released the transcript of Fusion GPS principal Glenn Simpson’s interview this past August 17 and posted it online here. Feinstein released the transcript with the support of committee Democrats acting unilaterally. In doing so, Feinstein and her Democratic colleagues are acting at Simpson’s behest. In his recent New York Times op-ed column (written with his colleague Peter Fritsch), Simpson complained about Republicans’ leak »

Clinton’s Senate accomplishments? Give Feinstein a week to think of one

Featured image In late August 1960, well into the presidential race between Richard Nixon and John Kennedy, this exchange occurred during President Eisenhower’s press conference: Q. We understand that the power of decision is entirely yours, Mr. President. I just wondered if you could give us an example of a major idea of [Nixon’s] that you had adopted in that role, as the decider and final– THE PRESIDENT. If you give me »

Who tortured what? The Feinstein factor

Featured image I confess that I do not understand the rationale supporting the publication of the Democrats’ Senate Select Committee study of the CIA’s detention and interrogation program. On its face, it seems like ancient history (of a highly tendentious kind) in the service of a personal grudge. It is not clear to me what is new and it is not clear that what is new is reliable, given the absurd limitations »

Feinstein’s war on the CIA — what purpose does it serve?

Featured image The Obama administration has instituted special security measures to protect U.S. facilities around the world in the event of attacks prompted by the release of Dianne Feinstein’s “torture” report. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that “there are some indications. . .that the release of the report could lead to a greater risk that is posed to U.S. facilities and individuals all around the world.” John Kerry was concerned enough »

Dianne Feinstein and her one-sided, self-serving report on enhanced interrogations

Featured image The big news today will be the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s interrogation policy during the Bush years, which has finally been made public. The mainstream media will see to it that the story dominates the headlines. It already dominates the Washington Post’s main page. I expect we’ll have lots to say about the report, whose contents have been leaked over the past months. For now, I’ll link »

Contradicting Dianne Feinstein’s sham report on CIA interrogation

Featured image We have written about the Senate Intelligence Committee’s forthcoming “Feinstein Report,” an attack on the Bush-era CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques. By all accounts, the report will conclude that the CIA regularly tortured terrorism suspects, lied to Congress about it, and gained no valuable information as a result. I view the report as not only a political document — the latest salvo in the war between Democrats on the Senate Intelligence »