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Fools and knaves: Mike Morrell vs. Vile Rat

Featured image The author of the comments below is a reader who contributed “Fools and knives, part 2” to our long-running series. With former CIA deputy director Mike Morrell scheduled to appear before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence this morning — Morrell had a powerful hand in shaping the Obama administration talking points from which the ineffably lame Susan Rice spoke on the Sunday gabfests following the 9/11 attack on »

Fools and knaves: New York Times edition

Featured image A reader who has previously contributed to this series writes to comment on David Kirkpatrick’s New York Times story on the Benghazi massacre. I have tried to set off the quotations he includes in the text of his message with links to sources. If I have missed any such quotations below, it is an oversight on my part. I think the message makes a contribution to understanding this chapter of »

Fools and knaves: 60 Minutes edition

Featured image Starting with several posts on the Sunday of Susan Rice’s appearance on all the network gabfests (September 16, 2012), I commenced a series under the heading Fools and knaves documenting the administration’s calculated lies covering up the multifarious disgrace of the massacre of our men in Benghazi. Last night 60 Minutes featured Susan Rice in a flattering profile. In the course of the profile she blithely dismissed the lies of »

Fools and knaves: CNN on the case

Featured image CNN’s Jake Tapper straightforwardly presented the purported video connection to the terrorist assault on our men and facilities in Benghazi as something like a pack of lies yesterday. Tapper doesn’t call the story a pack of lies. Rather, he derisively calls the line peddled by the administration “a certain story.” This represents progress of a kind. NRO has posted the video of Tapper’s segment here in a post by Andrew »

Fools and knaves: Obama edition

Featured image President Obama put on a good show on the subject of Benghazi in his joint press conference with David Cameron yesterday. He expressed something like righteous indignation regarding coverage of the story and his alleged his lack of candor regarding the attack. Employing the famous Gertrude Stein quotation, he alleged that there is no there there. Maybe. As Bill Clinton might explain, it depends on the meaning of “there.” It »

Fools and knaves: Seven theses

Featured image The Benghazi hearing before the House Oversight Committee had been previewed over the weekend in stories featuring some of the highlights of the witnesses’ testimony to staff behind closed doors. In the event the testimony of the witnesses was if anything more dramatic than we might have anticipated. The bombshells were flying Fast & Furious. Three New York Times reporters have a good story summarizing the testimony. John Podhoretz renders »

Fools and knaves, part 11

Featured image The bombshells were flying Fast & Furious, you might say, at the House Oversight Committee hearing on Benghazi today. The former deputy chief of mission in Libya told the committee: “The YouTube video was a non-event in Libya.” We commenced this series in response to Obama administration spokesman Susan Rice’s round of Sunday post-attack gabfest appearances asserting: ”What happened this week…in Benghazi was a result, a direct result of a »

Fools and knaves, part 10

Featured image Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings is the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee before which the Benghazi hearing was held today. He did his best to carry water for the White House and the former Secretary of State. Rep. Cummings earns his own entry in this series, as both a fool and a knave, for his advice to the Benghazi witnesses, before the families of the loved ones murdered in »

Fools and knaves, part 9

Featured image As the massacre of our fellow Americans in Benghazi returns to the news in a big way today, with the hearing scheduled in the House, it is well to remember the promotion of the Muhammad video by President Obama and Secretary Clinton in this context. It shows the politicization of the massacre by the Obama administration from the first moment on. The Obama administration’s attribution of responsibility for the massacre »

Fools and knaves, part 8

Featured image The Obama administration has politicized the Benghazi catastrophe from day 1, protecting Obama from exposure of his nonfeasance, creating an alternative universe in which the attack on the consulate grew out of a “spontaneous” protest, and kicking the whole thing past the election. On Friday Steve Hayes kicked off the latest round of exposures with his excellent Weekly Standard article “The Benghazi talking points.” Now come Bob Schieffer and Rep. »

Fools and knaves, part 7

Featured image For previous posts in this series, click here. Now comes the Heritage Foundation to perform a timely public service in putting together the video below documenting the shameless White House disinformation campaign on the terrorist attack on Libya. The folks at Heritage add: “New evidence shows there were security threats in Libya in the months prior to the deadly September 11 attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three »

Fools and knaves, part 6

Featured image The Obama administration is peddling a new line regarding its inability to hold the old line on the Benghazi murders: the bad dope came from the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who got everything wrong in the days following the attack. DNI spokesman Shawn Turner issued a statement reported by Reuters in the traditional Friday news dump in which scandals go to die. According to the statement: “[W]e revised »

Fools and Knaves, part 5

Featured image United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice made appearances on five Sunday morning news shows on September 16. Her mission was to peddle the Obama administration’s line on the assault leading to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, including the American ambassador to Libya. She peddled the same highly rehearsed line virtually verbatim on each of the five shows. Here is how she put it on Fox »

Fools and knaves, part 4

Featured image The great Iowahawk has emitted several Tweets inspired by events of the past week. Here is one that I believe is keyed to the performance of the execrable Susan Rice today: “Just once, I’d like to see an administration official on TV who doesn’t make me wonder how the f*** they got that job.” If the pronoun had agreed with its antecedent, I’m guessing that would probably have read “how »

Fools and knaves, part 3

Featured image In the video below, compare and contrast the president of Libya Mohammed el-Megarif with Obama administration spokesman Susan Rice. It’s not a good sign when the president of Libya speaks far more credibly on the murders of four Americans at the American consulate than an administration spokesman. NPR audio to the same effect is posted here. Judging by the comments on Jake Tapper’s report on Rice’s This Week appearance, I’m »

Fools and knaves, part 2

Featured image A reader has forwarded links to a number of sources strongly suggesting, Susan Rice to the contrary notwithstanding, that the Benghanzi murders constituted a premeditated and organized attack: A Libyan security guard who said he was outside the U.S. Consulate when it was attacked Tuesday night has provided new evidence that the assault that left four Americans dead, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, was a planned attack by »

Fools and knaves

Featured image On Fox News Sunday this morning, United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice reiterated the Obama administration’s position on the murder of Christopher Stevens in Libya and the attacks on the American embassy in Cairo and elsewhere: these are all just protests of the Muhammad video that spun out of control. The video above does not include Rice’s extension of the analysis to the Libyan assault, but that’s »