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In free lunch fraud: A media note

Featured image Today’s Star Tribune features a profile of Bock, the indicted mastermind of the free lunch fraud that we have been covering since this past January. The profile draws heavily on the reporters’ interview of her in the immediate aftermath of the FBI raids that made the scandal public. The only really new element is its mention of my friend Abdi Nur at the top of the story: Aimee Bock’s organization »

In free lunch fraud: Judge calls out Walz & Star Tribune

Featured image Yesterday I posted Ramsey County District Judge John Guthmann’s Order and accompanying Memorandum that Governor Tim Walz has alleged compelled his administration to keep pouring money out to the Feeding Our Future fraudsters. On Thursday Judge Guthmann authorized release of a statement calling out Walz for this lie and the Star Tribune for regurgitating it. John wrote about it here. Judge Guthmann’s statement is posted online here. I quote it »

In free lunch fraud: The Walz variations

Featured image Earlier this week United States Attorney Andrew Luger called a press conference to announce federal charges in the massive Feeding Our Future scandal. Luger revealed charges against 48 defendants in six indictments and three criminal informations. He took questions following his excellent presentation. When Luger called on me I observed that the fraud he had documented in his presentation was open and obvious. I inferred from what he said that »

In free lunch fraud: The press conference

Featured image Alpha News covers United States Attorney Andrew Luger’s press conference announcing the filing of federal charges in the massive free lunch conspiracy in editor Anthony Gockowski’s story “47 charged in alleged $250 million Feeding Our Future fraud scheme.” Supplement Anthony’s story with Bill Glahn’s Center of the American Experiment’s backgrounders here (an invaluable scandal timeline with links) and here (on the related Partners in Nutrition story). The Alpha News story »

In free lunch fraud: The charges

Featured image United States Attorney Andrew Luger called a press conference to announce indictments in the massive Minnesota free lunch fraud that we have covered in the linked series of posts since that date back to this past January. At that time the FBI executed a search warrants and property seizures all over the Twin Cities. The fraud involved hundred of millions of federal tax dollars. It was massive, as I say, »

In free lunch fraud, Bill Glahn explains

Featured image Alpha News has now posted Pafoua Yang’s interview with Center of the American Experiment’s Bill Glahn on Minnesota’s massive free lunch fraud. The interview is an excellent backgrounder on the fraud. The video is below. Pafoua’s story on the Glahn interview is here. Previous installments in our coverage of the fraud are accessible here. »

In free lunch fraud, Pafoua Yang reports

Featured image Alpha News just posted the video below of Pafoua Yang reporting on Minnesota’s massive free lunch fraud. Please check it out. The video features interviews with my friend Abdi Nur and my teacher Joshua Borenstein. In following the fraud we previously drew on Abdi’s testimony here. The government has seized a massive amount of evidence in the case and initiated a forfeiture action to mitigate the loss to taxpayers. We »

In free lunch fraud, the Times takes note

Featured image Guhaad Hashi Said’s image instructing Somalis to keep quiet — I lifted it from his Facebook page — is the avatar I have used for this series. Long-time Power Line readers may recall that Hashi is Ilhan Omar’s enforcer. That’s how I first heard about him in the course of my initial reporting on Omar’s marriage to her brother over five years ago. Preya Samsundar reported on Hashi in the »

In free lunch fraud, civil forfeiture sought

Featured image No charges have been brought (sealed or unsealed) and no arrests have been made in the massive free lunch fraud that exploded into the local news last month. In previous posts, I embedded copies of the three search warrants whose unsealing made the story public. Based on the warrants, I infer the charges will come. The search warrants also established the existence of assets — “real estate, cars, and other »

In free lunch fraud, the case laid out

Featured image I embedded two of the three search warrants executed around the Twin Cities by the FBI on January 20 here (February 1) and here (February 2). The third is at the bottom of this post. If you have followed along so far, please don’t miss this one. It focuses on Aimee Bock, the mastermind of the scheme implicating Feeding Our Future, and lays out the case in vivid detail including »

In free lunch fraud, before the raids

Featured image Two hundred FBI agents executed search warrants at homes and offices all over the Twin Cities on January 20. The underlying case involves a massive fraud on the federal government in the USDA subsidized lunch program (loosened during Covid). The facts laid out in the three search warrants are shocking. I have embedded the second of the three warrants and supporting documents at the bottom of this post. My old »

In free lunch fraud, the friends of Ilhan Omar

Featured image We are in the early stages of the apparent USDA free lunch food fraud committed under the auspices of the Minnesota nonprofits including Feeding Our Future. So far, the FBI has unsealed three search warrants that have now been executed. The warrants and supporting affidavits lay out the (huge) underlying investigation along with the alleged facts of the case. The Center of the American Experiment’s Bill Glahn has posted a »

An in-your-face fraud

Featured image Talk to someone who has run a legitimate free lunch program funded by the United States Department of Agriculture as administered by the Minnesota Department of Education. You will learn that it isn’t a way to wealth and riches without fraud on a massive scale. Feeding Our Future gave us fraud on a massive scale. It was open, obvious, blatant, and gross. Aimmee Bock fronted the scheme and recruited a »

The Omar omertà

Featured image A huge Somali audience booed Ilhan Omar when she took the stage at Suldaan Seeraar’s Target Center concert in downtown Minneapolis this past Saturday evening. She was unable to get in a word edgewise. What gives? Surely there is an interesting story there. We posted the video here first thing Sunday morning. The video went viral on Twitter. We followed up here in the post reporting that Omar left town »

Coming soon

Featured image We have followed what I call Minnesota massive free lunch fraud. At Center of the American Experiment Bill Glahn has added to the story with his own analysis. Most recently, Bill took a look back at what we have learned to date in “Feeding frenzy.” On Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. Central Alpha News will post a five-minute video on Minnesota’s big-bucks free lunch fraud. I saw the video at »

Corruption Is Endemic

Featured image These two recent stories have little in common except that they both raise the question: why have massive frauds become commonplace in our society? The first comes from Yale Medical School, via the New York Post: a Yale employee defrauded the university of more than $40 million over a period of up to ten years: A former Yale University employee admitted to pilfering more than $40 million worth of electronics »

A case study

Featured image If your parents ever admonished you not to hang around with a bad crowd, you might want to attend to the story of Columbia University’s “gang scholar,” Sudhir Venkatesh. Ariel Kaminer’s Sunday New York Times article explores Professor Venkatesh’s scholarship and publications. Professor Venkatesh’s published work seems to be headed in the general direction of Tom Wolfe, out of whose pages Venkatesh coincidentally seems to have walked: [A]t Columbia, where »