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Is it something he said? (6)

Featured image The Daily Caller News Foundation has asked the court to unseal the search warrant and related materials that authorized the November 19 FBI raid on the home of FBI cum Clinton crime family whistleblower Nate Cain. As we noted in part 1 of this series, Richard Pollock originally reported the story for the Daily Caller. Now Pollock reports that the Office of Maryland United States Attorney Robert Hur has filed »

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Featured image Until we get an answer to the question of what really went down last month when the FBI called on 16 agents to raid the home of Clinton crime family whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain, I want to follow the story. Richard Pollock’s exclusive and meticulous November 29 Daily Caller story on the raid is posted here. Cain was then scheduled to appear on Sean Hannity’s FOX News show this past »

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Featured image We have been following Richard Pollock’s Daily Caller story reporting the FBI raid on the domicile of whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain. Cain was scheduled to appear last night along with his attorney on Sean Hannity’s FOX News show. I flagged Cain’s tweet announcing the segment in part 2 of this series of posts. Breaking news in the form of President Bush’s death interceded to bump the scheduled segment with Cain »

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Featured image John Lavinksy is the senior counsel to Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Following up on Richard Pollock’s Daily Caller report, I sought comment on the November 19 FBI raid conducted on whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain. Mr. Lavinsky courteously returned my calls this afternoon and responded to my questions, as he did to Pollock’s, with no comment. He also apologized for not getting back to me on Friday, explaining »

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Featured image On Friday I wrote about Richard Pollock’s exclusive Daily Caller report on the FBI raid involving some 16 agents who called whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain. The problem here seems to be that Cain is blowing the whistle on federal law enforcement (or the nonfeasance thereof) in matters pertaining to the Clinton crime family. As if that weren’t enough, Robert Mueller’s past service as FBI Director is implicated as well. On »

Is it something he said?

Featured image The Daily Caller’s Richard Pollock has an exclusive report on an FBI raid. When I say FBI raid, I mean FBI raid. It involved some 16 agents making a house call on whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain. The problem here seems to be that Cain is blowing the whistle on federal law enforcement (or the nonfeasance thereof) in matters pertaining to the Clinton crime family. As if that weren’t enough, Robert »

Was it something he said?

Featured image John posted the compelling video of Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi in “A report from the front lines” over the weekend in two parts. At the time John posted the videos, they had more than 2,000,000 views. The doctors decried California’s COVID-19 related lockdown in particular on medical and economic grounds. Part 1 carried the heart of the doctors’ remarks in about 50 minutes. Drs. Erickson and Massihi are »

Was it something he said?

Featured image Minnesota’s MyPillow man Mike Lindell joined President Trump and chief executive officers Darius Adamczyk (Honeywell), Debra Waller (Jockey — great!), Greg Hayes (United Technologies), and David Taylor (Proctor and Gamble) at yesterday’s daily White House Coronavirus task force briefing. Lindell is a recovering addict, an outspoken Christian, a fervent Trump supporter, a successful entrepreneur and all-around remarkable gentleman. Lindell spoke for less than three minutes (video below). He announced that »

Was it something he said?

Featured image Federal prosecutors filed a 32-page supplemental sentencing memorandum yesterday seeking up to six months in prison time for former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. I have embedded a copy of the memo below. The memo retracts the government’s request for leniency in sentencing Flynn a year ago. General Flynn pleaded guilty to one count of false statements to the FBI in 2017 to lying to investigators and then cooperated »

Was it something he said?

Featured image The Chinese government found a new way to express its contempt for Barack Obama and the United States yesterday. The authorities snubbed Obama upon his arrival in Hangzhou before the start of the G20 conference. According to the Guardian: “[Obama] was forced to disembark from Air Force One through a little-used exit in the plane’s belly after no rolling staircase was provided when he landed in the eastern Chinese city »

The Kamala Konundrum

Featured image By now it is clear that Kamala Harris has had the worst week for a Vice President since Dan Quayle misspelled “potato” and attacked Murphy Brown almost 30 years ago. There are news reports, no doubt aided and abetted by some cagey White House staff, that the White House is “troubled” or even “dismayed” by her poor performance. I’m guessing a lot of Biden’s long-time loyal staff have discovered the »

Hunter Biden and the “N” word

Featured image You may have heard by now about Hunter Biden’s repeated use of the ultimate racial slur word for Blacks. But those who rely on CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and NPR for their news will not have heard about it. According to Aron Ravin at NRO, all of these outlets have declined thus far to mention the matter. (I haven’t read about this in the Washington Post, either, but »

Dems to Selves: Was It Something We Said?

Featured image The New York Times reports today on an unintentionally hilarious and revealing internal study a consortium of Democrat-aligned consulting groups have produced concerning the fact that aside from Joe Biden, Democrats performed very poorly in the last election. There is special worry over the “overperformance” of Trump and Republicans with hispanics and blacks, which isn’t supposed to happen according to Democratic “emerging demographic majority” dogma that says if “we label »

Was the Wuhan Lab the Source?

Featured image The idea that the novel coronavirus may have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been around for a while. WIV is located within blocks of the market where the Chinese Communist Party says the bat-borne virus jumped to humans–a remarkable coincidence if there is no connection. Establishment scientists long denounced questions about the Wuhan lab, raised by Senator Tom Cotton and others, as a “conspiracy theory,” which increasingly »

The Rhyme of Leftist History

Featured image The current scene keeps bringing back to mind the old saying attributed (incorrectly) to Mark Twain: history doesn’t repeat itself—but it rhymes. Right now the country seems to be repeating the cycle of the 1960s, when liberals in power gave us reckless spending that stoked inflation, social engineering like “model cities” and busing, degraded law enforcement with soft-on-crime policies contributing to a massive crime wave, and race riots that elicited »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image On the road, Ammo Grrrll has traveled SOUTH AND EAST. She writes from the road: The reasons for this journey are many and varied. Perhaps the very first is this: PRISON BREAK! After 15 months of lock-up, lockdown, mandatory masks, take-out food and ABSOLUTELY NO HUGGING, NO GATHERING (except to burn and loot), it feels great to be on the road again. Let me amend that just a bit: it »

My Address to the Graduates

Featured image As promised, below is the prepared text of my commencement address to the New Saint Andrews College class of 2021 from last Thursday. I think there will be a video posted to YouTube at some point, and I’ll post it when it is available. In the meantime, you’ll have to suffer with my prepared text, which is not exactly as it was delivered. True to form, I improvised a bit »