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Sarah Jeong equated Trump and Hitler “before it was cool”

Featured image Sarah Jeong, the New York Times’ latest addition to its editorial board, is a thought leader. She says so herself. In December 2017, Jeong boasted “I was equating Trump to Hitler before it was cool.” A month earlier, this rising journalism star had tweeted “how f**king prescient was I on Trump = Hitler.” It may be cool to equate Trump and Hitler, but it is also extraordinarily stupid. Hitler hated »

Deep thoughts by Sarah Jeong

Featured image Sarah Jeong is set to join the New York Times editorial board next month. We have been exploring her “thinking” on matters of current interest, especially including sex and race. To these matters she brings a blunt touch. Say what you will about her, she fits right in with the perpetual hatefest that has consumed the Times in particular and the left generally since the election of Donald Trump as »

More of Sarah Jeong’s greatest hits

Featured image Steve has written about the vicious anti-white tweets by Sarah Jeong, the latest addition to the New York Times’ board of editors. But Jeong’s hatefulness extends beyond whites. Amber Athey of the Daily Caller calls attention to tweets by Jeong’s about killing men, and also to tweets in which Jeong called for “banning the police” and expressed her animus towards police officers through profanity. “Cops are a**h***s,” Jeong explained in »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll has traveled THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD that leads to her door. She writes: I love America and Americans – even the white ones who smell like wet dog and have bad teeth — and I especially love The Heartland. Still, there are only so many times – maybe 50? — you can go from I-35S in the Twin Cities to I-10W without feeling a profound sense of »

The Week in Pictures: Omnibus Funhouse Edition

Featured image This was one of those weeks that defies an obvious theme. The “independent” media beclowns itself—again—and the “white supremacists” turned out a massive crowd of . . . 30 people . . . in Washington, while what really captivated the nation was a stolen airplane. I don’t like to make light of an obviously troubled person who committed (a non-terrorist) suicide with an airplane, but there was something almost endearing »

The Week in Pictures: Space Force Edition

Featured image The formal announcement of our new Space Force was definitely the highlight of the week. And having Vice President Race Bannon Mike Pence make the announcement was the perfect touch. I’m guessing this is Trump’s version of Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, which drove liberals and the Soviet Communists out of their mind. (Funny how liberals and Communists were both upset by SDI. I’m sure it was pure coincidence.) Liberals blundered by calling »

Social Media: The Prime Threat to Freedom of Speech?

Featured image In a brief post, John Hayward makes several critical points about the current media landscape: Blogs shattered the Old Media monopoly during the 2004 election. We remember it well. At the time, it seemed like the dawn of a new age. Social media became an instrument to restore the power of the guild. As websites grew dependent on a few big social platforms for clicks, a leash that could tame »

The Assault on Free Speech, Continued

Featured image The Left’s attack on free speech has many fronts, but two of the most important are Twitter and Facebook, simply because a large portion of political discussion, involving many millions of Americans, takes place on those platforms. As I noted here, our First Amendment gives powerful legal protection to political debate–protection that for now, at least, is acknowledged even by the four Democratic Party Supreme Court justices. (See, e.g., Matal »

Hate has a home at the New York Times

Featured image In response to complaints about the obvious racism of Sarah Jeong, the new member of the New York Times’ editorial board, leftists are contending that it’s logically impossible for minority group members to be racist in their view of whites. This theory has long been articulated by deep-thinkers in Black Studies departments who pollute America’s college campuses. For those interested, Andrew Sullivan takes on this bit of neo-Marxist clap-trap here. »

The New York Times — enemy of white people

Featured image Steve has written about how the New York Times hired Sarah Jeong to be part of its editorial board, even though it knew Jeong has written a series of vicious, foul-mouthed attacks on white people, collectively. The Times excuses Jeong ravings on the theory that she was merely “imitating the rhetoric of her harassers” on the internet. Rubbish. As John Sexton counters: First, the tweets aren’t all replying to other »

Open Bigotry at the New York Times [Update]

Featured image The New York Times editorial page has taken a lot of heat for hiring a handful of conservatives as staff (such as Bari Weiss, though she denies she’s actually a conservative) and as columnists, such as Bret Stephens. Well today they’ve done penance for the left with the newest hire: Sarah Jeong. Here’s her background: Born in South Korea, Sarah grew up in North Carolina and California. She’s both a »