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The Week in Pictures: Joementum Edition

Featured image According to the polls Joe Biden has a big lead over Trump, but I seem to recall a candidate once before named Joe (Lieberman), who claimed some early successes gave him “Joe-mentum,” right before his campaign crashed and burned. Say what you will about Trump discovering “Yo-semitism” or “Thighland” (isn’t that a club in Vegas?), but if Biden keeps stumbling at the rate he did this week, watch suppositories sell »

Joementum: That thing he does

Featured image The powers-that-be in the Democratic Party are orchestrating Joementum into a frenzy. If they have their way, the man will meet the moment if he can remember where he’s going. The video clip below appears to have been taken from Biden’s remarks at Texas Southern University in Houston today when he made his best effort to recite the self-evident truths set forth in the Declaration of Independence (below, C-SPAN video »

The deep meaning of Joementum

Featured image I have patiently waited for some pundit to invoke the “dead cat bounce” cliché to Joe Biden’s victory in South Carolina. The closest I have come is Nate Silver, who posits it as one of five hypotheses explaining the outcome of the South Carolina primary. (Silver helpfully links to the technical stock market definition of “dead cat bounce.”) I have also patiently waited for some operative or pundit to claim »

After last night

Featured image Herewith 10 notes on the outcome and comments on where we are now after the Super Tuesday results in the Democratic presidential primaries: 1. Those of us who bought the conventional wisdom that Biden was dead man walking received a rude awakening. Biden carried pluralities in Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas as well as majorities in Alabama and Virginia. Biden holds a narrow lead in Maine, »