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John Thompson in song

Featured image Minnesota state representative John Thompson is a thug, a racial hustler, a scofflaw, an abuser of women, and an all-around bad guy. When stopped by a St. Paul police sergeant for driving a car lacking a front license plate in the early morning hours of July 4, Thompson presented a Wisconsin driver’s license and accused the officer of racism. We have learned too much about Thompson since then, though nothing »

John Thompson speaks, sort of (3)

Featured image Over the weekend FOX 9’s Tom Lyden reported the sordid details of DFL state representative John Thompson’s domestic assault charges going back a decade and more. Following the publication of Lyden’s story, the DFL establishment turned on Thompson. Every member of the DFL establishment called in unison for Thompson’s resignation. Since he first appeared on the public scene in the summer of 2020, Thompson has manifested as an obvious racial »

John Thompson speaks, sort of (2)

Featured image The Minnesota Reformer’s Deena Winter has this update from a spokesman for Minnesota state representative John Thompson. Winter quotes a press release from former Thompson campaign manager Jamar Nelson: John Thompson was elected in November to do the will of the people and as a legislator that’s what he has gotten right to work and done. These latest malicious accusations are an attempted political distraction orchestrated by both parties and »

In re John Thompson, Democrats are shocked

Featured image I brought the case of John Thompson up to date early yesterday morning in “The mixed-up files of Rep. John Thompson.” I argued for the general importance of his case in the manifestation of the motive force of the Democratic Party. Minnesota Democrats deserve him as their public face. They should be stuck with him good and hard. By the end of the day, however, Minnesota’s Democratic establishment and its »

DFL Party Calls on Thompson to Resign

Featured image Scott has chronicled the appalling saga of Minnesota Representative John Thompson. Most recently, it came to light that Thompson has been involved in four separate instances of domestic violence, the circumstances of which are aggravated and in some cases bizarre. This shouldn’t be surprising, since Thompson is best known for assaulting an effigy of the wife of the head of the Minneapolis police union with a stick. In any event, »

From the mixed-up files of Rep. John Thompson

Featured image I’ve stayed away from the story of DFL state representative John Thompson’s July 4 wee hours traffic stop by a St. Paul police officer for the past few days. Thompson is a racial hustler who rode his call to burn down Hugo, Minnesota last summer all the way to the state legislature in November 2020. Thompson is the true face of Minnesota’s DFL. He stands for something far larger than »

The Thompson bodycam

Featured image St. Paul police have released the bodycam footage of the July 4 traffic stop of state representative John Thompson. I have embedded it below. The first minute and the last minute capture the interaction. He was driving with a Wisconsin driver’s license at a time when his driving privileges had been revoked as a result of an unmet child support obligation. He was stopped because his car lacked a front »

John Thompson speaks, sort of

Featured image DFL state representative John Thompson is a bully, thug, liar, and race hustler supreme. He made a name for himself threatening to burn down Hugo, Minnesota, in a threatening diatribe outside the home of then Minneapolis police union president Bob Kroll last summer. As a result of his good works, he was elected to the legislature in November 2020 from St. Paul’s East Side. Thompson has held a Wisconsin driver’s »

What Rep. John Thompson represents

Featured image After Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison, the DFL’s John Thompson must be the most outrageous officeholder ever to disgrace public life in Minnesota. He rode his outrageous 2020 misconduct all the way to the Minnesota House of Representatives this past November. See the Alpha News archives on Thompson conveniently compiled here. Thompson represents something, all right, but it’s not exactly his St. Paul East Side constituents. Let’s see if we »

Remembering John Thompson

Featured image John Thompson Jr., who died yesterday at age 78, was already a Washington, D.C. legend before he became Coach Thompson. He had starred, and then some, as a high school player on phenomenal teams at Carroll High; starred at Providence College for an NIT championship team; and been Bill Russell’s backup on two championship Boston Celtics teams. Thompson is still one of the best big men ever to come out »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 166: America’s Revolutionary Mind, With C. Bradley Thompson [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Prof. C. Bradley Thompson of Clemson University has written a superb new book, the first of two volumes, about the American Founding, America’s Revolutionary Mind: A Moral History of the American Revolution and the Declaration That Defined It. In my opinion this book deserves to take its place alongside Bernard Bailyn’s Ideological Origins of the American Revolution and Gordon Wood’s Creation of the American Republic as one of the indispensable »

Georgetown fires John Thompson III

Featured image After 13 seasons as the coach of Georgetown’s basketball team, John Thompson III is out. Firing JT3 was a big call, considering his father’s stature at the school. John Thompson, Jr. took a middling, at best, basketball program — one that in a good year might get an NIT invite — to the pinnacle of the sport. His Georgetown teams appeared in three Final Fours and won a national championship. »

Richard Thompson Ford: An expert who…

Featured image Richard Thompson Ford is a Stanford University Law School professor who does not struggle with issues of self-esteem. He somewhat immodestly fancies himself “[a]n expert on civil rights and antidiscrimination law [who] has distinguished himself as an insightful voice and compelling writer on questions of race and multiculturalism.” I have it on good authority that Ford is probably the only person who has ever described himself as such. Not surprisingly, »

Fox declares that Tammy Baldwin will defeat Tommy Thompson (Update: Sherrod Brown wins in Ohio)

Thompson’s defeat surprises me a little. Wisconsin has tilted back to the Dems. As for the Senate as a whole, it may be a scramble just to keep the current 53(D)-47(R) composition. STEVE adds: I’m not hugely surprised by this.  I thought all along that Thompson was the GOP’s Mondale; past his time; worn out his welcome.  I thought he’d probably win, but thought he’d be vulnerable if he ran »

Tommy Thompson holds big lead over Democrat in Wisconsin Senate race

Featured image A new Rasmussen poll shows Republican Tommy Thompson leading Democrat Tammy Baldwin by 50-38 in a potential Senate match-up in Wisconsin. This is an open seat currently held by Democrat Herb Kohl. Thus, Wisconsin represents an opportunity for Republicans to pick up a Senate seat. Thompson’s lead isn’t suprising. Before becoming Secretary of Health and Human Services, he was an election-winning machine in Wisconsin, having been elected governor of the »

Fred Thompson withdraws

Moments ago, Fred Thompson withdrew from the presidential race. Here is what he said: Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people. Thompson did not endorse anyone, and it’s not clear that he »

Fred Thompson, in or out?

Fred Thompson just spoke to his supporters in South Carolina, where he appears headed for a weak third or fourth place finish. Thompson thanked everyone and then spoke about America and conservatism’s contribution to it. He did not talk about Florida or being in the race to stay. Word is that Thompson will return to Tennessee to visit his mother in the hospital. While he’s there, presumably, he’ll consider his »