The Smirnov turnoff

Featured image We are apparently meant to take last week’s indictment of long-time FBI confidential human source Alexander Smirnov as a repudiation of what we have learned about the Biden family business. Smirnov’s indictment was sought by Biden-friendly United States Attorney David Weiss. It is linked in the related Department of Justice press release. Kim Strassel observes in her weekly Wall Street Journal column: “If th[e allegations are] true, it ought to »

The Week in Pictures: Dog Bites Man Edition

Featured imageThis is the week we got confirmation that Joe Biden is not merely a doddering, senile fool, but a bad dog owner, which is cosmically worse. Meanwhile, the FBI continues its string of comic incompetence, arresting an informant it has had on its payroll for more than a decade (paging Inspector Clouseau!), but only when it became useful to embarrass Republicans. It’s enough to make you want to put a »

Red States Getting Redder

Featured imageThe Great Sort is under way, as normal people move to red states and liberals move to blue states. (That last is hypothetical and hasn’t actually been observed.) When massive numbers began leaving blue states like California and New York for red states like Texas and Florida, many conservatives worried that those blue staters might bring their bad voting habits with them. Happily, that doesn’t seem to have happened. This »

Loose Ends (245)

Featured image• Behold the newest frontier in “equity”—”vaccine equity.” Which is needed to counter “vaccine nationalism.” (And you thought “Christian nationalism” was the worst threat out there.) You think I am making this up? From Nature magazine today: Today, nearly one-third of the world’s population has still not received a single dose [of COVID vaccine], and the death toll resulting from vaccine nationalism continues to grow. . . As time runs »

Get a Load of Fani

Featured imageFani Willis’s prosecution of Donald Trump has descended into comedy, currently of the bedroom farce variety. As all the world now knows, Willis carried on a torrid affair with Nathan Wade, whom she hired to lead the Trump prosecution and to whom she paid an extraordinary amount of taxpayer money, and then helped him spend it. That is corruption of the most old-fashioned sort. Willis and Wade have claimed that »

The Daily Chart: Lessons from the Coming Tory Wipeout

Featured imageAccording to the polls, the Tory Party over in Britain s heading for a wipeout at the hands of the Labour Party later this year, thereby squandering Boris Johnson’s record Tory landslide of 2019. Has there ever been a greater example of political malpractice in recent decades? There are lots of reasons for this dreadful scene (starting with Johnson’s own terrible handling of COVID and other unforced errors) which can »

When Ronnie Met Jeane

Featured imageLifelong Democrat Jeane J. Kirkpatrick came to the attention of former Democrat Ronald Reagan though her 1979 Commentary essay “Dictatorships and Double Standards.” As America’s future UN ambassador contended: The failure of the Carter administration’s foreign policy is now clear to everyone except its architects. The pattern is familiar enough: an established autocracy with a record of friendship with the U.S. is attacked by insurgents, some of whose leaders have »

The Hamas way

Featured imageDan Senor’s most recent Call Me Back podcast features Matti Friedman. Among many other things, Friedman is a former AP Jerusalem bureau staffer. It is his AP experience that prompted him to think through the wide world of sickness that we see in the reaction of the outside world to Israel’s current life-and-death struggle with Hamas. Senor asks good questions and lets the incredibly articulate Friedman speak. Senor has posted »

Giving Rational Ignorance a Bad Name

Featured imageMore evidence that the Biden Administration is largely staffed by morons and ignoramuses. A couple days ago I drew a contrast between the late UN Ambassador Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Biden’s UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who gives Kamala Harris a run for her money in the word-salad platitudes sweepstakes. Thomas-Greenfield outdid herself when, after the Algerian cease-fire resolution was defeated a few days ago, she concluded her statement as follows: »

Loose Ends (244)

Featured image• Trump continues to hold a solid lead over Biden in the key swing states the latest RCP Poll averages. Let’s just look at Arizona and Nevada today: • Whatever they are pumping Biden with every morning is wearing off by the afternoon: NEW: Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass steps in to answer a question for President Biden as he looks confused with a frozen face. Reporter: "Mr. President. Do »

Muslim Extremists Intimidate Parliament

Featured imageBritain’s House of Commons was thrown into chaos last night, and its Speaker is under heavy attack for violating arcane procedural customs having to do with amendments on “Opposition Day.” I won’t try to untangle the procedural questions; what is relevant is what caused the House to be tied up in knots. Speaker Lindsay Hoyle was trying to save Labour members from potentially having to vote against a resolution by »

How Dumb Are These People?

Featured imageI wrote here about the Left’s current bugbear, “Christian nationalism.” Despite being a Christian and a nationalist, I have no idea what that phrase means, and have never met anyone who describes himself in those terms. On MSNBC, a Politico reporter explained the meaning of “Christian nationalism.” You have to hear it to believe it: Oh, my. 'They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…' — Byron »

Can we be saved from SAVE?

Featured imageThe Biden administration has fashioned another program of student debt relief forgiveness. The so-called SAVE plan was promulgated by regulation last year. It takes the load off the fanny of beneficiaries of certain federal college loan programs and puts it right on the back of taxpayers. Politico reports that Biden is emailing 153,000 student loan borrowers that he’s canceling their debt. “I hope this relief gives you a little more »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll wants you to prepare for PREPPING AND OTHER POINTLESS ACTIVITIES. She writes: So some friends of ours ordered a whole bunch of MRE meals in case we experience an EMP attack which knocks out all of our electricity. For at least awhile, I would welcome the absence of television, computers, and cellphones. In other words, in my case, returning to 1958, which was when we got TV. Playing »

Gemini Calling

Featured imageAround 24 hours ago, the internet was buzzing about Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence program. Apparently Gemini was instructed never to show images of white men under any circumstances, so it generated absurd responses to inquiries like this one: I asked Google Gemini to generate images of the Founding Fathers. It seems to think George Washington was black. — Patrick Ganley (@Patworx) February 21, 2024 Everyone had a good laugh »

Raspberries for Raskin

Featured imageTony Bobulinski testified before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees this past Tuesday. The transcript of his testimony and related exhibits have been posted online here. Given Bobulinski’s first-hand knowledge of the Biden family business, I take it that committee Democrats including Jamie Raskin could not deal squarely with Bobulinski’s testimony on the merits. Bobulinski’s counsel responds to Raskin’s comments at length in the 15-page letter below. Miranda Devine comments: »

Mixed-up confusion illustrated

Featured imageBefore Bob Dylan really made his name in folk music he recorded “Mixed-Up Confusion” — a rock song that was his first single and that anticipated the direction he would go a few years later. Dylan recorded it in the sessions for Freewheelin‘, but Columbia held the original back from his albums until Dylan included it on Biograph in 1985. The song comes to mind in connection with the video »