Quotations from Chairman Joe

Featured image In the video below Chairman Joe hobbles over to respond to a reporter who asks him about the Democrats’ discontent with him. He’s defensive and angry in his familiar fashion about the question and the discontent — “Read the polls, Jack” — but reassured by the Democrats’ support for him versus Trump. Biden could have noted that, if the reporter thinks Democrats might prefer another nominee to him, he seems »

When Bill Threw Down a Monster Dunk

Featured imageIn the wake of his passing on Monday, Bill Walton’s basketball exploits have been extolled far and wide. But check out the UCLA and NBA great last year throwing down on San Diego mayor Todd Gloria, “a liar and a fraud” and the “worst mayor” in the city’s history. What Bill had to say about San Diego may apply in your city, your state, or the entire country. This video »

Texas Turns Right

Featured imageThere are a number of states that we think of as conservative, and that are dominated politically by Republicans, but that are not, in policy terms, as much to the right as one might expect. For quite a while, Texas has been on that list. It has been effectively governed by a handful of political insiders who are not, for the most part, particularly conservative. But that appears to be »

As We Await the Verdict

Featured imageThe jury is out in the Democratic Party’s New York prosecution of Donald Trump. We should have a verdict by the weekend. In the meantime, here are some thoughts. This prosecution is a political act, intended to disable Donald Trump and help win the 2024 election for Joe Biden. It is not even in the ballpark of being legitimate law enforcement. I think that most pundits who have commented on »

Hurray for Haley

Featured imageI am not as big a fan of Nikki Haley as a lot of Republicans, but this was well done: Nikki Haley wrote “finish them!” on the side of a fresh Israeli artillery shell during a visit to Israel. *** Despite other politicians from both sides denouncing the country’s aggressive offensive in Gaza, including democrat and fellow Israel supporter Chuck Schumer, Ms Haley has repeatedly rushed to Israel’s defence. On »

The Daily Chart: White-Out

Featured imageWe recently spoke on the podcast with Jeremy Carl, author of The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart. Please buy a copy if you haven’t already! Anyway, fresh evidence for Jeremy’s thesis that “anti-whiteness” is now the ruling ideology of America is offered this week by, of all sources, Bloomberg news: Corporate America Promised to Hire a Lot More People of Color. It Actually Did. . . . The »


Featured imagePresident Biden’s efforts to supply Hamas via a pier constructed by American forces has suffered a temporary interruption. Hamas can’t be too happy about this particular display of military incompetence by the United States. Only last week Daniel Greenfield that “All the Aid From Biden’s Gaza Pier was Seized by Hamas.” At last word, the pier is scheduled for a timeout — a timeout for repairs after the top of »

Podcast: The 3WHH, with Eugene Kontorovich

Featured imageThis special mid-week episode of the Three Whisky Happy Hour originates in Budapest, where John Yoo and I were presenting at a two-day conference on the decay of the rule of law in Europe. You think things are bad with the U.S. judiciary sometimes? It’s much worse over here. (I’ll post some video highlights when they are available.) In any case, because of the time difference and other challenges, Lucretia »

Dump Biden?

Featured imageSpeculation that the Democrats would dump Joe Biden from their 2024 ticket has been rife for a long time. For quite a while, I thought it was almost inevitable. Rasmussen finds that currently, most Democrats wouldn’t mind seeing Joe go: In February, 48% of Democratic voters said they would approve of their party finding another candidate to replace Biden, but that number has now risen to 54%, including 25% of »

A Bill Walton Back Story

Featured imageBill Walton, who has passed away at 71, was a basketball star at UCLA, an NBA regular season and finals MVP, and two-time NBA champion. Walton was also a fan of Arvydas Sabonis, “a combination of Kareem, Larry Bird, and Pete Maravich,” with “this incredibly spectacular game.” When Sabonis was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011, he asked Walton, a huge Grateful Dead fan, to be his »

Where is the “other crime”?

Featured imagePresident Biden is licking his shiny porcelain crowns over the prospect of President Trump’s conviction in the case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. It is a lawless and disgusting spectacle. Bragg laid out his 34-count indictment of President Trump with links to underlying documents in this press release dated April 4, 2023. The indictment relies on section 175.10 of New York’s criminal law (“Falsifying business records in the »

A Working Writer in a Working Library

Featured imageAs a handful of readers or podcast listeners know, I have finally finished a very long wholesale renovation of my house, which only took about three years longer than planned (Covid had a lot to do with that). During this time most of my library was packed away in storage, while some of my library has been packed away in storage for more than a decade. By a circuitous route »

Exit Hackneyed Driver

Featured imageYesterday during closing arguments in the Trump trial, the Biden campaign presented actor Robert De Niro for an unhinged rant against he who must be named. De Niro’s performance took place outside the Manhattan courthouse in which the Democrats’ lawfare against Trump is in full swing, in a more unhinged form than De Niro’s rant. Speaking for the average show-business American, De Niro portrayed Trump as a dire threat to »

Historians Need Not Apply

Featured imageWell-educated but barely employable: that description, which once would have seemed paradoxical, describes an increasing number of Americans. One of them is David Walsh, who has a PhD in history but apparently can’t get a tenure-track job. Until now, Walsh was best known as a far-left flamer on Twitter. But, in a cri de cœur, he let the cat out of the bag–how he really feels about DEI. Walsh explained »

The Daily Chart: Judicial Productivity

Featured imageAs we noted last week, President Biden is appointing a lot of radical judges, which will set up a growing number of sharp splits in rulings between Obama/Biden judges and Bush/Trump judges, especially at the appellate level. This will mean the Supreme Court will need to step in more often to sort out (and most often correct) the mess. It likely means reversing this trend, which apparently Justice Brett Kavanaugh »

Hackneyed driver

Featured imageThe Biden campaign staged a pre-celebratory event outside the Trump trial in Manhattan this morning. They publicized it in an announcement intended to attract the attention of their supporters in the press. The press conference was strategically located outside the courthouse where Trump is on trial. The Biden campaign is holding a press conference soon outside of the Manhattan courthouse, where Trump’s defense team is set to give closing arguments. »

The Need for Memorial Month

Featured imageMay is Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Month, “to reflect and celebrate the important role that Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AANHPIs) have played in our shared history.” June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month, “to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan, a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement.” By contrast, “the men and women who sacrificed their lives while »