Global Warming: What Can’t It Do?

Featured image It was only a few years ago that global warming hysterics in Europe were predicting that snow would soon be a thing of the past. Children will grow up without ever seeing snow, they said. But it hasn’t turned out that way, and Europe is currently experiencing below-normal temperatures and heavy snowfall. (My wife and I got out of England a week ago, just ahead of the storm.) So you »

Borderline Biden

Featured imageAs John pointed out yesterday, Joe Biden is “orders of magnitude dumber than a normal president,” and John is not the first to notice. As Black Hawk Down author Mark Bowden explained in 2010, Joe Biden was an “indifferent student,” a bottom-feeder who exaggerated his scholastic record and “borrowed liberally, and without attribution,” from British politician Neil Kinnock. The Delaware Democrat, “makes few references to books and learned influences,” betraying »

Dan Goldman’s clown show

Featured imageMatt Taibbi appeared as a witness to testify at the recent congressional hearing in which Rep. Dan Goldman made a fool of himself again. Taibbi chronicled the doings in his Racket News column “Dan Goldman, Democrats, Make a Clown Show of Censorship Hearing,” behind the Racket News paywall. However, Taibbi has posted a narrated version of the column in the video below. I thought some readers would find this of »

Campus Anti-Semitism, Unabated

Featured imageThis highly impressive MIT graduate student details the atmosphere of anti-Semitism that characterizes that campus. You might think that after all the unwelcome attention MIT has gotten, its authorities would at least try to address the problem. But no: Extraordinary video in which a Jewish student highlights the extent of antisemitism on campus at @MIT. Elite universities and their DEI bureaucracies have failed us. — Ed Leon Klinger (@edleonklinger) »

“And the truth shall make you mad”

Featured imageProfessor Jonathan Turley opens his current column in The Hill with a quote from Aldous Huxley: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” Chronicling the profusion of lies about which we have commented many times previously, as I did here on Friday, Professor Jonathan Turley observes: [T]he evidence has only mounted against President Biden. It is now clear that Biden lied when he maintained as »

Her name was Magill

Featured imageAnd, to borrow a phrase from “Rocky Raccoon,” she called herself Liz. Liz Magill is the former president of the University of Pennsylvania. Along with board chairman Scott Bok, Magill resigned yesterday from her position in the wake of her testimony responding to questions posed by Rep. Elise Stefanik at a House committee hearing last week. The New York Post reports that their resignations were “voluntary.” Magill will remain a »

When Edward Met Muhammad

Featured imageIn his massive Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon was bound to encounter the Muslims and their prophet. Published in 1776, the great historian’s work proves relevant for current events in the Middle East. The sword, says Muhammad, is the key of heaven and hell. A drop of blood shed in the cause of God, a night spent in arms, is of more avail than two months »

Illegal Immigration Is Skyrocketing

Featured imageWe could write about illegal immigration every day, and we probably should. Our open southern border is one of the greatest long-term threats to our country’s survival in any recognizable form. Here is today’s bad news: The United States reportedly set a new record for the most single-day migrant encounters at its southern border, marking another historic casualty brought about by President Biden’s open border policies. According to Customs and »

Israel Warned Not to Offend Gazans

Featured imageYou see this every time conflict breaks out between Israel and Palestinian terrorists. This time, it is the Telegraph, but you can find many more examples: “How the invasion of Gaza risks radicalising a new generation of Palestinians.” As opposed to the generation that launched the October 7 massacre, apparently. Air strikes and a lightning ground offensive in the north forced more than a million people into southern Gaza, a »

The Week in Pictures: Context Edition

Featured imageHarvard Prezident Claudine Gay has moved on from “context” to “my truth.” I guess “truth” is proprietary now at Harvard. Gay clearly doesn’t know the First Law of Holes: “If you’re in one—stop digging.” Has there ever been a more pathetic display of academic arrogance and cluelessness? It ought to be embarrassing for three Ivy League president to be humiliated by a bunch of Congresscritters, around whom Ivy Leaguers are »

One Down?

Featured imageReportedly, the University of Pennsylvania is firing President Liz Magill, following her House committee testimony: The University of Pennsylvania is expected to ask its president, Liz Magill, to resign Friday over growing outrage at her failure to condemn calls for the genocide of the Jewish people — a move celebrated by billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, who said she would be “one down.” The Ivy League school’s board of »

Silberman’s legacy

Featured imageWe wrote about Judge Laurence Silberman several times on Power Line and marked his death last year at the age of 86 in a brief note here. Judge Silberman’s scholarship and opinions reshaped American jurisprudence in the twentieth century, from constitutionalism to administrative law to national security. This past Thursday AEI hosted a daylong symposium of scholars, lawyers, and public officials to honor his intellectual legacy and immense contributions to »

Joe Biden Is Orders of Magnitude Dumber Than a Normal President

Featured imageHere is Joe Biden trying to read the teleprompter regarding infrastructure spending. A million, a billion, a trillion, who can tell? BIDEN: "Over a billion three hundred million trillion three hundred million dollars!" — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) December 8, 2023 Keeping this guy in office is elder abuse. Is it possible the Democrats intend to run him again in 2024? With the worst approval ratings recorded for a modern »

Podcast: The 3WHH Cage Match!

Featured imageWe finally got round to our promised but delayed cage match about Ukraine and unanswered questions about January 6, and alas, all of my attempts to cheer up Lucretia with the week’s great news—the Hunter Biden indictment, the embarrassment of Ivy League presidents, Kevin McCarthy resigning, Trump winning Tom Friedman’s vote, and even John’s colorful description of this podcast last Sunday on C-SPAN—proved unavailing. Futile, even. Why Lucretia even trashed »

The water is wide

Featured imageKarla Bonoff and Livingston Taylor came to town for two holiday themed shows at the Dakota this week. Karla has listed upcoming appearances here. This is a beautiful, beautiful show. Among other upcoming shows I want to note that they will hit the Birchmere in Alexandria on Tuesday. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you seize the opportunity to see the show. We made it last night and had »

The Red Cross Takes a Side

Featured imageIt is hard to understand why a wide range of non-governmental organizations, including but not limited to news organizations, have become embedded with Hamas in Gaza and are on Hamas’s side. A case in point is the Red Cross. From the Jerusalem Post: Families of Israelis being held hostage by Hamas were reprimanded by representatives of the Red Cross in a meeting earlier this week, with the Red Cross telling »

Poltroontang Persists

Featured image“WHY WOULD TRUMP LEAK THAT TUCKER CARLSON MIGHT BE HIS VP? Because Hitler’s dead?” As Sir Bedivere (Terry Jones) might say, who is this who is so wise in the ways of politics and history? Why, it’s Keith Olbermann, in a December 8 post on X. The former ESPN mouthpiece is in familiar form. Back on 9/11, Keith Olbermann attributed Aaron Rodgers’ injury to his failure to vaccinate. Olbermann also »