Thought for the Day: “The lady’s not for turning”

Featured image Appropo our item earlier today about PM Liz Truss backtracking on her tax rate cut plan, let’s hear once again from the great Lady Thatcher, speaking to the Conservative Party conference in 1980: It isn’t the State that creates a healthy society. For when the State grows too powerful, people feel that they count for less and less. The State drains society not only of its wealth but of initiative, »

Leo Baeck, Berlin, 1935

Featured imageJews begin the observance of Yom Kippur at sundown tonight with the Kol Nidre prayer service. Ten years ago our friend Rachel Paulose asked to join us at our service. Since then she has regularly attended the service with us and joined my family when we break our fast, although she is at work out of town this year. Next year in the Twin Cities! The first time around at »

The Daily Chart: Return of the King Dollar

Featured imageOver the last 20 to 30 years there has been constant speculation that the status of the U.S. dollar as the world’s primary or even sole reserve currency might be challenged or displaced by the Euro, China’s Renminbi, or perhaps even cryptocurrency. And yet just now, with global uncertainty, out of control inflation, and reliable energy priced in dollars, we see that the dollar is proving the Aragorn of currencies: »

Loose Ends (187)

Featured image• I never really gave close attention to when OPEC became OPEC+, and don’t really understand why the + was added. Why not just expand OPEC and be done with it? Is OPEC+ the fossil energy equivalent of LBGTQ++? If the + indicates some indeterminate status for OPEC members, maybe OPEC should change its name to “Organization of Prevaricating Equity Consultants”? That at least would get them welcomed at faculty »

Liz Trussed

Featured imageBack in 1980, as Britain’s economy fell into steep recession along with much of the rest of the world, recently installed prime minister Margaret Thatcher came under fire for her policies of spending restraint and tax cuts. Much of her own party wanted her to backtrack, never mind the opposition Labour Party and the media. It was in the midst of this that the “Iron Lady” lived up to her »

Edward Jay Epstein: Snowden’s choice

Featured imageEdward Jay Epstein is my favorite investigative journalist and the author of several of my favorite books including, most recently, How America Lost Its Secrets: Edward Snowden, the Man and the Theft. Ed’s memoir Assume Nothing »

Will Voters Choose Hunger?

Featured imageHuman history has largely been a struggle to get enough to eat. Starvation was an ever-present threat, almost everywhere, until very recently. Only in the last century or two has even part of the world learned how to produce an abundant and reliable supply of food. It requires a scientific approach to hybridization, crop rotation, intensive fertilization, pest control, and more. As a result of these modern farming methods, for »

Thought for the Day: Dostoyevsky on Liberals

Featured image“I have found from many observations that our liberals are incapable of allowing anyone to have his own convictions and immediately answer their opponent with abuse or something worse.” —Dostoyevsky, The Idiot »

The Daily Chart: Is the Fed Tightening Too Fast?

Featured imageMonetary policy will always be a difficult “black box” problem, and in any case it is always reactive, which is one reason why hard money is likely a better system for monetary and price stability over time (although Milton Friedman repeatedly schooled me on why this is wrongheaded). In any case, all of the talk about achieving a “soft landing” in the current Fed tightening cycle looks foolishly optimistic given »

Judge Ho’s Yale boycott

Featured imageFifth Circuit Judge James Ho gave the keynote address at the Federalist Society’s Sixth Annual Kentucky Chapters Conference last week. Judge Ho gave his talk the title “Agreeing to Disagree—Restoring America by Resisting Cancel Culture.” Nate Hochman obtained a copy of the text and broke its most newsworthy aspect in “Federal Judge Vows to Stop Hiring Law Clerks from Yale Law School.” We followed Hochman’s account in “Bravo, Judge Ho.” »

Peter Strzok and the Russia Collusion Hoax, Revisited

Featured imageWithin the last few days, the letter that the FBI sent to Peter Strzok when it fired him has been made public. The letter is dated August 8, 2018, and was signed by Deputy Director David Bowdich. Its rebuke to Strzok is stinging and unqualified. Here it is: The language is largely quotable: [I]t is difficult to fathom the repeated, sustained errors of judgment you made while serving as the »

Mr. Melugin goes to Washington

Featured image“Abolish ICE” became a theme of the fringe left during the Trump administration. I first heard it advocated as public policy by Ilhan Omar in June 2018 as she sought the endorsement of the DFL to succeed Keith Ellison in Congress. President Biden has delivered the functional equivalent of the abolition of ICE. We have opened our southern border. If you watch Fox News, you watch the invasion in real »

Who Owns Science?

Featured imageScience is a method that can, in principle, be practiced by anyone. So no one can “own” it. But don’t tell that to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. This is chilling: Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary for Global Communications at the United Nations at [World Economic Forum] ‘Disinformation’ event: “We partnered with Google,” said Fleming, adding, “for example, if you Google ‘climate change,’ you will, at the top of »

Biden’s Chameleon Act Hits the Plaid Stage

Featured imageThere’s a story about FDR talking about the pet chameleon he had in childhood. “I put the chameleon on a brown cloth, and it turned brown. I put the chameleon on a green cloth, and it turned green. Then I put the chameleon on a piece of plaid cloth. The chameleon died!” Joe Biden keeps trying his own chameleon act on plaid cloth, with similar results politically. Like his claiming »

How long, slow Joe?

Featured imageMiranda Devine uses a rhetorical device that I learned studying Cicero’s orations against Catiline back in high school. How long do you intend to mock us, Catiline?, repeated with variations. I think it is an example of anaphora and probably another one or two of the resources at Cicero’s disposal. Miranda Devine puts anaphora to work and lets it rip: How many more times must we endure these spiteful outbursts »

Laurence Silberman, RIP

Featured imageTwo weeks ago Judge Laurence Silberman traveled to Hanover, New Hampshire, to meet up with classmates celebrating their sixty-fifth reunion at Dartmouth College. While in town Judge Silberman gave a Constitution Day talk defending free speech under the auspices of the college’s Rockefeller Center. We posted a link to the text published by the Wall Street Journal and the related video of the event over the weekend in “Bravo, Judge »

Hillary 2024?

Featured imageDick Morris says that Hillary Clinton is preparing for another presidential run in 2024: ​Morris, a former aide to President Bill Clinton, said Hillary is setting herself up to enter the race as a “moderate” choice for Democrats in two years for what would be her third shot at the White House. “I see more and more signs that Hillary’s going to run,” Morris told John Catsimatidis on his WABC »