Tyre Nichols Videos Released [Updated]

Featured image I was scheduled to be a guest on Laura Ingraham’s television show tonight, but I was bumped for breaking news from Memphis. On January 7, Tyre Nichols was stopped by Memphis police for what is said to be a routine traffic violation. For some reason, he fled and officers pursued him. One or more “altercations” followed, and Nichols ultimately was transported to a hospital, where he died. Five Memphis police »

Whom Is Biden Nominating to the Federal Bench?

Featured imageOn Wednesday, a group of Biden nominees to district court judgeships came before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator John Kennedy asked one of the nominees, Spokane County Superior Court Judge Charnelle Bjelkengren, some basic questions about the Constitution. Her inability to answer them has gotten a lot of attention: To be fair, constitutional questions rarely come before a state court trial judge. And, like Judge Bjelkengren, I am not familiar »

The Daily Chart: Liberal Women Are the Worst

Featured imageThis serves as a sequel to yesterday’s daily chart on how race-obsessed liberals self-report having fewer black friends than moderates or conservatives, which figures. Meanwhile, guess which demographic is quickest to “unfriend” or block people on social media because their political views don’t match? Chaser: Over 50% Of Liberal, White Women Under 30 Have A Mental Health Issue Conservatives label younger liberal generations as snowflakes or as having Trump derangement »

Thought for the Day: Tocqueville on the Administrative State

Featured imageWe have noted here several times the way in which executive agencies in the administrative state obliterate the separation of powers by the convenience of having their own “administrative law judges” to adjudicate disputes over an agency rule or action. Turns out Tocqueville was also on to this problem in 1840, where he saw the trends in Europe and cautioned that they might follow eventually in the United States: The »

Back inside the laptop

Featured imageThe Free Beacon’s Andrew Kerr and Joseph Simonson have taken another dip inside the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop, They looked for the light it might shed on access to the classified documents in the unauthorized possession of “the big guy.” They conclude: “President Joe Biden’s immediate family knew more about the location of documents in his possession than the president’s aides, emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop suggest.” Specifically: »

Pat Buchanan testifies

Featured imageFew men emerged from the Nixon White House with their reputations unscathed, let alone enhanced. Pat Buchanan was one of the few, a distinction he achieved in part by vanquishing the Senate Watergate Committee in his televised testimony at the end of the hearings. Buchanan tells the story of his Senate Watergate Committee testimony in chapter 17 (“Before the Watergate Committee”) of his 2017 memoir Nixon’s White House Wars: The »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll is RENTING AGAIN! Ms. Grrrll prefaces her column with this note: Well, this is what happens when one does a “weekly” column. The going story WAS that Hunter Biden paid almost $50,000 a month to rent his Daddy’s house. Now that story has morphed somewhat. MAYBE he paid that money to help a loser girl cousin get housing in California. It seems she put $100,000 worth of makeup »

Podcast: Power Line University, Lesson 5: The Separation of Powers in Federalist 47 – 51

Featured imageThis week we continued our leisurely stroll through The Federalist with an extended look at Federalist numbers 47 through 51, which explain the key concept of the separation of powers—a phrase that is nowhere found in the text of the Constitution, but which is clearly implied by the design and structure of the text. But Madison and Hamilton leave nothing to chance, citing “the celebrated Montesquieu” as a theoretical authority, »

Loose Ends (203)

Featured image• There’s been a good deal of controversy over stock trading by members of Congress—perhaps sometimes based on inside information. Just today the news is out that Nancy Pelosi recently sold about $3 million worth of Google stock, and lo and behold, just this week the Justice Department announced it is bringing an antitrust suit against Google. It turns out there is a handy website where you can track and »

The Daily Chart: Liberals Are the Worst

Featured imageEveryone of a certain age can remember the cliche from the 1960s that “some of my best friends are black.” According to this Pew data, the people this statement is least likely to describe are liberals. This may help explain this: »

Camp of the ain’ts

Featured imageIn her New York Post column Miranda Devine reports on “The migrant mess…ruining NYC’s midtown.” She identifies previously elite midtown hotels that are now housing illegal aliens at taxpayer expense: The city is putting illegals up ­indefinitely in Midtown’s former luxury hotels, providing three free hot meals a day, baby formula, free clothing, free legal services, free health care and free education. The cost is reportedly close to $100,000 per »

Trouble in mind

Featured imageAdam Schiff calls it “troubling news” that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has thwarted his selection to serve on the House Intelligence Committee. That is about as reliable as Schiff’s statements in support of the Russia hoax and all the rest. Indeed, he doesn’t mention McCarthy’s stated reason for removing him from the committee. The Schiff version is — what else? — a lie. The competition is intense, but Schiff must »

Where You Gonna Put Those Wind Turbines?

Featured imageThere are several reasons why wind and solar energy are doomed to fail, but the most basic is that they are low-intensity energy sources. They produce ridiculously little electricity per acre. Thus, Robert Bryce, one of our top energy experts, calculated in a paper he wrote for American Experiment that if we wanted to get all of our electricity needs from wind turbines, we would have to dedicate an area »


Featured imageI’m a little late with this, but it is still worth a post. These are the cable news ratings for January 13, via RedState. Note the complete domination of Fox News: all of Fox’s programs outdraw all of the other networks’ shows, with the exception of Fox’s 6 a.m. version of Fox & Friends, which still outdraws CNN’s 6 a.m. entry by nearly four to one: Cable News Rankings Fri »

Thought for the Day: Tocqueville on “Depraved” Equality

Featured imageAnother prescient passage from Democracy in America that describes our own time with uncanny accuracy: There is in fact a manly and legitimate passion for equality that incites men to want all to be strong and esteemed. This passion tends to elevate the small to the rank of the great; but one also encounters a depraved taste for equality in the human heart that brings the weak to want to »

The Chauvin appeal: A second look

Featured imageMinneapolis attorney Marshall Tanick has taken a look at the issues raised in the Minnesota Court of Appeals hearing on the murder conviction of Derek Chauvin. Marshall discusses the hearing in the Star Tribune op-ed column “Did Chauvin get a fair trial?” I wrote about the hearing here last week. Marshall more or less provides a second opinion that aligns with mine, if somewhat faintly: [T]he core of the argument »

Letting China Off the Hook

Featured imageChina is the world’s number one emitter of carbon dioxide. If you take the Left’s global warming hysteria seriously, nothing can be done without China (and also India) drastically curbing their emissions. If everyone in North America dropped dead, it would do no measurable good for the world’s climate, if you believe the Leftists’ numbers. So if liberals were really serious about climate change, they would be looking hard at »