How do you break your foot playing with a dog? The authorized version

Featured image While Joe Biden hobbled in the basement this week, I wondered how you break your foot playing with a dog. Now I’m wondering if it’s better not to know (or “know”). Naked after a shower, Biden chased after one of his dogs and tripped on a rug while pulling on the dog’s tail. That’s the story reported by the New York Post’s Steven Nelson. Well, picture that, or don’t, preferably »

The night the lights didn’t go out

Featured imageI noted the presentation by Trump legal team volunteer Jacki Pick before the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee here yesterday and followed it here with the citation of a “fact check” that presented the assertions of county officials assuring us that there was nothing to see. Rich Lowry commented further with useful links and a reporter’s Twitter thread in “About the suitcase video.” In my initial post I directed readers to »

The Week in Pictures: Monolith Mystery Edition

Featured imageI’ve totally solved the Great Monolith of 2020 Mystery. It’s obvious in fact: they are just Christo’s last, posthumous performance art project. I know, it may be hard to wrap your head around this, but it’s not like Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself or something. But this time the joke’s on Christo, since everyone is going around in a mask in the greatest health performance art stunt ever. And everyone »

Coronavirus in one state (134)

Featured imagePlaying catch up, the Minnesota Department of Health responded to my second and third sets of three questions consistent with the terms of my settlement agreement with MDH Commissioner Jan Malcolm and MDH communications head Michael Schommer. Kevin Roche comments on several of the answers in “A few more observations, some ranting involved.” I interrupt the flow only to comment on the answer to question 1 below. Here they are, »

More evidence that remote learning is failing

Featured imageThe Washington Post has reported on the serious adverse academic impact that online learning is having on students in Fairfax County, Virginia. I discussed that reporting here. Now, the Post has a similar article about what’s happening in Montgomery County, Maryland, where I live. Even more than the report on Fairfax County did, this article focuses on the calamitous effects online education is having on “low-income students” and “English learners.” »

Mask Jacobinism Runs Rampant

Featured imageI have seen no evidence that mask mandates have any discernible impact on the rate of spread of the coronavirus, let alone on its ultimate impact, which is a completely different question. Nevertheless, mask wearing has been adopted by a large segment of our society as the ultimate moral marker. Those who don’t wear masks, many allege, are endangering public safety. And informal Committees of Public Safety are all around »

The Higher Ed Meltdown Accelerates

Featured imageIn my Geek in Pictures post a couple days back I included this chart showing that the financial impact of COVID on colleges and universities has led to serious job cuts—back to the level last seen in 2008, right before the last major economic crisis. (Strangely, as you can see from the chart, the financial crisis in 2008-09 barely slowed the overall rise of university employment levels at all, unlike »

A Georgia state of mind revisited

Featured imageThe site Lead Stories has fact checked Jacki Pick’s account of the doings at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena on election night. As I noted in my “Georgia state of mind” post, a Democratic state senator disputed the accuracy of Pick’s account at the conclusion of the full video of Pick’s testimony. In light of the video of Pick’s testimony, I want to be sure readers take into account the Lead »

Minnesota versus Sweden [with comment by Paul]

Featured imageKevin Roche is the former general counsel of UnitedHealth Group and former chief executive officer of its Ingenix division. We were law school classmates and these many years later wrote “False alarm” for the Summer issue of the Center of the American Experiment’s Thinking Minnesota magazine together. Kevin is the Minnesota version of Alex Berenson. He brings a highly informed but heterodox perspective to the public health issues raised by »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll delivers A POST-THANKSGIVING, POST-ELECTION POST OF RANDOM CHEER. She writes: First, a little somethin’ for the ladies…This is a picture of our Pinal County sheriff, Mark Lamb. Although he said he would not arrest any Thanksgiving dinner miscreants privately hosting more than 10 people, it is rumored that he did receive an anonymous phone message from a female busybody advising that “a certain woman on Misty Lane is »

Walter Williams’ Last Column

Featured imageWalter Williams, economist, teacher and columnist, died yesterday. His long-time friend Thomas Sowell writes movingly about Williams here. Williams’ last column appeared the day before his death. The information it contains is so remarkable and so timely that I want to highlight it. The subject is education, specifically the education of urban blacks: Several years ago, Project Baltimore began an investigation of Baltimore’s school system. What it found was an »

Race: Asking the Right Questions, Avoiding the “Wrong” Answers

Featured imageRobert Putnam, the Harvard political scientist who became famous 20 years ago for his “bowling alone” hypothesis about the erosion of social capital in the U.S., is out with a new co-authored book (with Shaylyn Romney Garrett) on racial disparities, The Upswing. Although a liberal, Putnam has not shrunk in the past from reporting data findings uncongenial to liberals, such as his careful work concluding that “diversity” and high rates »

How Brexit will help Britain get vaccinated

Featured imageI believe the UK is the first Western nation to approve a vaccine against the Wuhan coronavirus. Apparently, it is also leading other European nations when it comes to efficiently purchasing that vaccine. Why? John Fund suggests that the answer is Brexit. Regarding purchasing of the vaccine, Fund quotes Hugo Fry, the British managing director of Sanofi, the world’s fifth-biggest drug maker. According to Fry, the UK’s decoupling from the »

Biden’s Brezhnev vibes

Featured imageBorn in the Soviet Union, Katya Sedgwick now lives in the United States. She brings a valuable cross cultural-perspective to our perception of Joe Biden’s age-related mental impairment in the Spectator USA column “Biden’s Brezhnev vibes.” She discusses Brezhnev’s impaired physical condition and relates: [W]atching news segments on TV, it was hard to avoid conclusion that the general secretary was unfit to rule. His speech was slurred, and his movements »

A Georgia state of mind

Featured imageTrump legal team volunteer Jacki Pick spoke at a Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on election fraud yesterday (video immediately below). In her remarks Pick drew on just-discovered surveillance footage from Atlanta’s State Farm Arena showing secretly counted ballots coming from suitcases left under a table on election night — when counting had supposedly stopped and observers evacuated. Andrea Widburg has helpfully illustrated Pick’s remarks with expanded screenshots that trace »

25 former D.C. Bar presidents can be wrong

Featured imageThe District of Columbia bar is a thoroughly leftist, pro-Democrat outfit. I feel uneasy being associated with it, even as an inactive member. In this Washington Post op-ed, 25 former D.C. Bar presidents attack the lawyers who are presenting claims that voter fraud deprived Donald Trump of a substantial number of votes in key states. They contend that these lawyers are undermining democracy. The claim would be laughable if it »

What should we expect from the Biden DOJ?

Featured imageThe answer is lots of bad stuff and mischief on all fronts. On “civil rights” alone, the Biden DOJ will reverse course on race-based preferences, backing discrimination against Whites and Asians by colleges, employers, etc. And it will back attacks on religious liberty, for example in the context of coronvirus restrictions on worship (if they remain in effect) and in cases where LGBT agenda items clash with religious freedom. The »