Relevant Classic Texts (4)

Featured image This weekend’s main topic of the Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast will be an exploration of Edmund Burke, in part because we received an interesting reader email after a recent episode that prompted an argument between me and Lucretia (she is a Burke skeptic, to put it mildly).  In re-reading Burke in preparation for our taping this evening, I was struck by several passages in Burke’s most famous work, Reflections »

Need Hope For the Future? Watch This Kid

Featured imageRosemount, Minnesota is a Twin Cities suburb adjacent to my own. It used to have good public schools, but they have been wrecked, like so many others, by Critical Race Theory and attendant left-wing indoctrination. Monday evening there was a district school board meeting. A number of people spoke, including a 15-year-old boy who called Rosemount High School to account for its commitment to political indoctrination. You should watch it »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll has some advice about RAISING KIDS AND CHICKENS. She writes: For a couple of decades now, our betters have inveighed against “inhumane” raising of chickens and promoting “free-range chickens.” Now I am not a fan of being cruel to ANY of God’s creatures, big or small, with the exception of scorpions and Communists (but I repeat myself). Haha. I kid the Communists. I have to change the channel »

Biden Lies Overseas

Featured imageJoe Biden’s disgraceful performance at the G7 meeting and subsequent appearances abroad included his peddling of lies intended to discredit his political enemies, while at the same time putting his own country in a bad light. But Biden sees no problem with that–the only enemies he cares about are in the GOP. Thus, Biden lied about the mostly peaceful protest at the Capitol on January 6, claiming falsely that rioters »

Feddie Night Fights, FedSoc Style

Featured imageForget Friday Night Lights. How about Feddie Night Fights—Federalist Society style? Two weeks from now, on Wednesday June 30 at 8 pm eastern time, I’ll be refereeing a Federalist Society student division online webinar on the issue of whether the Declaration of Independence should inform judicial interpretation of the Constitution. This is a live issue on the right, and I’ve written an outline of the two sides of this issue, »

Concerned shareholders take action against Coke’s racist demands

Featured imageIn January 2021, the general counsel of Coca-Cola sent a letter to the law firms that represent it. The letter demanded, among other things, that these firms “commit that at least 30% of each of billed associate and partner time will be from diverse attorneys, and of such amounts at least half will be from Black attorneys.” In response to this outrageous policy, the American Civil Rights Project (of which »

Looting for Winston Smith or someone like him (5)

Featured imageWinston Boogie Smith was the target of a North Star Fugitive Task Force arrest operation that cornered him on the afternoon of June 3 at the top of the parking ramp adjacent to Uptown’s Seven Points (better known as Calhoun Square). Smith appears to have engaged in a gun battle with members of the task force when they sought to arrest him on an outstanding warrant. The woman who was »

Those 16 sectors

Featured imageWhatever President Biden had to say at his press conference after his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva yesterday, it wasn’t worth the price. The price, that is, of giving Putin a stage on which to disparage the United States with a variety of left-wing talking points. Moreover, if Biden said to Putin what he said he said — the White House has posted the text of Biden’s comments here »

Soccer star deals blow to Coca-Cola

Featured imageSoccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo made news in two ways on Tuesday — one soccer-related, one not. In soccer news, by scoring two goals against Hungary, Ronaldo became the all-time leading soccer in the history of the European Championship tournament. No player from any nation has scored as many goals in this major competition as Ronaldo. In other news, Ronaldo snubbed Coca-Cola. He removed two Coke bottles from the table at »

Today in Slow Joe: A “Get Off My Lawn” Moment

Featured imageThere are several notable things already apparent beyond John’s observation on the slobbering media coverage of the Biden-Putin midget-summit just below. It may be some time before we get any documentary evidence of what took place, such as the cursory State Department summaries kept by note-takers in the room that are usually declassified and released after 15 or 20 years, so we’ll have to go from selective leaks and public statements. »

Lawless EEOC chair issues garbage gender guidelines

Featured imageYesterday, EEOC chair Charlotte Burrows posted a guidance document purporting to apply the Supreme Court’s decision in Bostock v. Clayton County. That decision redefined Title VII’s prohibition of discrimination because of sex to include sexual orientation and transgender status in certain contexts. Burrows issued this guidance document unilaterally. She had to, because left-liberals are a minority among EEOC commissioners. Keith Sonderling, one of the non-lefty commissioners, points out that the »

Soft-on-Russia-Biden rejects State Department’s advice on sanctions

Featured imageSecretary of State Antony Blinken is no one’s idea of a hardliner. For example, he’s leading the charge to appease Iran in the hope that, with the pot sweetened, the mullahs will permit the U.S. to reenter the nuclear deal. But Blinken is what passes for a hardliner in the feckless Biden administration. Reportedly, he strongly urged Joe Biden to sanction the company and the CEO behind the Nord Stream »

With Justice & Drew

Featured imageI am scheduled to join Jon Justice, Drew Lee, and producer Samantha Sansevere for the weekly Justice & Drew round table tomorrow morning from 7:00-9:00 a.m. The show runs from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. weekdays on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130. It is available via live stream here and in podcast form here. The show covers local and national news with a sense of humor and an upbeat twist. »

Trillion Dollar Joe at the Puppet Regime

Featured imageIan Bremmer’s “Puppet Regime” videos are occasionally amusing, but are ideally named for the Biden faux-presidency. This one, about Biden’s runaway spending plans, is pretty good: »

The Geek in Pictures: Cancel Edition

Featured imageNow here’s a depressing survey out this week. The left likes to say that “cancel culture” is just as prevalent on the right as it is on the left, but take a look at this chart and see if you spot a conspicuous difference: This finding comes from the 2021 American College Student Freedom, Progress and Flourishing Survey, just out from the Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation »

CNN: Biden Stares Down Putin!

Featured imageOur reporters are determined to avert their eyes from Joe Biden’s mental and physical condition, and pretend that all is well. Earlier today, CNN’s chief national security correspondent, Jim Sciutto, took his network’s slavish devotion to the Democrats to a hilarious extreme: "Yo, Jim, dial it down a notch" – North Korean State TV — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) June 16, 2021 This seriously is how CNN reports on national security! »

The Battle Against CRT Gets Physical

Featured imageI wrote here about my organization’s 17-stop tour of Minnesota, educating parents and others about Critical Race Theory and the left-wing takeover of our public schools. At a few stops, our far-left teachers’ union planted a handful of its members in the audience, but they didn’t cause any serious problems, mostly because the audiences have been so large and enthusiastic that they were lost in the crowd. Last night in »