Some look at Israel and

Some look at Israel and fear that its current besieged state is a preview of life in America in years to come. Maybe so. But there are at least two basic differences between our situation and Israel’s. First, Israel is a tiny island of western civilization amid three hundred million Arabs. Notwithstanding recent patterns of immigration, it will always be more difficult for Arabs to operate secretly in the United States than in and around Israel. And second, Israel is a far more liberal country than the US. (If you doubt this, you haven’t been listening to Toby Keith lately!) Israel has shown an unbelievable (and unwise) degree of restraint in responding to Arab terror. Should Islamofascist attacks on the US ever begin to approach the magnitude suffered by Israel, we would mercilessly crush those who harbor and encourage terrorism. I was reminded somewhere recently (I forget where or I’d link to it) that the Islamofascists are not our first enemy to use attacks on women and children, and civilians generally, as a tactic. Various Indian tribes were there first. The results from their standpoint were not good, and if terror attacks start getting out of hand, I don’t think our current enemies will fare much better.