Here’s another optimistic way of

Here’s another optimistic way of looking at the war. Until a few years ago, about 50,000 Americans were killed every year in car accidents. That represented many individual tragedies, but no one thought it was a crisis. No one worried much about the impact of car accidents on the economy. Eventually the total was reduced by, I think, about 50% because of nearly universal use of seat belts, safer cars and stricter enforcement of drunk driving laws. Sensible, non-ideological responses. Now think about the impact of terrorism: Even on a worst-case scenario, it seems very unlikely that the Islamofascists can kill anything like 50,000 Americans a year. There will be individual tragedies, no doubt. But as a country, we can take any foreseeable amount of damage the terrorists can inflict in stride. Absent an irrational political response, there is no way they can win.


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