One thing that amazes me

One thing that amazes me is that there is no consistent standard for dealing with ethics issues in government. Here is just one example: Tom Daschle is a very wealthy man, not because of his government salary, but because his wife is an extremely highly-paid lobbyist. Now why do you think his wife makes so much money? Is is because she is so exceptionally persuasive? Or is it possibly because her husband is the Majority Leader of the United States Senate? Gosh, I dunno……. This would appear to be an obvious conflict of interest, requiring full disclosure at the very least. But one of the many bad effects of feminism is that it is now considered impolite to assume that there is some relationship between a husband and a wife…OK, admittedly, there are a few instances where there is no relationship at all, like the Clintons, but the vast majority of the time this is an absurd supposition. Yet it is the assumption that apparently governs conflict of interest analysis. According to the official doctrine, it is of no concern to Tom Daschle that his wife is becoming a multi-millionaire through her lobbying efforts, and to Mrs. Daschle it is the merest coincidence that her husband happens to be the Senate Majority Leader. Does this make any sense whatsoever? Of course not. But feminism rules, and therefore Mr. Daschle, the sources of whose wealth are unknown and can only be speculated about, has no compunction whatever about refusing to disclose his joint tax returns. This obviously makes no sense, and it seems fair to assume, absent disclosure, that Daschle is feathering his nest at the public’s expense, but don’t wait for a story on this in the Washington Post or New York Times.


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