Here is a sad commentary

Here is a sad commentary on our times, and especially on our educational system: Noam Chomsky’s latest tract, 9-11, now ranks # 483 on Amazon’s best seller list. To illlustrate how well Chomsky’s latest attack on America is selling, my brother’s current American history text ranks at # 1,988,922. What makes Chomsky’s success on college campuses and elsewhere remarkable is that the man is completely insane. He pens invectives that preserve the syntax of logical argument, but are devoid of sense. (This is, I believe, a good definition of one type of insanity.) The works in which Chomsky denies the existence of the Holocaust are of a piece with his anti-American fantasies. They are quite literally devoid of sense, an endless torrent of calumny utterly unrelated to reality. And many college professors and students don’t seem to notice.


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