It’s curious that our government

It’s curious that our government is making a point of saying that they got information on the “dirty bomber” from Zubaydah. This is not the first time they have credited Zubaydah with being the source of useful intelligence. Why would they do this? If Zubaydah really were talking, wouldn’t it be easier to use his information effectively if we kept his cooperation quiet? This is pure speculation, but I doubt that we’re getting much out of Zubaydah. He is in our custody, not Pakistan’s, and it seems unlikely that our mild methods of persuasion would have much impact on a fanatic like Zubaydah. It makes more sense to me that the government would falsely credit Zubayah with providing intelligence, in hopes that such reports would be believed by the Islamofascists, who might then cancel operations in progress out of fear that they may have been compromised.