This interview with the Saudi

This interview with the Saudi ambassador to Great Britain, Ghazi Al-Qusaibi, is pretty chilling. This is the guy who wrote a poem praising the 17 year old girl who committed mass murder in Israel. About the poem, he says, “I knew that the poem would spark debate, but sometimes a man must take a stand.” Yeah, you just can’t look at yourself in the mirror if you haven’t come out for murder. He looks forward to a happy future in the Middle East: “When the culture of martyrdom spreads among the Palestinians and the Arabs, the myth of Israel will come to an end.” My favorite, though, is when he is asked about his own enthusiasm for martyrdom: “I do not fear death–on the contrary, I long to die as a martyr, although I am at an age that does not allow me to carry out a martyrdom operation. My weight does not permit this. But I still hope to die as a martyr…” Has anyone seen a picture of this guy? Is he saying he’s too fat to be a homicide bomber? A teenage girl can do it but his “weight does not permit” it? These are hard people to embarrass. Somehow I suspect that the Ambassador’s longing for martyrdom will go unsatisfied. The really amazing thing about this is not that Saudi Arabia has some citizens that are this fanatical and, frankly, nutty, but that they apparently consider Al-Qusaibi to be one of their most presentable specimens.


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