The Administration is leaking stories

The Administration is leaking stories about the President’s orders to the CIA to get rid of Saddam Hussein. Presumably, this is to encourage anti-Saddam elements in Iraq and to persuade those in Iraq who are now on the fence that they had better get onto the winning team. Meanwhile, Debka File is reporting that the goal of President Bush’s statement on the Middle East, expected later this week, “will not be solving the Palestinian issue, but generating the best possible circumstances for the coming US offensive against Iraq.” As for Arafat, for President Bush “a terrorist is a terrorist and not to be tolerated.” Apparently this is why, according to Debka File, “the European Union as a bloc has finally decided that it does not like George Bush.” EU taxpayers are once again funding Palestinian terror. Our path seems destined to continue diverging from that of the Europeans. Good for us.


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