The news has been pretty

The news has been pretty boring the last few days. Al Gore is back, promising that if the Democrats will only nominate him one more time, he’ll stop watching the polls and obeying his advisers and we’ll finally see the real Gore. No, wait, he really means it this time! Fallout from the school choice decision is mostly boring and predictable: Democrats assuring us that parents everywhere love the public schools and have no desire to send their children elsewhere in search of a better education. Just look at the DC liberals themselves, for example. God knows they would never do such a thing. Fires burning all over the West, most of them started by firefighters. Which is not a bad metaphor for much of our public life: politicians vying to save us (with our money, of course) from problems for which they are primarily responsible. Anyway, inasmuch as I’m on vacation this week, it’s a good day to shut off the laptop and work in the garden or catch a ball game on TV.


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