In retrospect, many aspects of

In retrospect, many aspects of the Islamofascist war on America that became manifest on 9/11, including the attack on the World Trade Center itself, are almost painfully unsurprising. Laurie Mylroie’s book “Study in Revenge,” for example, examined the evidence introduced against the defendants tried in the 1993 World Trade Center attack and deduced that the 1993 attack constituted a covert Iraqi operation. According to Mylroie, the Clinton administration willfully closed its eyes to the evidence of Iraqi sponsorship of the operation. She predicted that more of the same lay in our future (the book was originally published in 2000) so long as Saddam Hussein remained in power, and she seems to be on to something. Former CIA Director James Woolsey has written an introduction to the new edition of her book published after 9/11 endorsing Mylroie’s analysis and conclusions.
One aspect of the events related to 9/11 that does come as a revelation to me is the extent to which the Saudi monarchy is part of our Islamofascist enemy. Even the State Department does not seem to have taken notice of this fact. The current issue of Commentary carries an excellent article by Victor Davis Hanson titled “Our Enemies, the Saudis,” that summarizes much of the relevant information.


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