Arafat’s PA administration may be

Arafat’s PA administration may be falling apart. This report in the Jerusalem Post describes pressure being applied by Egypt and confusion over whether terrorist Tawfiq Tirawi has or has not been dismissed from power by Arafat. Also, former Labor PM Shimon Peres is reported to have told the Egyptians that “there is a consensus around the ideas of US President George W. Bush’s Middle East vision, which has been accepted by the quartet of the US, European Union, United Nations and Russia.” And also by virtually everyone in Israel, from Benjamin Netanyahu to Peres. It is remarkable that President Bush can chart a 90-degree change in the course of American policy, and bring the entire world (less perhaps a few Arab countries) along with him. His power is proportional to the boldness of his vision, but starts to slip away, internationally as well as domestically, whenever the administration drifts.


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