Bob Dylan’s seminal 1966 album

Bob Dylan’s seminal 1966 album “Highway 61 Revisited” has a song with a line in it that I’ve never been able to get out of my mind: “I need a dump truck, baby, to unload my head.” The line registered with me because I feel that way so much of the time.
Our fellow Claremonter (that would be our fellow fellow) and fellow blogger Eugene Volokh, proprietor of the Volokh Conspiracy, appears to labor under a condition like mine. I should preface the following with the statement that the Volokh Conspiracy has been an inspiration to the Rocket Man and me. Our fondest ambition is to be admitted to the Conspiracy together with other non-Volokh conspirators such as Juan Non-Volokh. Incidentally, like us, Juan has noticed that something is terribly rotten in the State Department (check Juan’s July 15 blog).
Professor Volokh’s July 15 blog addresses the proper pronunciation of the headbanger rock group Motley Crue (spelled and, according to Professor Volokh, pronounced with, an umlaut over the “u”). Professor Volokh expresses irritation with the many who do not attend to the effect of the umlaut on the pronunciation of the group’s name. Professor Volokh also thougtfully links his readers to the Motley Crue web site.
We admire Professor Volokh’s sense of humor, but his train of thought in this instance is symptomatic of an overfull mind. Prescription: Dump truck!


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