An unnamed State Department hand

An unnamed State Department hand in the American Embassy in Saudi Arabia has responded to the July 15 blog (referred to below) by Juan Non-Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy. According to State Department hand quoted in Senor Non-Volokh’s July 16 blog, the press accounts on which Senor Non-Volokh had relied were “skewed,” although the hand failed to provide any details supporting this assertion. Senor Non-Volokh invites his unnamed State Department correspondent to provide information substantiating this assertion. The chances that he will receive a substantive response do not appear strong.
When I was researching my piece on the State Department and Yasser Arafat, I received an equally mystifying communication from a State Department spokesman. I asked the incomparable Daniel Pipes if he understood the State Department as an institution. Pipes responded that he confined himself to the study of easier subjects, such as Syria and Islam.


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