Stephen Schwartz is an outstanding

Stephen Schwartz is an outstanding journalist who seems to be something of a polymath. I know very little regarding his personal background. I think I first became aware of him when David Horowitz and Peter Collier published pieces of his in “Heterodoxy” while Schwartz was working at the San Francisco Chronicle. He is the author, among other books, of a history of California, with a special eye on its left-wing and Communist political movements. After writing the book, I believe he left his perch at the San Francisco Chronicle and moved to Kosovo, where he wrote with great insight on the events there and in Bosnia. For the past year he has been writing eye-opening stories about Saudi support of Wahhabi Islam in Saudi Arabia and around the world. His new book is “The Two Faces of Islam,” forthcoming this fall. I can’t wait to read it. In the current issue of the Weekly Standard, he has a disturbing piece on America’s hate-filled Islamic press. How can it be that nine months after 9/11, Schwartz’s account stands virtually alone in the field?


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