Israel, thank goodness, killed a

Israel, thank goodness, killed a top Hamas murderer yesterday, but unfortunately, I guess due to faulty intellingence, several civilians living in or around his house, including some family members, were also killed or injured. This provoked the usual outcry from Europe, dwarfing in volume any European outrage over a Palestinian mass murder, to the extent that George Bush felt obliged to denounce the attack, I hope insincerely. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrated, expressing their “outrage” over the inadvertent deaths of a few Arab civilians, and vowing revenge. This makes no sense, obviously. The Palestinians have adopted as their sole and exclusive strategy the deliberate mass murder of Israeli civilians, including especially women and children. What ground they have to be “outraged” is beyond me. By this time, thankfully, it appears that every sentient being on the planet can distinguish between killing civilians accidentally in pursuit of a legitimate military target, and murdering civilians on purpose as part of a campaign of genocide. It’s that old “accidentally vs. on purpose” distinction–subtle, but still valid after all these years. OK, there are a few brain-dead exceptions of the Chomsky or Said variety, but every person of normal intelligence can grasp the concepts involved here. InstaPundit points out that even far-out left-winger Eric Alterman has expressed no sympathy for the Palestinian murderers this time. If even leftists are getting on board, maybe progress is being made after all.


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