Thanks almost entirely to Rocket

Thanks almost entirely to Rocket Man’s inspiration and perspiration, we have co-authored a couple articles that appeared in National Review. The first one was a piece criticizing the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalistic duo of Donald Barlett and James Steele and their extremely bad book, “America: Who Really Pays the Taxes?” According to Barlett and Steele, of course, only average Americans pay taxes while “the rich” escape scot-free–roughly the opposite of the truth. Their case was made easier, however, by omitting any mention in the course of their 350-page book of the annual IRS data that correlate the share of total income taxes paid with taxpayers at various income levels.
Immediately following our article in the issue of National Review that carried it was an excellent piece by Steve Sailer, an independent writer of whom we had not previously heard. Sailer has apparently become a kind of roving correspondent for UPI. His most recent piece is an interview with the brilliant pop songwriters Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. Even if you have never heard of Mann and Weil, you know the words and melodies to many of their songs. Mann and Weil are old Brill Building stalwarts and the interview provides a fascinating glimpse into a vanished world.


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