Meanwhile, Debka File reports that

Meanwhile, Debka File reports that events are moving toward a crisis in relation to the forthcoming attack on Iraq, with Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia lining up on Iraq’s side, and Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar supporting the United States. In Saudi Arabia, al Quada members escaped from Afghanistan reportedly tried to kill King Fahd in mid-July; the attempt was foiled and several of the would-be assassins were reportedly killed. The attempt is said to have brought to a boil the conflict between two factions of the royal family. Some, led by Prince Abdullah, welcome cooperation with al-Quada as a form of insurance against fundamentalist revolt; others view efforts to placate the terrorists as suicidal. As a result of this irreconcilable conflict, King Fahd is reportedly being brought back into public life. These reports contrast strikingly with the palaver on Sunday morning talk shows and the leaked hand-wringing appearing in the New York Times and Washington Post. My sense is that the discussion going on publicly in America has no relation to reality, and the Administration is proceeding apace with its plans for the Middle East, ignoring the kibitzers. It reminds me of an Arab proverb: “The dogs bark, but the caravan passes by.” President Bush is the caravan.


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