Rocket Man and I share

Rocket Man and I share the belief that President Bush is staking the power of the United States on shifting the tectonic plates underneath the Middle East, and that as a result the ground there is shifting. We do not doubt that in a matter of months we will have undertaken the task of deposing Saddam Hussein and installing a decent government in Iraq. I fear that for a few days while that is occurring, Saddam may make it appear that the apocalypse has arrived.
Tony Blankley is an awesomely intelligent observer of the Washington scene; he is former chief of staff for Newt Gingrich when Gingrich was Speaker of the House and he is current editor of the Washinton Times editorial page. Blankley’s column today brilliantly deconstructs the apparent Pentagon leaks of military planning that have been designed to undercut administration policy. Don’t miss it!
Michael Kelly is the editor of the Atlantic monthly magazine and has made it worth reading for the first time in decades. He also writes a regular weekly column (published on Wednesdays) that is always of interest. Kelly’s column today respectfully explicates President Bush’s foreign policy in the Middle East. It provides the perfect complement to Blankley’s observations.
What Ronald Reagan was to the Soviet Union, George W. Bush will be to the thugocracies of the Middle East. You read it here first!