The murder of five Americans

The murder of five Americans in the Hamas bombing of Hebrew University does not seem to have provoked the kind of indignation or demand for the meting out of justice by the United States that it should have. Is the opening of an investigation by the FBI a predicate to any appropriate response on our behalf?
It is more consistent with the Clinton-era treatment of terrorism and the murder of Americans by our enemies as a matter for the courts. We badly need American officials to demonstrate both the anger and commitment to action that are appropriate to the occasion.
It is not encouraging to learn from the Rocket Man’s link to the Jerusalem Post report that “intelligence groups from Arab nations are cooperating with the [FBI] team.” Great! They will undoubtedly lead us right to the source of the problem in the Arab governments that employ them and arm Hamas.
The otherwise rabidly anti-Israel if not anti-Semitic Los Angeles Times carries an excerpt of a now heartbreaking piece written by Marla Bennett, one of the murdered Americans, avowing her dedication to Israel despite the daily threat of terror and death.


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