Rocket Man has entrusted me

Rocket Man has entrusted me with the responsibility of maintaining your interest for the rest of the week while he is on vacation with his family in northern Minnesota. I took the weekend off to work on an article about cross-examination based on the most famous example of disastrous cross-examination by a prominent lawyer of which I know. If I told you that the cross-examination took place at the Nuremberg trial, could you identify it? Please forward your answers to the Rocket Man at the indicated e-mail address. If you would simply like to read a copy of the article, please forward your request to the same address and I will be glad to e-mail you my current draft.
Rocket Man’s last blog of note refers to Clinton’s recent speech before a Toronto Jewish audience in which he avowed his willingness to fight and die for Israel when attacked by Saddam Hussein. I have thought that since the death of Phil Hartman Bill Clinton is beyond satire, but this statement suggests that he is so far beyond satire that he is impervious to mockery–to borrow a memorable phrase, beyond our poor powers to add or detract from his outsize absurdity. I believe that Mark Steyn is the only columnist working today who writes consistently both with great humor and insight on current events. In his most recent column, Steyn reserves his mention of Clinton’s speech to the last paragraph.