The Middle East has rapidly

The Middle East has rapidly turned into a powder keg at the junction of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, stoked massively by Iraq and especially Iran. Hezbollah has emerged as a force of substantial destructive power courtesy of the mad mullahs of Tehran. Ze’ev Schiff of the excellent Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz has a disturbing column on the subject. Schiff notes that Syria is playing a critical role in the ongoing march to the Middle East Armageddon.
So little of this information makes its way into the mainsteam American newspapers and television news outlets that they have become an obstacle to understanding. To depend on these organs for your understanding of the world is simply to live in a great cloud of unknowing. Take the example of the New York Times Pulitzer-prize winning columnist Tom Friedman and his service as the vehicle for the distribution of the patently absurd Saudi “peace plan” for days on end last spring. Friedman’s stories conveyed both his own incredible stupidity and credulousness. As my mentor Professor Jeffrey Hart noted in a recent interview with respect to Times editorials, you can actually feel your brain cells dying if you read Friedman and his ilk.


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